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  1. if it were my installation and i were going for the lows i would probably just use a 6" port at that power
  2. you are welcome to visit my facebook page, send me a message via that page, and i can meet your design needs. www.facebook.com/subsonicinnovations
  3. Its just like designing a ported box with torres, WAY more to it than what torres is capable of.
  4. What type of vehicle are you putting this in? This will have a big impact on the design you need.
  5. If this is going in your house, maybe you should consider a horn loaded enclosure.
  6. Lets say middle of the road then right at 2k. Do you think 6.15 cubic feet (add an inch to width) would be a good size? Well to start with, i would not run 2k to this sub, as that exceeds manufacturers specifications. Manufacturer specifications are what they are for a reason.
  7. No its not. Pop test has been around a long time, and is a good way to check to make sure everything is wired in phase.
  8. Power needs to be known before a proper design can be done. As for the 45s, i wouldnt worry with them in this instance.
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