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  1. what the differences between those and sj cord Strain Reliefs. like the ones used on pool pumps are they softer for car audio wires?
  2. where the gfi at mr meade. rember to change that before u sell the house. those home inspectors are brutal, they fine one thing and make a big deal out of it
  3. idk guys if i saw that huge fuck coming at me i think i would have shot him to. does anyone have a pic of cop hes prob some small white dude scared for his life. come on he showed up to a race war riot and there a 7ft 300lb guy running at him with a bunch of stolen shit in his hands. any way the guy robin the stores thought it was Christmas and has probably done stuff like this before
  4. peal and seal works good enough for me. then again i screwed everything down and spray foam it lol. idk there will always be a better way. if u want the best and money not a problem why would u use peal n seal in the first place
  5. this make head hurt :domodance: :domodance: :domodance: :domodance: :domodance: wouldn't u have more surface charge with more batteries. batteries have surface charge, so more batts = more surface charge?????? or do caps have more surface charge then batts am i retarded?????
  6. what happens if u store it in cold places. in ny gets anywhere from -15 to 105 f
  7. chinese new year, fuck that i want my pwxs now!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Avenue Sound is hosting their annual Battle of the BOOM car show on June 9th and 10th from 9:00 am to 6:00pm any one going to be there?
  9. i also ran 1/0 wire in between the fender and fire wall, then into the rubber car door thingy therw the kick panel down to running boards
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