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  1. Agreed. I farted around w/ sealed enclosures for years and always wanted *just a bit more. Then tried a few pre-fab ported enclosures… slightly better. Finally did the homework and have since built well designed ported enclosures… it’s just so much better, assuming you have the space required.
  2. Yep, I took the good advice of the forum members, which I’m very glad I did. After about a week I can report back that the DCs sound awesome. Even my wife, who doesn’t care about audio at all, was like “holy shit!” Obvi we’re not doing hair tricks w/ 2 8s, which was never the goal, but for driving around and listening to tunes, they sound very, very good. Thanks again to the forum for the advice and guidance.
  3. Got everything installed over the weekend. Sorry, not many pics as there isn’t much to look at. The box is under the seat and the amps are hidden behind the rear of the seat. Plus the wiring is functional and safe, but not exactly tidy enough to show off lol. I’m glad nobody can see it. I’m glad I sprung for the XS battery and big 3. Not that I’m running crazy wattage, but the peace of mind is nice. I may clean up the positive terminal traffic jam later, I was limited on hardware and time. And I’m very glad I sprung for the DD1. Man that made setup so easy. I was kinda shocked at how much cleaner my mids/highs sound now. I previously had the gain set way too high, yet they seem just as loud. Just cleaner. I’ve got the subs dialed down a bit for now to break in (if that’s really a thing?), but even dialed back they sound pretty good. if I remember I’ll update once I’ve got the subs cranked up. Thanks again for the advice! So far so good!
  4. Much delayed update: I slowly pieced together the following gear over the last few months: Up front: an XS Power D3400, along with their 1/0 Big 3 kit. No plans to do the alternator. New 1/0 OFC for power, along w/ some Crutchfield distro blocks for the 2 amps power and ground. Subs: decided to stay w/ 2 ported 8s instead of going w/ 4 sealed. Bought 2 DC Audio M3s, 4 ohm DVC, wired to 1 ohm. Man, for 8 inch subs, they’re beefy. Rated for 600RMS ea. New sub amp: B2 Audio Riot 1200. Puts out 1200RMS @ 1 ohm. Not changing the Mids/Highs amp or speakers. They’re just fine. And I FINALLY sprung for the SMD DD1 to set the gains the right way. Been using the ol’ ear meter for too long, and spent too much money on this stuff to not set it up right. This morning we (me and Dad) did the new battery, big 3 upgrade, and began running the new power wire. It’s funny, I’m almost 40, but you’re never too old to wanna do a project with Dad. He’s recently retired and jumped at the chance to wrench on the truck with me. Not something I take for granted. Also, I now feel silly for waiting so long to do a big 3 upgrade. I was always intimidated by it for some reason, but it was pretty straightforward and didn’t cost much. Live and learn I guess. I might keep at it tonight once the kids are down, or not. But will definitely finish up tomorrow, since I need my truck functional for the work week. I’ll update again soon and try and post a few pics, although it’s nothing mind blowing. I’ve got about $1500 all in on the new stuff so here’s hoping it’s at least a somewhat appreciable upgrade, but even if not, fuck it, it’s fun for me to play w/ the truck, especially w/ Pops. And I wanted to say thanks to the forum members that weighed in earlier; I always appreciate the advice.
  5. Definitely very intrigued by the new idea of staying w/ 2 ported 8’s, just upgrading subs and amp. For example, a pair of the DC Audio M3 8s in 4ohm DVC look like they’d pair well with a ~1000 - 1200W @ 1 ohm amp, which I’ve already been looking at anyway. Space requirements look similar to what I already have. And to be clear, it’s not like I WANT to get away from ported enclosure. I was just under the mindset that if I wanted to add more subs, I simply don’t have room for a proper ported box. I’d have to measure and check mounting depths but I think I could even keep my existing box, which would be a small bonus. Wouldn’t kill me to build another box, but time is money these days… Very interesting. I’ll contemplate more tomorrow once I’ve come down from my emotional high (My Bengals F’ing WON!!!). Thanks guys
  6. That’s a fair point that I hadn’t yet considered. Whether I can make that work or not I guess would depend on the upgraded subs space requirements. Cuz I’m maxed out for space as is. The current enclosure I built sounds good with the current subs, but beefier ones might require more volume that I don’t have. The box is under the rear seat, and it’s gotta stay. Kids car seats, etc… man I sometimes miss the pre-kids days lol. I could do whatever the heck I wanted to my car without a care in the world! Times change I guess. thanks again (to all) for the suggestions. I’m still in the homework phase and appreciate the input.
