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  1. DO you still have the RUX-4280? I would like to buy it with or without the MRD-500

  2. 146 at 32 htz from the trunk...... too bad i was 1700 watts over power

    1. n8ball2013


      well you were close power wise. lol

    2. Fosgatefeind


      still cant decide if i would say its better or worse then last setup

  3. determine the amps rms power capabilities. multiply it by 2. divide by idle voltage with the car on. you get your max current draw. determine wire capabilities. 0/1 is good for up to 300 amps for 20 ft of cable. 2 ga is good for 150 amps for 20 ft. 4 ga is good for up to 125 amps for 20 ft. and 8 ga is good for up to 35 amps for 20 ft. so lets say you have a SUV and you want to run a 1000 watt amp. well lets say you want to use 20 feet of wire for front to back. so 1000x2=2000, 2000/13.8(idle voltage)=145 amps of max current draw. at 20 ft of wire 2 ga or 1/0 is what you would want
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