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  1. well is your only issue not being able to "bolt" the top holder back on so the battery is strapped down?
  2. I would go with the D2700, and i use to have hifonics amps, they are great but are power hungry as well... they want so much juice
  3. I am doing a 240 or 270 amp mechman alt, 1 d2700 under the hood, for 3000watts rms. should i be good? or im still gonna blow my amp? It says d2700 = 3500-4000 watts... so im guessing im gonna be safe?? i was thinking of trying to fit a d31 under my hood but i dont think it can happen
  4. i had 2 15'' obsidian audios.. fuckin loved em!!! but got new small car cant fit in there, so i sold em, :/
  5. Trying to find some 6.5 midbass for my doors and rear deck! I want like 100 rms per speaker and clean!! Trying to spend around $75-$100 Help if you got anything in mind
  6. alenv10


    Sold individually!!
  7. Just go on amazon, type in knuconcepts, 1/0 wire for $1.95, great wire
  8. wat car and wat speakers u gonna use?
  9. So I should just do 4 6.5 crescendo's?
  10. any way i can fit 2 6.5's in one 6x9 slot?
  11. So I should just do 4 6.5 crescendo's?
  12. I got a new altima and never had to deal with 6x9's, always 6.5's My altima will have 2 6.5 crescendo audio in my 2 front doors and i need 6x9's in the rear deck, i want around 75 rms per speaker any advice or anything
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