  7. I’ll likely be buying all this gear shortly, but not installing until it warms up (Ohio). I’m gonna spring for the XS D3400 battery. I’ve seen it recommended to get a smart charger for a AGM battery like that. The XS Intellicharger of course comes up. While money isn’t everything, are there any recommendations for a cheaper alternative, as the XS charger is $100. Is a smart charger really needed? This is a daily driven vehicle FWIW so it isn’t like it’ll be sitting for extended periods of time. Thanks for the input, I’m kinda new to the electrical upgrade side of the hobby.
  8. The 4 channel amp is an Alpine MRP-F300. The mono amp will (most likely) be the B2 Audio 1200.1 previously mentioned. Wired to 1 ohm
  9. Thanks for the advice. Quick follow up question: At the rear distro block, what size fuses should I have for each run? The 4ga run is only a few feet and feeding a ~1000 RMS mono amp, the 8ga run also a few feet, feeding a 200RMS 4 channel amp. Thanks again?
  10. Vehicle is a 2009 Honda Ridgeline FWIW. I’ve got the box under the rear seat, amps mounted behind the rear seat. Gonna have to make a new box which is no biggie, but the space restrictions, if I want 4 8” subs, essentially require to go from ported to sealed. Not thrilled about that but I’m hoping essentially doubling the cone area and power will be worth the effort even if I have to ditch the ported box
  11. Follow up question regarding what I’ll need for installation. I’ve currently got a 4ga power wire running to the rear, which feeds a cheap fused distributor block. 8 gauge leads from the block to a 200W alpine 4 channel (not replacing), and to a 500W alpine mono (replacing, will need 4ga power/ground). Each amp is separately grounded. I’m gonna gut that and run 1/0 to the back (Crutchfield CK1 power kit) which will cover me from the battery to the (new) rear distro block. I was thinking the SMD double fuse block in the back, so I can go 1/0ga to split fused 4 and 8 ga. Then run both the 8 and 4ga amp grounds to a (new) SMD UB-4 distro block, and then 1/0 out of there to vehicle ground. Aside from various ring terminals and such, does it look like I’m on the right path? I’m not opposed to upgrading to a new XS Power battery (D3400 seems to fit the bill), as I’ll be going from 700 total RMS to about 1200, on an all stock electrical. TBD any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Hey guys, long time, no post. I’ve got some fantasy football $$$ burning a hole in my pocket. I currently have 2 Rockford P2D2 8s in the back of my Honda Ridgeline, in a ported box, running off an Alpine 500W @ 2 ohms amp (can’t recall the exact model). I’m considering doubling down and getting two more subs. I’d have to wire them to 1 ohm, so I’d be looking for a solid mono amp that does ~1000 RMS @ 1 ohm. Thought I’d ask you all for recommendations. FWIW, given my space restrictions and sub specs (the box is under the rear seat) I’d have to ditch the ported box and build a new sealed one. I barely got away w/ enough space to have two ported. I certainly don’t have the room for 4 ported, but the specs say I’m solid for 4 sealed. Thoughts? Also will certainly need new power wiring (0 gauge), distro block, maybe a battery, etc…. Just trying to nail down the amp for now Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
  13. My apologies if this is the wrong subforum. Looking for a fellow member willing to help me out with a quick gain set on my sub amp and mid/highs amps (both alpines). I live on the north east side of Columbus, OH. Westerville, to be specific. Willing to drive to you, looking to do this Sunday evening if possible. Cold case of beer for someone willing to help a brother out! Thanks!
