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  1. just nasty like the chopped and screwed by the way were do you guys get all the chopped and screwed from?
  2. man that beats nice good work! By the way what was the first song in the video?
  3. Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200

    ok so they really do what they are rated at. I was curious cause i seen a post earlier that someone said the 1700 only did like 900 rms so thats why i was curious.
  4. Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200

    i have this same amp has anybody clamped this amp yet to see what it does for actual power i would really like to find out?
  5. Piece of cake......damn i wonder how many will tune in if i actually get started LOL! Soon!! Thanks everyone!!!! 1096 user(s) are reading this topic it just keeps climbing the later it gets lol nice subs by the way
  6. got my box in !!!!!!!!!!

    i got the same design box you did from kevin over there and there was nothin wrong with the box just shoot him an email and he will take care of you i have talked to him on nuerous occasions and he has taken care of me i think he has great customer service
  7. i got the vvx 12s and a hifonics amp and it cant even begin to feed these subs they are awesome skar ftmfw
  8. yea you can find these struts at any parts store they may have to order them but tell them you want the police ones and they can get them or may have them in stock
  9. ok so i have a question is there anywhere in this forum that says the prices have gone up? I know that it says they are gonna go up but havent yet. I contacted kevin and he said that its now 389.99 and told me it posted on this forum i dont see and was curious as to whats goin on i have been in touch with him for a couple days on tryin to get one ordered then he says this.