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  1. Brand new A3 DC 9k sold. Lets get this last one sold.
  2. All team subs sold. Only recones left in this one for some 18" BTL Neos. Not sure if they would fit anything else
  3. 1 Alternator sold and the other pending local pickup.
  4. All batteries are sold. Still got a alot of good items left at good prices.
  5. One alternator sold. Who's getting the last one at the cheapest price you'll find? LoL
  6. Yes. You have to run the external regulators like the Transpro's but each alt will come with one. You will just have to get a relay and wire it up.
  7. Let me know but I don't know how long they will last at $75 a pop out here in Vegas Fuck Coleman... I want them all dude...... LoL somebody's already trying to grab 4 right now in Vegas but until he gives me money they are still up for sale
  8. Yeah man honestly I just haven't even wanted to do anything with car audio in like 2 years. Then I just purchased a brand new Ninja H2 so I know for a fact I wont be doing car audio anytime soon now
  9. Let me know but I don't know how long they will last at $75 a pop out here in Vegas
  10. Again more stuff I have to sell. Prices are including shipping on everything except batteries. I do have the original boxes for the batteries but would need to find out exactly how much it would be to ship however many are purchased. So be sure to get a shipping quote first to include in the price. New Recones- 6 Team Fi 15's-SOLD New- BTL N2 18" Recones-$125 each or $200 for both Used- 21 XS Power D1600-$75 each+shipping.SOLD
  11. So I finally decided to step away from the Car Audio game for now and I have alot of equipment to get rid of. These are just a few of the items and mainly the bigger ones, that I have for sale. Prices so low make you wanna smack your mama LoL but no really these are priced to sell and all prices include shipping. So what you see is what you pay. Used-A2 DC 9k-$1400. Thats some sticky glue on the top not scratches. Not sure what its from but it will come off New-A3 DC Audio 9k- SOLD Used-DC Audio 175.4-SOLD Used-DC Audio 90.4-SOLD New-SMD RCA's 3ft-$25 and 6ft-$35 Used-1 DC Power Externally regulated 370xp Alternators Powder Coated white-SOLD
  12. Got some carbon fiber Console Intake panels installed. Actually had to send them back twice due to alot of imperfections. Brand new Attack Performance Rearsets And then loaded her up to drive over to Huntington Beach to have Attack Performance put a custom tune in her and see how much power shes putting to the rear wheel
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