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  1. Thanks man. I had a friend come over and show me the basics one day and I practiced on some pieces before I actually started on the cage. Now to get this cage done so I can get to the fun stuff.
  2. All the beads on the bottom piece have already been cut down. The sides are just tacked but I will get a bead pic when I do those for ya but don't expect anything good LoL
  3. Im not a master welder but I think Im doing okay for this being my first time
  4. This my first round at welding and I have to say its fun but time consuming for sure. Can't wait to see the finished product :)

    1. diegoclass2010


      welding is fun :).. what are you welding and with what?

    2. Real96SS


      Welding some 2x1/4 tubing with a Lincoln 80a wire feeder(I think thats right). I had a friend show me some basics but I have had to pretty much learn on my own. Youtube helped LoL

  5. Skyhigh car audio?

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    2. mathewyocham
    3. Real96SS


      It wouldn't let me post in their section. Did something happen I need to know about before I try to spend my money with them

    4. Kyblack76


      They are good Colman. Your safe.

  6. Coleman? where da fuck did you come from bro!!???? fucking rad to see you around again kid Coleman? where da fuck did you come from bro!!???? fucking rad to see you around again kid Agreed, been a long time! I been getting worked like into the ground by Uncle Sam LoL. Now I'm slowly trying to learn some welding to put this van together. More random pictures coming soon
  7. Big changes on the horizon. They thought I was done LoL!!!

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    2. magillaru


      Your build was one of the reasons I decided to run Teams.....looking forward to whatever is coming!

    3. moredbs


      hmm! very interesting!

    4. Real96SS


      The Teams are awesome subs and have been doing me very good. Once I get a good start on the Van I will start another build log.

  8. Maybe parting out the Avy's system here soon. Got plans to do something different outside of car audio.

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    2. OrionStang


      Curious to know what the new "interest" is.

    3. Kyblack76


      I know ken, ill bet speed

    4. Karkov


      I want to know the new project as well please.

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