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  1. I am in need of a box design for a single 10 inch obsidian audio v3 any measurements will work. Ported ~ 0.8 to 1.25 ft^3 @ 34 to 36 Hz I am also in need of a box design for a single 12 inch soundqubed hds312 Ported 2-2.5 ft^3 @ 33 to 36 Hz Dimensions dont really matter to me, i can work with any size. Thank you!! Joe X if you can chime in please
  2. The build is still on, just been a small hold cuzz I am actually investing in some Coilovers and lowering the Charger Have to give it a bit of an aggressive stance!
  3. You got them banging already? I haven't had time to build a box because 1 i have school and work and 2 its been way to cold in iowa
  4. So I got this in a few days ago... Had to pop it open right away haha Spider, 3 inch coil shot. Not direct leads anymore but will do just fine! 1200 rms All i need now is a q1-1200D to power it and another set of HF6.5s with qt cd25 tweeters
  5. On to the other side this side was easier considering i got the flow sky high car audio OFC loves getting soldered moved on to the tweeters, little smaller then opening so went and bought a bracket, cut it down cover back on, hiding the little beasts haha i dont even know if i would have liked super tweeters these are already loud AFTER A LONG DAY IN THE GARAGE I FINALLY PULLED OUT MY PRESSURE WASHER AND WENT TO WORK I AM AN AUTO DETAILER SO MY BABY GETS THE BEST PAINT TREATMENT HAHA if you guys want a distance video of the components off the q4-120 let me know only have 1 set for now, will be picking up another on friday! I dont think i have the HPF set at the best location if anyone can chime in?? and i think my gains are just about right
  6. Okay so i did quiet a bit of work today! Here we go with pics.. will get a vid of the components if you guys would like first took off my panels to see what behind them some bs ovals so had to do some fabrication almost there haha also first time using any type of sound deadener
  7. Installed my door speaker and tweeter today on my q4-120 and im kind of lost on the tuning part.. never ran my mids and highs off an amp. how do i set the HPF and LPF? should i do Full or set it to HPF?? gains on sub are always around half.. how should it be set for mids and highs? i want to go as loud as i can while still being clear as possible
  8. thats not what im worried about mostly worried about the amount of space i have between the magnet and the port wall
  9. how much would it be off? i dont konw how to calculate my self if i will be around 34 htz and 2 cubic ft im good
  10. okay here are the new numbers with the sub displacement, and the box design. everything looks great to me except the space i will have between the sub magnet and the port wall... i will have about 4 inches from back of magnet to port. will that be a huge issue? other than that, its 2.04 cubic ft. 34.72 htz 18.38 in^2 of port area double baffle, flush mounted Does it all look good?
  11. woofer displacement is .13^ft I am at work and won't be home until 630pm tonight, if anyone wants to design one as well i would appreciate it
  12. you lost on that last response, but there is only one bend.. i was thinking double baffle flush mount sub
  13. I know how to design it with google sketch up. i was asking about the frequency, port volume, box volume. soundqubed hds 300 12" D2
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