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  1. Yeah this technology is still new and still has a long way to go tbh so it's not worth upgrading to this architecture at this price range unless you really want to and money isn't an issue
  2. Hey all! So I finally got myself to commit to a nice audio upgrade. Did a lot of research online on which speakers work best for the E90 and I came to the conclusion of upgrading to the Focal ES100k because it offered high quality with a bunch of clarity. I didn't go with the drop in Focal replacement speakers because I heard they weren't as good...anyways! There was no doubt in my mind that I HAD to run these really nice speakers on an amplifier. So I bought myself a second hand Hertz HDP 4. Which I was really excited about hearing. I hooked up the front channel as Full-range to the front 4" Focals with the Focal tweeters as well as the under seat woofers. And the rear channel as high pass to the factory rears as tweeters (high pass). And honestly what a difference this made! So much detail and clarity throughout the whole frequency range. I could finally get some decent midbass from my under seat woofers and the door speakers along with the tweeters just sounded so amazing and just improved the music experience in general. So all of the above is all good except for one aspect. So I went along and tuned the speakers as much as I could. Changed the listening position to the front right (Right hand drive car UK) and did the appropriate time alignment which made everything so much better BUT ever since upgrading the sound system I always noticed that the tweeters on certain songs was very overwhelming, the it would get to a point where the highs just sounded very horrible. A little overpowering you could say where it would just be screaming in your ears. And I've noticed that playing with the EQ a little bringing down the DB levels from 2k and below would kind of mask the issue and reduce the harsh highs but this meant losing detail in the highs and making the music sound a bit dull. The crossover does have -3db, 0db and +3db for the tweeter and it's currently on 0db. If I changed it to -3db do you think this will fix the issue or just make the issue less prominent? Anyone got any suggestions? TLDR: My Focal tweeters are a little too bright and can be very harsh at times, what should I do to fix this? Note: Opening both front windows does let most of the harsh highs escape the car thus making it less harsh.
  3. As you said in the video I really do have concerns about this amplifier pushing out this sort of power continuously without reaching really high temperatures. I did mention this in many other videos with these small Taramps amps but they always say that's what the little fan is for and will output this power continuously as long as the fan is hooked up and turns on. If this is the case, this will be one of the amplifiers I will look into if I ever do think of upgrading, although it doesn't seem to be that efficient with the current draws it's pulling.
  4. http://www.basshull.co.uk looks like they sell some nice imported gear so far away from london, but as usual they're so much more expensive too :/
  5. Wow I really appreciate the offer but I live in the UK so these little kits are a lot harder to get hold of lol I was thinking of paying someone local that had it just so I can tune my setup properly for once instead of doing it by ear :/ but I think I'm gonna have to purchase it one day just don't know when yet And also waiting for Skar to update their amazon product list in the UK and stock up on some Skar EVL-12s or something. The UK market really lacks in nice subwoofers LUCKY AMERICANS <3
  6. I totally agree with you I'm sure those 2 clicks down was audible right? Distinctive change of tone. I'm either going to tune it by ear like most people or eventually invest in a DD-1...they're just a little pricey for a 1 time thing ...
  7. Can't wait to see the video, but yes B2 build amazingly efficient amps welcome to the family <3
  8. I know this is a pretty old post but I just wanted to post what I found when testing my RCA voltage outputs on my Pioneer AVH-X3800 which they claim the max voltage to be (4V) I found the max volume on my headunit whilst playing a 60hz test tone at 0db to be at 36/40 w/sub output level @ 0 before I hear terrible distortion. I took a multi-meter and measured the voltage output to be around 2V exactly I then bumped the sub output level to +10(max) which Pioneer claim is distortion free: and I got a voltage output of around 4.5V ....now they claim the max output is 4V so this makes me think am I getting distortion/clipping signal now? Naturally I backed it down to +6 which got me a nice 4V just to be safe. Any thoughts?
  9. I use an android phone for exactly this reason it works very well for me as I'm able to monitor all sorts of sensor and investigate and clear any error codes my ecu spits out
  10. This works perfectly fine for me https://www.amazon.co.uk/Goliton®-Bluetooth-Compatible-Android-Support/dp/B009NPAORC/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_263_lp_img_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=TC7FE11PMTD8SNRAFC7E
  11. For anyone interested in the prices He also said "there will be discounts on orders fri 24th"
  12. This brings up an interesting theory on if there are golden amps out there that can perform a lot better than others purely on luck and how well that specific amplifier was built? Kinda like CPUs in computers when some can overclock a lot better than others even though their the same identical chips. I some what doubt this and could have just been a defected amplifier but interesting theory nevertheless. You're genuinely setting the market straight. You're allowing customers to research and buy amplifiers based on their performances with your videos. After seeing this video nobody out there will even think of buying that specific Orion amp, although like you said the XTR series amps are amazing
  13. Very reasonable price there! and yeah I agree I guess if I can get 1.5k on each sub that would be awesome. Also I am considering the X-12's but they're a little too expensive for my liking. I could go for 1 X-12 instead of 2 12V3' and then maybe buying another later down the road if i want to. But thanks a lot for finding out for me bud, I will definitely contact him just before black friday to see what kinda deals he's got for me ??
  14. Somewhere along the lines of a pair of SA-12 D4 REV.3 running on a 4k monoblock
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