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  1. Not necessarily, but i cant control your assumptions. All im saying is that if you are going to assume an enclosure alignment to be best for you just because it is the current fad thing, then your level of knowledge is seemingly quite basic and you need to stick with the most basic approach to it. You can design the thing the hard way, build it, and be done, or you can take the "ratio" approach, build it, then test it, and then slowly rebuild and modify it one piece at a time until it is correct.
  2. This whole "ratio" mentality of bandpass walls needs to die. The "ratio" approach to bandpasses is the first sign of a true idiot who thinks they know how to design enclosures but doesnt know shit. If you wanna assume a bandpass will give you the performance you want, and you just assume that those subwoofer options will be the best for you, then you may wanna slow down and think in terms of ratios on this thing.
  3. ehhh what? Simply a suggestion here: ditch the MDF. Go with a more durable material for rings in a door. I'm sure as you know, MDF is very prone to moisture and rotting. HDPE sheets aren't too expensive, although for large thicknesses might be. PVC is an option too. They're almost the same. If moisture and rotting is a concern, there is no reason to go any further than extira.
  4. We are currently designing a T-line for them Im ready for me and masterwill to get our hands on some.
  5. Dang, havent i told you 47,000,000 times to quit exxagerating....
  6. i cant remember the very first, but the first two i can remember was an old nexus jaguar, and then an earthquake shredder.
  7. 3 years? More like 1 1/2 years damn, i was gonna say the same thing.
  8. maybe ill get lucky and be able to do 4 big 18's in my single cab truck........ if my funds work out.
  9. my ivx-10 is riding around on a kicker zx200.2 and its happy. termlab on the dash at 36hz was 138db, in a single cab dodge 1500.
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