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Found 26 results

  1. I need help figuring out my port Width, Length, and Height. I'm building two subwoofer boxes for my single cab ram. They're going to be wedge shaped. The cubic ft per box is 1.25 Top Depth=6" Bottom Depth=10 Height=15 Width=26 Going for 35 Hz I'm running a Skar Audio RP-1500.1D ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED! THANKS!
  2. A friend of mine gave me a Custom Box someone Built for him, It's 1.5cu. Would this be too large for a 10" Alpine R-W10D2? Here is a link for the Driver. https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_133727_Alpine-R-W10D2.html
  3. basically as the title says. i was planning on a .75 ft^3 box for a single 8, but have been reconsidering that option since most people have been saying that the box has to be huge because of the port. I wanted the ported vs the sealed cause i didn't want to lose out on the low stuff 30 Hz and below.
  4. New to the forum and hope this post isn't breaking any rules, I've been searching for an answer about what frequency the Rockford Punch 2X12 Enclosure is tuned to but no avail. I know the box dimensions but don't know the port measurements so I can't get an estimate with a calculator. Anyone know what frequency this enclosure is tuned to with 2 P2 12's in it? Thanks, toothraptor
  5. i have a box made for my full size blazer with 4 pa mojo 15s 38wx32dx20h and i want to tune it to 35hz. can someone please help me figure out what size my port should be?
  6. Alright guys, got another question for all of you, I need some help with this one. If you've read my other posts you'll know that I have 2 Sundown SA15s, but I need help with my new box build. I have roughly 40"s from side to side in my trunk to spare, 19" high, and however deep that is needed. On Sundown's website it say 3-4 cubic feet tuned to 35 hz. What would you guys recommend? But I was wondering about making a box with the 2 subs and one long port under the two? Would I need to add a middle wall between the two or can I just leave it open so they both go out of the same long port under the two? Just let me know what you guys think I should do and how many hzs to tune them at? Let me hear your opinions!
  7. im in the process of building a ported box housing 2 15" kicker comps. goin in the back of my s10 ext cab. goin 7 cubes @ 33hz. and im stumped. this will be my first box build so i need ideas on designing this. so far this is what ive got, box width: 41 box height: 24 box depth top and bottom : 18 wood thickness: 0.75 square port height 22.5 square port width 4.3 square port L1 12.95 square port L2 12.95 total port lenght 32.4 square port diameter 11.09 square port area 96.75 box vol. (ft3) 6.662 tuned freq: 31.7 id like to be able to have the port firing forward on the passenger side and subs firing up. but this calculator im using isnt givin me any option but to fire both either up or forward together. what i need to know is how the inside should look or how to direct my air to the port ass efficiently as possible. and is my port to big for these subs. if so please give me any advice you can. thanks
  8. i bought a sundown e8, it should be getting here by friday. need help with a ported enclosure. Plan is to have the sub firing inside (backseat fold down) the car and the port on the rear deck. I have a dodge neon as the project car. Amplifier will be a Concept 1004 (first yr. they came out) will be running ch.3,4 bridge, about 200watts to the sub. i want a ported box, i know .6 is the recommended size. i read a guy running a box @ 1 ft. tune at 45hz. Need help on internal volume and port diameter and lengh
  9. I got a pair of Massive Audio DC 10's and i was wondering if anyone could help me with a box design. I want a box good for SPL as well as a decent daily box. Preferably Tuned in the lower to mid 30's or higher if i can still play into the 20's. I mainly listen to decaf and big pimpin. Thanx.
  10. Hey there I'm decently new to the box building part of car audio and I needed some help building a ported box for my 2 kicker s10l5's, The max dimensions I can use are 24'' for the height, 40'' for the width, and 18 for the depth. Also is there an easy way to tune the box? I was looking for around 35 Hz
  11. Hello, im from Belgium so sorry for my bad english, i hope you will understand me. im planning on buying 2 Sundown SA 12's and im going to run them on a Massive Audio N3 amp. and i need your help and thoughts, i know a little of how to calculate a box for the subs bud im not not that good in it. 1, i drive a Ford Fiesta mk6.5 and my car runs on 14.3/14.4V 2, Does the 12's going to be too big for my car? i want A LOT OF BASS, i love the very lows like decaf songs etc... 3, i will do the big 3 upgrade to my car bud i would love to keep the stock alt, is that possible? 4, will someone plz design a box for me for the 2 12's? i was thinking about a 30Hz tuning, subs facing up, and the port in the middle of the subs (also facing up). or would it be better to face the port to the back? my trunk dimension i can use are: 45cm height, 97cm wide, 45cm deep. I really hope you will help me out with this, i dont know that much of subs/amps/box making, i ony installed some entry lvl sub/amps an made 1 box for a kicker L7 12" so i dont have that much experiance. and if you agree to help me out with this, will you plz design a box in centimeters / millimeters with 18mm MDF? because here in belgium we only got 18 or 21 millimeter MDF. (not 19mm like 3/4inch and with torres calculator you only can use 19mm MDF) You don't know how much i would appreciate it if you would help me... Plz let me know something... grtz
  12. Whats up everyone, i'm new here and I'm really getting into car audio. Right now I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado that I threw 2 shallow P3 12's in. I really want something louder. I'm not quite ready to do a blow through, so I want my first build to be 4 Sundown SA-8's underneath the rear seat, facing the front. I want two 4" ports, one on each side. I'm extremely new to box building, but I learn very fast. I have a few questions, and I would also really appreciate some pointers & tips. Question #1: Since I want 4 subs with a port on each side of the box, am I going to need to put a center divider in the center of the box, so that I create two chambers, each with two subs and a 4" port? Question #2: The SA-8's recommended box volume is .5-.75 cu. ft. so should I simply take .5 and times it by four, giving me a 2 cu. ft. box volume for the 4 subs? That's all the questions I can think of...for now. Any tips or other help is GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks, Mike
  13. I have never build a 4th order box and want to give it a shot. So any advice would be great. I have 2 Sundown zv4 15s D2 custom build for 2k rms each, wired to .5 ohm. I am wanting to do a C pillar build in my 97 4 door Blazer. This is currently on a BC3500 and later looking to get another one to push at 1 ohm a piece. My question is on the sealed side what would be the best sealed cubes. I was thinking of doing 4 cubes for both subs and 8 cubes ported and tuned to 40hz. Does this sound about right for 15s on both the sealed and ported? and is tuning it to 40hz good or should a do 45hz. I love the low lows. Thanks in advance. 97 S10 Blazer (4 Door) 4.3L 2 - Sundown Zv4 15s D2 custom built 2k rms each wired to .5ohm Crescendo BC3500.1 300 Amp Alt 3 - Group 31 AGM batteries
  14. I'm in the process of designing a box for a MA HK15X2 to fit in my 01 Eclipse, In order to get 5 cu ft, fit in my trunk, and keep my back seats, its gonna have to be shaped goofy as hell. I'm not even going to attempt fiberglass so thats not an option. I'm using CAD to design the box so I know I can get an accurate volume measurement, but how will the shape of the box affect the tuning? The sub will be firing up at the rear glass and the port will be horizontal and facing forward. I'll post some screen shots of my design so far after i snag them off the computer at school tomorrow.
