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  1. Selling off my carbon fiber sub box......

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    2. Captain Stupid

      Captain Stupid

      Tongue weight man. It's not about how much weight the truck can pull, it's about how much tongue weight the rear suspension can lift. The tongue weight of a 26' trailers is probably around 600-700 pounds, then add 350-ish for subs and box and I am over what the rear suspension is designed to hold. But honestly, its more for the carrying space in the back of the truck. Tired of hauling shit stuffed into my back seats, barely fitting.

    3. boom50cal


      You have any helper bags, man? With the money from your box, you could grab some helper bags then do a small build with a pair of E8v3's or something of the sort.

    4. Captain Stupid

      Captain Stupid

      It's an Escalade. It comes from the factory with rear air ride suspension.

  2. Vegas baby!!!! F-yeah!! Venetian FTW!!!

    1. Chris Hammer

      Chris Hammer

      Im going for new years.  So stoked.  have fun be safe..that place is a blast.

  3. 15.60s to 15.80s depending on the weather, but that was before the 28s and stereo. On the other hand, my street legal race car runs 9s naturally aspirated.
  4. I just put the subs in the truck two months ago. Haven't raced it since then. I usually only race it when my race car is broken or I feel like messin around. With the addition of the 28" wheels and the stereo stuff, I'll probably be lucky to run under 17 seconds....lol
  5. Maybe there is just a subtle difference between the Yukon and Escalade in how the hood is shaped there? Dunno. I should have taken a pic when I test fit it in there. Couldn't leave the battery there, though, because I wasn't able to secure it at the moment. It fits for sure, just need to fab up something custom. I know I can't be the first one to do this?
  6. Believe it or not, I actually drag race my Escy. NHRA does not allow batteries of any type inside the vehicle unless they are in a sealed, vented box, or behind a sealed firewall. Also, I tow my REAL race car with the truck, so between the sub box and the tongue weight of the trailer, I'm trying to keep from putting more weight in the rear. Pic racing with the old 22" wheels on it....
  7. You're right that the D3100 won't fit with the factory mount and hold-down. To fit the D3100 I'll have to fab up my own brackets, lay the battery on it's side, and move the radiator overflow forward about an inch. I've already checked all that, just looking to see who else has done it and how they built the support.
  8. Hey all. So, I'm thinking that putting 3 D3100s under the hood of a Tahoe/Escalade is a do-able task. Just wanted to see if anyone has pics they can post of how they mounted the batteries on the passenger side. I already have the first D3100 mounted under hood in the stock location. Pic below. I think I already have an idea of how I want to do it, but I'd love to see if others have done something I may not have thought of before I start cutting and welding. Below is a pic of the passenger side under hood. I am certain I can get a second D3100 up next to the firewall if I move my radiator overflow forward about an inch if I lay it on it's side and make a bracket strong enough to withstand the weight. I am thinking the third D3100 will go where the air filter inlet is now. I'll just need to shorten the tube a bit and move the air cleaner out of the way. So, any ideas and pics of your mounting technique would be appreciated.
  9. Message intercepted from Seahawks to Vikings..."Thanks for the Rice fellas"

  10. I noticed several of the Rockford Fosgate Power series amps on the Sonic site say (2010 Model) in the title and some do not. What is the difference between the ones that say that and the ones that do not?
  11. The guys in the warehouse next to mine are all deaf or partially deaf. A couple of them have sat in my truck to listen to it. They turn their hearing aids off or down and just mouth......."wooooow"....with a big smile. And the saying that their other senses are heightened must be true because they tell me they can feel my truck shaking the ground 30+ feet away....lol.
  12. Fucking Isuzu Commercial trucks pisses me off! Love the NPR vans as a vehicle, but EVERYTHING parts wise is waaaay overpriced! Costing me $3600 plus tax to get my front and rear brakes completely done, hub to hub. Needs EVERYTHING. Just brought it in for a routine pad change and find out everything is garbage. And no, the dealer isn't out to screw me. been going to them for years and they always do me solid. At least they are throwing in a free fluid and filter service. Dammit, there goes my new amp money for this month!
  13. Please PM me when pre-orders start Shawn. Wanna get my ass in line.
  14. 6000 watts dammit! That's the magic number, 6000! Now, when is RF coming out with a T3500-1bdCP, that's what I want to know?
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