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  1. they are all going to get about the same gas mileage, honestly idk why your even the slightest bit concerned with gas mileage its a big v8 truck your gonna be spending hundreds a month on gas anyway. but my vote is for the first dodge. but i also agre with him ^ ive seen wayy too many people tear up there dodges id make sure its been taken care of. especially at that price but if it looks good id jump on it.
  2. you are smart enough to set up an electrical system that will support a 1700 watt amp at .5 ohm but cant divide 1900 by 2 1900/2= 950 but op i have mine on same amp and they take the power no problem
  3. 2 skar vvx 12s and a hifonics brz 1700. for now i just turned the amp wayyy down no where near clipping just to be safe but it sucks because its so much quieter its not worth risking burning up my subs though until i get the proper equipment
  4. nope closest is all the way down in san antonio and i live about 2 and a half hours away from there.
  5. well i was playing my subs today and i started to smell the coils burn so i guess its time to look into setting the gains the right way and put the good ole' earometer away. is setting the gains with a multi meter any more accurate? any other way without a o scope or dd-1? there isnt anyone with one within 200 miles of me and i dont have a credit card/ pay pal or the money to just buy a dd-1.
  6. if you were really wanting to do this you could go out and find a old blown sub any kind. take out just the vc and wire it with the led lights to the cheapo. just throwing out ideas
  7. since your pretty much cutting your cone area in half theoretically if you double your power you will be at the same db as before. you would have to quadruple your power to be louder. thats all in theory though.
  8. i bet your first test was with the car off and the 2nd was with the car on. 15.2 volts does seem a little high though
  9. you need to put in sub and brace displacement and # common port walls. id make the box a little bigger and more port area. you want 4 cubes net not gross
  10. if you find a way to make a v6 fast for cheap let me know! but with the exhaust just straight pipe and make it as short as possible and you will be stupid loud.
  11. whats your budget for amps? if not wanting to spend much id look at the hifonics brz1700 they are about 250ish i believe and they diffidently make some power
  12. i have the skars and i can vouch for them amazing quality with amazing sq best sounding speakers ive ever heard. if you get these tune low like 28 - 30 for the best sq.
  13. i have had the brz1200 and the 1700 i would diffidently save up for the 1700 i could diffidently notice a difference. and yes you will need another battery and a good one at that i have a 130 amp alt and i cant play full tilt. i would save up and replace the battery under the hood with the best you can fit and then maybe another small one.
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