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  1. brian. you locked that thread before i got to post he went to skar high

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    2. Miguels


      roadkill is 2mm thick knu is 2.5 so you're getting more material with roadkill. he doent say anywhere how many sheets his getting

    3. hdorre


      The packs in question were 36ft^2 of the 2mil and 14ft^2 2.5mil.

      With the 36ft^2 of roadkill, you get 9 sheets and with the 14ft^2 of knu, you get 8 sheets.

    4. audiofanaticz


      It was in a different post hdorre. he was comparing roadkill to stinger, in the other long post he is then comparing stinger to secondskin. The op had 2 of the same threads, I i locked and deleted, what he said in that post which I quoted above is different than what he posted in the ongoing topic.

  2. Its odd to see max post something like this and also odd to see xs not honor warranty. They have honored warranty to people that have bought used batteries that had been a few years old
  3. its missing the black box that has the drawing of the amp.. what i was told by dbr is they have to wait for jacob to send the boxes so thats why they have a 10 day wait.. my amp came like new with manual and all and very well packed
  4. i bought from dbr too and the packaging was legit.. it was double boxed too with foam not the bubble wrap
  5. sorry.. i was dread asleep and just seen the post
  6. the thing is because youre really not pushing 600 watts to that sub.. even if you get a 1000 watt amp chances of the sub seeing 1000 is almost impossible
  7. did he take EBT as a form of payment?
  8. looks like op has info.. what other info does he need? lol
  9. he better off asking rusty since no info is out there for anyone to know.. google search brings nothing up
  10. then why are you posting on a sub you dont know about? the irony keeps getting deep
  11. the irony though.. youre asking for info here.. follow your advise and research
  12. got mine today and they actually sound good.. they got some bass to it
  13. miguel, you just completed your payment. shipping isnt bad either.. some try and make money off shipping charges lol
  14. gonna have to order some.. $20 aint bad at all
  15. way to go California.. i can steal a gun and not be a felon

  16. what can i say bro.. it kills me to see a build not get finished
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