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  1. hey steve! i couldnt see it really well, but is the ground just grounded to the body or is there frame directly underneath right there? thanks! or if anyone else could answer thats awesome too!
  2. Don't talk about gas prices you will scare them back up!
  3. It definitely will NOT be less efficient -- simply more maximum capacity is being added.In all reality the X v.2 will be a bit more efficient... motor diameter is jumping from 190 to 220mm & magnet height from 66mm to 75mm (so the magnet slugs themselves will equal the Z v4). It's pretty significant in terms of motor beef. Oh nice! Then I may wait and get the v2 and use the 1200 on it for a while until I get the itch to up the power! Thanks for the thorough explanation! You guys are awesome!
  4. Good deal. Just curious as to what was going on. Dang I have been saving up for an x 15 ( just got an saz 1200d) but will that be able to power a high rms rated x 15 if all the v1's are gone?
  5. So i was browsing around the SSA store and noticed the x series subs have increased in price but on some other sites they are still the same. what is going on? just a random price increase? Edit: looks like the prices of other sundown subs went up too. is this going to become normal of all stores eventually?
  6. Does the knob on the SAZ-1200 come off of the shaft so that you can put the shaft through a small hole and then reattach the knob? if so how? im afraid to pull on it too hard because i dont want to mess anything up. Thanks!
  7. I have the file ready at work but our laser guy took off the week before christmas and then had two weeks off for the holidays so we are swamped right now. Just waiting on him to catch up on the customers orders before he can get mine done.
  8. thats would be sick! all my accent colors in my car (power wire, headunit color, port color) are green so that would be awesome! although the blue is awesome too.
  9. Your not really living until you run at 51.7 volts man. Try it out haha
  10. Well you see more power means more cone movement which according to the 2nd law of cool; cone movement=chicks. So if you increase cone movement there is a direct and proportional increase in chicks. C'mon noobslayer it's basic cool law.
  11. a friend of mine turns his head unit alll the way up and then adjusts gain until the amp just barely doesnt cut off on the low notes....not kidding. it smells like crazy after about 15 seconds of playing in his car. but he wont listen to me about anything so oh well lol
  12. your a pretty cool guy steve and i really respect you for sticking up for your product through everything and even more so for stating that as long as you use an O-scope right thats okay too. im come to this forum almost every day ( usually very multiple times a day) and learn something new every time i get on hear thanks to you, Tony, and Guys like Taylorfade. its almost like my little go to for any questions site. and the products are amazing as well too. just got an OM-1 and its awesome just waiting on some plexi for a nice little install. but back to the main topic, thank you for everything youve done in the car audio world as well with everything else such as things like the awesome ALS ice bucket/bag challenge you participated in. you are an awesome dude and someone i would love to meet one day, sadly im all the way in georgia and californias quite a drive from here.
  13. hmmm interesting. so either distortion or clipping can be completely harmless ( from what i read as one just sounds like shit but does is not harmful?) im not very adept in the car audio world so that just blew my mind if im understanding that correctly not trying to say both are harmless but from the explanation one of them is harmless just sounds bad
  14. not trying to be "that guy" honestly but what do you mean think about my own statement? the guys on the other forums basically said you dont need to know when the amp distorts but rather when it clips. unless im mistaken clipping is always distortion but distortion does not necessarily mean clipping kind of like how a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not always a square. please clarify with your post if you dont mind. thanks! edit- do you mean for me to think about my statement as in some guys dont mind some distortion as long as its not clipped?
  15. haha i was wondering why i was seeing american bass in the banner earlier. sweet!
  16. i got a friend who wants to get his system tuned when i meet a guy to do mine ( i dont own a DD-1 and the nearest person with one is about 2 hours away) and im afraid my friend is gonna be in for a rude awakening because he plays his stuff one volume click below where the amp cuts off on the low notes...
  17. sorry to bring this thread back up just got some wires to run my OM-1 but can i just run the power and ground from the amps power and ground?
  18. i just dont see how people hate something that they cant prove wrong. lol
  19. I was just browsing through other forums and stumbled through the DIY forum and those guys talk more crap about the dd-1 than anything I've ever seen. Worst part is that not a single one had any proof to discredit the dd-1 although Steve provides all the proof in the world and they still can't seem to understand. They all say that it's a dumbed down o scope like and I quote "it sounds like the DD-1 is like the idiot light on your car's diagnostic system" and then goes the same person goes on and says "I have never used the DD-1, or even seen one in the flesh, but it sounds like a cool clipping detector that Meade is making bank on." Many said that its useless because it measures distortion and not clipping... guess they don't understand that clipping is a type of distortion but they don't understand that not all distortion is clipping. I would love to see someone try and discredit the DD-1 because honestly I don't think they could!
  20. He obviously had his mind set on doing over rated power to that sub. I'd say just set yours gains with a dd-1 at 0db and call it a day. If things go wrong from there I'd say user error. (Disclaimer**** that is not necessarily saying that the sa-10 will get 1000 watts from that amp or handle 1000 watts rms) although they are very beefy subs and I love sundown. Just be smart
  21. haha front cover is always nice, everyone gets to see it! Will do on the update. just got to find someone with a router to make a perfect snug fit for the plexi. then a cut out for the bass knob!
  22. haha we thought it was absolutely hilarious. i dont know why it was so funny. i guess just because we didnt expect that at all.
  23. So I got an OM-1 from a friend as a late christmas present (didnt think i was going to get it until later this week but it came today and i was thrilled.) i opened the box and man it looks good but then i open the back up to take a look at the insides and i see this My friend and I were laughing so hard we were crying when we saw the Banana guy on the back of the OM-1 aside from the laughs though this thing looks sweet and cant wait to get it moving! thanks for making such awesome products Steve and the D'Amore team. i was thinking about doing something like this where the opening will be covered by a piece of 1/8" smoked plexi with my bass knob coming out of the plexi on the left side and the OM-1 on the right behind the plexi. what do you think?
  24. that should work fine. it has positive, negative, remote and the audio sensor wire. They are all very small, around 18ga iirc. Nice! Thanks for the fast reply Steve! Whoo! Reply from steve! ( a little awesome! )
  25. So a friend of mine ordered an OM-1 for me for Christmas and I haven't found anywhere that says whether it comes with "x" amount of wire or anything so I am assuming I need wire to run it to the amp (which is fine with me im not hating on no wire included) I just wanted to know what I should get. I was thinking some SHCA remote wire like 14 or 16 gauge but wanted to make sure that would work. I wanted to go ahead and order it before it got here so I'm closer to being ready to put it in once it does get here. Thanks! Greg
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