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  1. he is saying he is better cause his Canadian cool.. im glad youre proud of where youre from
  2. looks like you got dumber as time passed.. went from 3.67 gpa to 1.20 in 4 years
  3. your vote wouldnt have mattered.. cali count wasnt even done counting when trump was already in the white house
  4. maybe they shouldnt allow idiots to vote.. im shocked she got that many votes
  5. here is the countdown for the next election bola.. see you in 4 years and make your vote count https://www.facebook.com/epicfailsite/videos/1211706382231040/
  6. https://www.facebook.com/100013469117012/videos/183099235482379/
  7. somehow i want to laugh at all the Mexicans who are voting for Hillary because what trump said about illegal immigrants.. lets not forget she said the same not even a year ago bitch will say anything to get a vote and fuckers are not smart enough to look up the past on the bitch
  8. Are we ignoring the shit stained women's underwear? there is shit in this world you just cant unsee
  9. a digital caliper is only good as its calibration.. i have to send mine in for calibration every year to keep my lab certified
  10. California is different.. slow cars can be in the left lane. however, cars pulling a trailer are to be driving on the right lane
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