  15. Hey guys I didn't now whether t post this here or in the enclosures section but here we go. I would like to build a custom ported subwoofer box for my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I have 36 inches wide to work with and 31 tall. Any help would be much appreciated. Oh and this is for 2 DC level 3s 15".
  16. i have 4 mofo 15s, i would like to pull some decent numbers and keep it an every day driver. the box will be 22.86 cubic ft, 220 in. port area, tuned to 35 hz. all will be double thick 3/4 in mdf, with bolt bracing. subs and port up port. port by back window or up front? will it work correctly with the subs i have? love to hear your input. new to this big of a set up.
  17. I've got a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder and right now I'm on my second system, running a Power Acoustik LT1440/2 bridged for a Kicker L7 in a Kicker custom box that they discontinued with the metal grill on it all on stock electrical with a new head unit, 2011 Pioneer DEH-6350SD. The box is pretty big, but im looking to upgrade and found Audio Queue. i live in an area where the only car audio store i know of reps Z-Stat and thats really about it. I tend to stay away from most of their other products and only have a pair Z-Stat woofers in my front doors because i blew my bose up there before i knew much about car audio. Found what ive got now online. Wondering if i were to buy two AQ SDC2.5 12's and throw them in a generic ported box with an MB Quart ONX 1.1500D, if it would be worth the change, or if i would even notice the difference. Should i find a custom box? ported or bandpass?
  18. I'm trying to determine enclosure specifications for a pair of 12" ZV3's for my car. Planned power is a pair of SCV-3000's strapped at 1-ohm. I've never had the opportunity to play around with any Sundown drivers bigger than the SA Series. I did just finish a box for my girlfriend's X-12 which called for a considerably larger enclosure than what I am used to for your average 12" driver but wasn't sure if the rest of their mid-to-upper lines all preferred larger enclosures. Their website recommends 2.0ft^3 per, but i'm also putting more than 1500 watts to them. Note: I have already searched the forum to no avail. Any help is appreciated!
  19. alright so this guy was telling me something that i disagreed on, and well, you guys can just read it and put your own input. Heres the Arguement, just let me know what you guys think.
  20. Since im shrinking my box from 10 cubes to 8.5 do i still need both 8 " aero ports I had two 8" aero ports in a box that was 9.83 to 10 cubes net but now im shrinking my box to 8 to 8.5 cubic ft net. Can i get away with only using one 8" aero port. I seen a guy who had a box that was like 9 cubes net with four sundown niteshade 12s on about 8k and it was nasty loud. so im wondering since im going to 8-8.5 roughly on the same power this should work rite????
  21. I have one Rockford Fosgate 12" T0, model # T0D412, that I bought several months ago. I decided to just buy a pre fab ported box and there was always port noise at most lower frequencies. It has finally bugged me to the point where I'm building my own box. Any ideas or dimensions other than the one recommended in the manual? Since I only have one sub, I'd prefer a ported or 4th order bandpass type enclosure for the most bang for my buck.
  23. I have recently gotten a sundown audio zv4 15" d2. I'm looking for an amp that will power it along with a secondary battery and then the best way to build a box to go into a Toyota Corolla trunk Whether it's sub port back, sub back port back etc What are some great amp brands that will rms 2000-3500 watts and sustain play It can be bang for buck or bigger price range Also would a aero port be better or regular port space wise and effiecency wise Thank you very much
  24. I picked up an AQ HDC3 15" dual 2 (copper coil) and need to build an enclosure. The tricky part is getting it between the bucket seats in my 1994 regular cab chevy pickup truck. I plan to do a slot port enclosure, but have no idea what frequency I should tune to or how many cubes I should shoot for. I couldn't find the info on audioque's website. I planned to mount the sub facing the dash with the port on the floor and also facing the dash as I had some success with a similar box setup. Variation suggestions in this are also very welcome. If I am leaving anything out please let me know. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. And sorry if I'm posting incorrectly..noob here.
  25. So I started on a new box for my MA audio hk15 (haters gonna hate, right?) and I'm not slackin on the glueing. Its been getting pretty messy, and I was just wondering if you guys have any special tricks to keep the glue from dripping everywhere. Maybe I'm just messy, but I'm getting tired of glueing all my tools to the work bench.
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