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  1. Everyone wants those obs. I’m still not willing to let go of mine.
  2. This thing is not letting me post more picture. But the engine is now being assembled. Got the cam in today and the bottom end. I might get studs for the heads and need to order the pushrods to start putting the top end on
  3. Found the issue with the engine. It had a bent pushrod. No damages to the piston or valve so who knows how it bent. Time to upgrade to hardened pushrods
  4. It’s not a full stock build. It’s going to get camed and possibly force induction in the future. First trying to get the truck running by December when the none op is up for renewal
  5. There is more possibility of introducing distortion and burning up your subs. Many test have been done and high speaker output tend to distort at a very low volume level in the deck
  6. Here is a video of the crank spinning so it’s a good thing I may not need a crank or rods and even good to o me the block is not internally broken per the reputation these 6.2 have with broken rod and piston IMG_6429.MOV
  7. Haven’t been here for a while and my original log was archived so now doing a new build log. Few years back I got ahold of a 6.2 to swamp into any of my projects. After new laws with smog I decided to Swap the 6.2 into the OBS. so this week is got the engine on the hoist and has issues with the bolt fit the stand. Today I got the bolts and started to put in work.. after taking the oil pan I found no broken rods or pistons and it spins freely. I might remove a few caps to see if the bearing are okay or possibly even just replace them since I’m already taking it apart. I already have almost everything for the swap just need the mounts which I’m going with dirty dingo. The transmission which will be a 4l80E. And a few front accessories. For alternator I already have a mechman 250 hairpin. I will keep updating here on a weekly based
  8. Nice. They are pricy on other stuff. Whey is the best at a deal since is isolated. You will be amazed when you add creatinè and beta alanine to your diet. You can push more weight and strength goes up fast. Too bad I'm cutting at the moment and will bulk by mid April.
  9. You don't take whey to substitute food.. it's to supplement. For me it's the only way to stay low calorie high protein. If I was a skinny fuck I wouldn't use it and just use chicken and turkey for my source of protein and get me to 3000 calories to build muscle
  10. Never buy from gnc.. buy from bodybuilding.Com or campusprotein.Com.. lots of them taste good The best protein is optimum nutrition
  11. How do you lift heavy ass boxes with weak arms? Get beta alanine and creatine monohydrate. That will help you recover faster and you will be able to push more. Bcaa is another must have supplement. It helps recover and l arginine helps preserve muscles and burn fat during a cutting cycle.. I take Bcaas during working so it stops the body from going catabolic during a cardio session. Your body will eat muscle before it burns fat and Bcaas help there
  12. You're actually doing pretty good. I think what helped me have strong legs was being 425+ lbs for many years. I only do one light set for warmup then ramp it up max.. taking supps helps a lot too.. was doing 85 lbs for chest Flys and in 2 months was doing all the whole rack at 315 lbs. But I did used to lift back when I was a kid and again when I was in my mid 20's and that is what is helping too
  13. i warm with 10 pates then add. i keep pressing 12 plates till i cant, take supplements. they help
  14. you do know by law you have to report it right? suspended licence i see in your future other insurance will report it = youre fucked
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