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  1. I wasn't trying to cause any harm. Just wanted to figure out how those little black things fried and if it was worth fixing. Did think the bottom looked a bit odd though. Didn't even blow the fuses when it went poof.
  2. Well, I bought it, it arrived broken somehow, I sent it back, got it fixed up, and it hasn't left me since then. Its worked great though, till tonight.
  3. SInce Ive owned it: 6 months +- of medium daily. No comps, no burps, hell no runs even longer then 10m on music- fully set up (XS,mechman,0 gauge) 1.5yr in climate controlled basement/storeage area. 2 weeks max installed in new ride, maybe 4-6 30m rides, not even bumping most of the time. 20m 3/4 volume today when this went down. Fixed the name thing. My fault.
  4. Well..... I got it like this, like I said, it was a refurb, from the place that sells refurbs. Not going to name drop, but yea.... Same equipment, just a new car I inherited. Oh, new HU though. 4000NEX. Only thing that was different. Same wires, same amp, and sub. (Could only fit 1 in the trunk while I gathered funds to have a real custom box designed for this car. Figured I could put my old equipment I had in the basement in this for awhile till I could afford to "do it up" something to "just get me bumping" Again, I never did big systems, but have done abit over the years from MTX thunder 5000's to sundown era... Weird thing is, amp smoked and didnt pop the fuses on the last go. Still not sure why this happened. I still dont think a short in the pos+ wire woulda caused this honestly....
  5. Im so confused here and an asking the experts for some help. Setup: 1/0 Knu Kol all around. Copper soldered lugs, 250 in line AGL. Grounds preped, but not ideal due to unibody design. SAE 1200Dv2 refurb from a few years old. (old setup: 2x SA12s D4 wired @1ohm, mechman, xspower) New/temp: 1x SA 12 D4 @ 2ohm on the SAE tuned @35v at max listening volume. (Was previously set with a DD1 and CC1? by a fellow forums member for a 1ohm load, I backed it down from that) Best I could do for a quick install. Stock crappy battery and alt, but the carge and voltages were fine (AFAIK, even still, I bought this AMP for the sole purpose it did rated power at 12.6v and not 14.4) Home built box I found online. 1.75cft etc.., I know it was small, but thats another story.... So, I have installed alot of systems of my own and this is a first. been banging away for 2 weeks now in the new car I inherited with 0 issues, when on the way home tonight after a good beat session, I lost AMP power. All 5 30A fuses in the amp blew. I Figured it was a rare fluke of some kind, went and got 5 more, put them in, pop instantly. So, by now Im thinking WTF is happening...... I think ok, popping fuses means a short somewhere or lose ground. I rip the ground out, clean it the best I could in a random parking lot, put it back in, get the MM out, 0.001 resistance from lug to end of wire, I'm thinking ok great, problem solved....... Go get 1 more round of fuses, make sure they go in nice and perfect, connect everything at the battery, touch the ground to connect.... POOF- Huge cloud out of the amp. At this point.... I know its toast. Edit: It was bone cold poping these fuses, no heat in the slightest. What could cause this when everything was working perfect? don't even know where to start.... If there was a short in the pos+ lead, that SHOULD have popped the in line AGL yes? Or not since it was fused at 100 amps higher.... Maybe a body panel cut into the wire jacket on the ride home? I dont even know.... Sad and bass-less.... again.... :/ Edit: Since I figure its junk, I took it apart to see what it looked like.... Keep in mind this is also a refurb. when I got it: Here we go! 5 of these square things look to be the cause of the smoke, others look ok. I guess this was a repair before I got it lol This even worth trying to have fixed?
  6. Hey Joe, do you have the sub cut out location measurements by chance for this box?
  7. So, I used to have this setup in my old Jeep, but alas I got rid of it and have my equipment just laying around. Well, sadly this past month, I lost a dear family member and was given her old ride. A 2004 jaguar Xtype with 33k on the clock. So I had the bright idea to swaping in my stero goodies! However, After fighting to get everything run, I come to find out, due to the odd shape of the trunk, my box will not fit IN desipte having plenty of room IF I could get it inside... The box that were in was a 16H X 19D x 38L custom built etc.., Felt so defeated it woulnt fit after measuring twice, installing everything (which was a PITA). I was going to just buy the crappiest box from Best Buy / Local audio shop just to get pounding, then it hit me. Why not just try to build one myself? (My old box was built and shipped btw) So, My dimensions aside and taking the dimensions from above, that box does not fit (gets about half way before its wedged in), and Im not looking to win any contests, I do wish to pound. Whats the smallest size box(sealed or ported, I dont care, as long as I can get it in the trunk) I can get these guys in while still having them preform? WIll also be having Home Depot cut all my wood, and Im not sure if they can cut angles, so keep that in mind. They will be fed on a Sundown SAE1200D V2 (12-1400W RMS, turned way down till I can get the electrical worked out. Damn battery cables on the wrong side for my XS power I had laying around, have to mod those too :/) Thanks for any and all help! Edit: I know 10's would be better, but the goal of this was to use what I had laying around / minimal cost. So the 12's, old amp, wrong xs bat, old 0 gauge wiring etc.., will be used.
  8. Check out mechman. While when I had my Jeep GC, it was abit older in year, they do have PCM bypass's / AVBM's they might be able to make work for you. Mine was just a dieode in the harness from the alt plug in to factory plug in. Worked like a charm. Note: I think the Voltage regulator in the ALT itself needs to be swapped to accomodate this type of mod. Def. talk to Mike about this option. (I went with the diode simply because it was a 1 wire setup and didnt have to try and mount the AVBM box) Been outta the game for awhile, but Inherated a new car, so all my stored equipment is about to get a new home.
  9. Hey guys, need a tad bit of adivse once again if you would be so kind.... Bought my 1st new car, a 2013 Optima Ex w/ the basic features (Touch screen HU, BUcam etc..,), needed something kind on gas which my V8 Jeep just .... wasnt lol... Anyhow, I have never owned a "new" car so Im kind of confused on how to proceed with swaping in my jeeps system.. Going to try and cram my d6500 from my jeep under the new hood, get mechman goodness out and find her a new home in my dads Jeep lol, and removing everything else, which isnt much... my 2x SA12's, SAE 1200D, Big 3 etc.., Anyhow, being that its a new car, I really do not want to replace the HU at this time, and Im pretty sure factory will not have pre-amps..... Whats my best route to get a signal for my RCAs that will give good results and not just "meh, it works" ? Maybe recommened a product via PM if needed, would be mucho help. Like I said, never owned anything even remotely new, and Im just used to ripping out old HU's, wiring those bad boys up and yea.... you know the drill... I would like to keep this is about as stock as I can for the time being.... Thanks as always guys!
  10. I assume you have the AVBM and your car is PCM controlled..... The AVBM tricks the PCM to allow for voltage adjustment, and thus, the car thinks there is a problem when there isnt. I just sent my Mechman back to have the AVBM added on, and they warned me I may get a battery light, but, other then the dummy light being on, the car is fine. Pull the lightbulb for the battery icon socket. Win. (if possiable)
  11. Nice install! Out of curiosity, how is that 3100 supported on the wheel well? Got any pics? Was it to big to fit in the spare tire well? I got a jeep too, trying to get some ideas where to hide and store the battery bank...
  12. Got 1 extra charger for free somehow, called them up being the nice guy that I am, told them of their mistake, and none of my boxes even had a sticker in it We like stickers people!!
  13. Holy shit, those things look like their are going to jump out of your car! Nice!
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