  14. I was toying with the thought of getting two matching sets of coaxial car speakers and making some cabinets for them out of either 1/2 or 3/4 mdf to hook up to a home theatre receiver. For example, two 6.5" speakers per cabinet, wired in series for 8 ohms. I'm not looking for great bang for the buck, just thought it might be a fun project. Speakers would just be going in my dirty basement powered off a lower end Sony receiver. Anyone ever tried anything like this? Any red flags with this idea? Thanks!
  15. I think wannabe thugs who post their own crimes on Facebook should get a mandatory castration. We don't need these people breeding, but unfortunately we all know these are the kind of people that end up with like 5 kids w/ 5 different women...
  16. Thanks man. It was indeed my first box build, but I've played around w/ various other woodworking projects in the past. Off topic, but for example: Didn't want to spend $200 on a tv stand so built this outta MDF And built this message center for my GF The more you do them, the more you pick up little tricks and tips. Goes faster every time. I'd love to get a router to get a little more detail work done, but thats for another day... Thanks for looking!
  17. Update: Made a new amp rack, tried to make it smaller, cleaner, and able to mount semi-vertically to back of box. Didn't take many pictures of this but here they are nonetheless... Simple rectangular piece, two strips of mdf underneath to allow for some space under the rack for wires. Slapped some cheap carpet on it. Crammed everything a little closer together Mounted to back of box Got about an extra 8" trunk space out if it, well worth the time and looks cleaner IMO. Only thing left to do (for now) is to get some sort of grill on the sub so I can use the extra trunk space w/ peace of mind. Thats all for now, thanks for looking!
  18. Just flipped the box around so it's firing back. The box sounds BEAST. I'm just gonna go run unnecessary errands so I can listen, it hits so much lower and deeper than the old box. Since I listen to mostly rap and dubstep/electronica (I know, I know, I'm 27 but I don't think I'll ever grow up!) thats exactly what I wanted. Thx for the comments, guys.
  19. Check out Harbor Freight for clamps, I got em cheap as hell. Not top quality but they get the job done. I'm gonna go back for more actually
  20. I was trying to go by the guideline I keep seeing of 12-16 sq in per cu ft, I'm at about 14. It may very well be too much, I'm no expert. At least it sounds good to me.
  21. Time to get the sub outta the old box. GLADLY! Got some brand new hardware. T nuts and hex head screws Its in the car. Sounds great, but I'm gonna try flipping it around when it stops raining to see what sounds better. Extra trunk space is for the birds So there ya go. It's not perfect, but being my first attempt at building a box I'm pretty happy. My type R can BREATHE now! And it sounds awesome! I think I can officially say I'm done with prefab boxes, I proved to myself that I can build my own w/ pretty basic handheld tools, and its a lot of fun! As far as possible changes, like I said I am gonna flip it around soon to see what sounds better, and I may rethink the amp rack. I know there's a better way to use that space more effeciently. Thats for another day though. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. I'm very open to constructive criticism, I'll be the first to tell you I made some mistakes and it ain't perfect. Nobody would ever get better if they didn't make mistakes.
  22. My jig saw cutout is functional, but embarrassingly bad. I should have practiced on a scrap piece! Now to make it pretty Here was my first big mistake. For symmetry sake I did the terminal cup cutout right in the middle of the back panel. Cut through to realize I just cut right into my port wall! OOPS! Luckily it still sounds fine, but next time I know to put the cup on a side panel. Gotta learn from mistakes, right? Priming begins Primer always looks like crap, but at least it makes the finish paint look so much better 1st coat of Rustoleum multicolor textured spray paint. I was skeptical, but am impressed by the product. Good stuff! Painting the inside of the port white Inside of cup was taped off even though it doesn't look it here. I think its just reflection
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