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  1. Can't wait to see the video, but yes B2 build amazingly efficient amps welcome to the family <3
  2. When people call you a "chav" (in london) when you just like listening to loud music with strong deep bass ? ...especially from your own friends
  3. Was planning on upgrading my phone to the Pixel XL 2 but didn't order one from all the disappointing issues being reported. Although now hearing about the Razer Phone I think that was a good thing ?

  4. Oh God, I'm so excited for this series. What kind of power figures you aiming for Steve? I'm guessing you didn't just want big BHP power but also wanted lower end torque
  5. Hopefully the weather's going to be better today

  6. You know what they say, "If they smoke, they poke"

  7. Omg my phone screen looks so much better without the screen protector!!

    1. Emmet


      That's what I thought too... till it gets scratched to shit in the end..

  8. FUCK forgot my wallet...need to get a private loan...

  9. Not looking forward to waking up at 7...need caffeine tablets ;)

  10. Giants 21 - 17 Patriots! Haha

  11. I don't watch NFL but damn I'm enjoying the patriots vs giants game

  12. Expected to snow from 6PM - 12AM and onwards haha let's see about that :D

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