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  1. Shit's finally lookin' up. I haven't been on here in like a year or two. Got me a 2JZ Lexus IS300 for dirt cheap (relatively). Shit's gonna be LOUD soon.

    1. Lakeshow94


      Doing any mods to the engine? Those 2jz's were made to go fast lol

  2. Hey guys I'm designing a box for my new whip and am trying to figure out how to design the aeroport, but not sure how i should lay it out. Doing four SA-10s in a box of about 5.2 cubes, minus .4 for displacement, means 4.8 net before port. Although my rear seat does not fold down, but the middle seat folds down with a hole in the divider, so I think it'd be dope to have a big ol' port come out of that hole, but not extrude so far that i cant put the seat up if i need to. I don't have any experience with designing an aeroport box with knowledge of port area, so thats the main snag on getting it designed. Anyone have experience doing this kind of design? Am i just better off doing a slot port facing the rear along with the subs? I have two SAZ2500s powering the set of four. Want to tune to 31hz. If the aero through the seat wall isnt a good idea i might have to switch to four 8s or three 10s.
  3. I checked the tinsel leads and they're all in tact. I also used my O-scope and a regular DMM to check the terminals as you suggested, also used alligator clips to try testing the leads excluding the terminals and it still reads OL...also looked it over and cannot see anything physically wrong with it, I had a more experienced Sundown nuthugger buddy of mine come check it out and he says the coil looks beautiful, and he suggested something right below the dust cap came undone or broke. But I emailed SSA about if it came with a warranty or not, because thats where i ordered it, should I get an RMA from you guys instead or wait until they get back to me?
  4. My sub has been playing goofy lately, like sometimes it would play then it would cut out then play again, as if wires were loose or the amp was going to protect...but the amp was fine an when I took the sub out and inspected it, it was all good, except my DMM measures 0L ohms....any ideas or suggestions?
  5. yeah my single 10 kicks ass, everyone around me thinks i rock 15s or some crazy shit. it's dope as hell. only off less than 2k. it'sflexes like crazy. i can NOT WAIT until i have another one. i might need a new car...lol. i'll get up some pics and vids of it.
  6. you guys are in for a treat. they are killer subs. mine is like bypassing all the setting on my amp, my amp i already knew was shitty anyways, but it plays every bass note that my music has very VERY well, even the higher bass notes, it's awesome.
  7. I'm loving mine. I'm only feeding it about 1850w clean power, but it slams. In definitely getting another one. Best sub I've ever heard quality wise in regards to the music I like, no one else i know around here can play as low as me, and no one can hit the lows as well or as hard as me. they fuckin rock!
  8. they shipped em out, check the other thread titled "zv4" and Jacob has the details. i've had mine for a good month or so.
  9. they are definitely worth the wait. i just got one 10 and it fuckin slams, highs, lows, everything. mine hits lows better than my buddy's 12s, it just plain hits lows harder than anything else around my area. cant wait to get another. sorry Jacob i know you hate building 10s. :/
  10. schools' getting really boring, and really tough, it's hard trying to hang on...the urge to quit is persistent and keeps getting stronger.

    1. pioneerforlife


      I know exactly what you mean

  11. Pretty much anyone on Strange is gonna kickass...I'm pretty sure it's a requirement..lol Wrekonize is killer, Snow Tha Product ain't on Strange but her raps are crazy, even though they don't slam. Krizz, Stevie, Kutt, Wrek, Mayday, any of them will have great music. Meade, check out "Outer Lane" by Stevie Stone, it hammers pretty hard too! I could come up with countless songs and things to say about Strange...that was my first obsession, then came women, then came cars.
  12. Tranny might be going out...fuck.

    1. SnowDrifter


      Say it ain't so!! Automatic? Fluids/filters been changed?

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