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  1. The motor force of those little things are plenty to keep them bangin in small boxes. Just about all sundown subs work well in smaller enclosures
  2. Aero's are hands down the most efficient of ports, but if designed properly, they'll all do the same thing.
  3. I did. I put 8 of them in 6 cubes and they do just fine. They'll take dumb power, too.
  4. Yea, the Z is the neo. But still, their ratings on the 9500's are about as much of a lie as level 5's. And I'm not sure what you meant by M2..? The DD M2 amp? Or..?
  5. Setting gains with a DMM only puts you in the 'ballpark' of where a CEA compliant amp should make the power you're looking for. That doesn't mean that amp won't clip trying to make that power. So mathematically, it's correct. You just have no idea where/when distortion comes into play. You need the tools to set it properly.
  6. Thurrteen hoans! I'm really diggin' the random coaxes shoved in the seatbelt cutouts. At least he's got a PROBOX! A fitteen solo. In a probox..
  7. That's because that your vehicles resonant frequency. My box is tuned to 30 and I peak at 42hz.
  8. If you're at 14cuft net with 132" of port, you should be in the 32-33Hz range. So tuning isn't bad. But your port area is minimal for even an aero.. I'd shoot for 220ish.
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