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  1. I was checking the Fitamints for this and it says it will fit an 03 jeep gc v6 - if so i got cash right now for it, I'm not sure I was looking at the correct model - so if you could check that'd be great - also does the warranty transfer if I purchase??
  2. Dc better alts cost like 600 or so - I really am unwilling to spend that lol - Im thinking mechman
  3. I knew dc would be ridiculously high priced (money isn't the MAIN priority- but I know it will be ridiculous from dc)
  4. Really not concerned with idle, I don't do much idle listening - even if I demo parked I pull up rpms before hand
  5. Alright so excessive offered me a 250 for 440 shipped, singer offered me a 275a for 419 shipped, and mechman had the 270 for 480 shipped, I'm not sure what to do, because all customer service has been amazing - and they seem to all be pretty decent company's - this is for a jeep gc and im so lost, please dont make this a vs thread, I want to know what the best deal is for the dollar, I'm leaning towards the singer - just because it seems to be the best deal and least wait time - but idk - this is for a memorial for my little brother who was killed two years ago - so its more impOrtant that it's something he would love
  6. I have aeros - I'm not really a fan anymore - they really don't like the lows (at least my box doesn't but idk if that's a general thing or just my experience)
  7. My eyes hurt now but really all it does is changes the cubing inside if the box. - you may notice a difference but not much really lol
  8. Is it okay to give out my cd here - I have no rights to the beats but the free rights (disperse the music for free - producer tagged most beats so it IS legal to give it out for free) - if it is against the rules please tell me, if not I'll go through and find some with really low notes to give out (it's not decaf quality - but they do hit really low) - keep in mind this is fully legal and will not get you in trouble - especially since I know the producer personally - and he just likes the free advertising aha
  9. Also having the same problem I was having with brand new RCA cables
  10. K so now it's making weird pacman like noises (even with the rca cables unplugged - I have no clue what is wrong now
  11. Also, I was thinking I may have gotten used to it, but I'm having no flex anymore, and even my big pimpin cd is just ridiculously quiet
  12. My rcas are fine, when I get home I'll check the wires with a dmm to see, I didn't unhook anything when I did my big 3, except my negative aha, Ill check all of that out when I get home and update, thank you guys so mucb
  13. yeah, i was playing the carter 4, every song was quieter (CD not MP3)
  14. Alright, yesterday I did my big three (Helped my voltage drop a lot bye the way) was jammin out had no problems all night woke up this morning started driving to school, turned on some music, (Specifically some old Decaf thats on youtube) and noticed its playing at about 1/3 its usual sound - and at some notes my 4 obsidians are not moving in rythm/together. checked all my wires on my amp - my grounds - my power wire - even checked my settings in my deck/ on my amp (Not that I ever mess with them anymore considering my amps a pain in the ass to get too, and my hu is bullshit lol) Cannot seem to figure out what is wrong, I was thinking maybe my Battery in the backs charge is getting low, but I highly doubt it (Didnt get to go check its voltage today so thats not out of the question- but I dont know for sure) Someone help me out?
  15. Still looking deal fell through :/ just post here or message me!
  16. Need an ho alt for a 2003 jeep grand Cherokee
  17. I'm running 2.5k rms daily on one xs3100 - having voltage drop but not major and I'm thinking my big 3 I'm doing in a few weeks will end that period so you may need a few xs batts but not nessicarly a ho alt (just my experience)
  18. the quote says "If I die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take." The wing symbolizes well being ready... for death, Not excited, just ready My artist freehanded this
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