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  1. Id have to agree, his free mix tapes are my personal fav's over the studio ones... I tell ya, I went to the Wiz and Mac miller concert in PA a week or two ago, and man, it was honestly the best concert I have ever been too. Wiz rocks!
  2. 1st Off. The CS is bar to none, You guys def. set the standard for an online company I want to purchase from again in the future. 110% satisfied with the CS AND product. Not much more I can say honestly.... Suggestions: The AVBM module I recieved: The connections / heat shrink on the alt harness itself , where it attachs to the alt plug-in were very stiff and made tucking the extra wires take abit more time then expected. No biggie though. The Lowest I could get the AVBM @ warm idle AND loaded idle per the instructions was 14.5-14.8 (Fluxuating). I must have turned the screw atleast 30 times counter clockwise, and that was the lowest it would go... Add a picture to the instructions..., I had to multi meter my factory harness to find the right pin to plug in my signal wire. The wire colors per what instructions you guys gave me didnt match, however, I worked around it. (instructions said green wire plug in, I had yellow on the harness and green / white 2 pin plug in. The yellow wire on the harness only charged when pluged into the white pin) The wire that ties intot he factory plug were much to long, however, a really non-issue for my appliction. Other then that. I am 110% satisfied with my purchase with you guys, and I am now charging with a PCM controlled JGC with NO battery light @ 14.5. Excatly what I wanted to buy. Thanks! Andrew
  3. I assume you have the AVBM and your car is PCM controlled..... The AVBM tricks the PCM to allow for voltage adjustment, and thus, the car thinks there is a problem when there isnt. I just sent my Mechman back to have the AVBM added on, and they warned me I may get a battery light, but, other then the dummy light being on, the car is fine. Pull the lightbulb for the battery icon socket. Win. (if possiable)
  4. I never used them, but I read people like them. Why not just do it right the 1st time and jump on the XS train?
  5. Yea, I just want to be able to bang it anytime I want as long as I want. Obviously, with the car running and not at idle..... I was figureing 5k should be safe honestly.... Well, 5k+mids and highs amp.... Thanks for all the info so far. I would like to ceompete just for fun in the future, however, like I said, my main goal is a daily banger!
  6. Great news! I do like to play full blast for hours at a time while driving around doing "irl things" so, even cutting myself down to 6-9k, should leave me plenty of head room! This def. opened up where I will go with this. Thanks!!
  7. Wow, that's quite abit more then I was expecting... I was thinking 5k tops.... lol.... Guess I better expand my horizons! (and bank account) lol
  8. Nice install! Out of curiosity, how is that 3100 supported on the wheel well? Got any pics? Was it to big to fit in the spare tire well? I got a jeep too, trying to get some ideas where to hide and store the battery bank...
  9. So, while I build my electrical, I'm curious what you guys think it will support realistically speaking. It will consist of the following: 1 Mechman 270 w/ AVBM, 1 D6500, 3-4 D3100's. 2 Runs of Kollouss from bat to back, Big 3, hard wired XS HF1215. WIll be charged once every 2 weeks... I'm pretty much half way done with that, should finish it in the next month or so.... But while I wait, I just wanted some opinions on what I can really expect to support with this setup. Just want to get some ideas so I can piece my next upgrade items based on your recommendations. My goal? Just to be loud as a mother, and still have my car start everyday.
  10. Can anybody join this? I would like to go and maybe do a run or two since nobody in my area has a meter, just for fun.
  11. Yea, sucks I can only work on the car on the weekends, have to wait till I can get ahold of Mechman on monday to try and find a solution. I just figured the rep woulda mentioned I may need the AVR thing. Was that option to bypass the PCM offered by the alt manu or something? Im really hoping Mechman has something to take care of my needs! What year jeep BTW? About the diode thing, its not a problem of it actually charging, it just seems the PCM limits the charge to "conserve MPG, emissions, fuel economy" some new and fancey feature with newerish cars. I really have no idea how the diode thing would turn out / works honestly. I doubt it could be that simple though, and I gotta remember, cant be frying the computer in the car or anything, those are MAJOR bucks! Update: Did some more testing the best I could, and its confirmed, the computer HAS to be limiting the voltage. Although, with a full load (AC full blast, headlights on, heated seats, wipers, and system full tilt on a Bass mechanic tone) voltage @ battery AND alt terminals stayed in the 13.7-13.9 @ idle. rev to 2k, I got a few peaks upto 14.1 MAX but it would drop right after that. Honestly.... Im pretty ok with that for now if Mechman doesnt make one of those AVM for my 03... Pic for fun: Ignore the battery is completley to small for my jeep, 2yr old Yellow top resting @ 12.8
  12. About the AVM THING, Im pretty sure they do not offer that or something for my car, the rep I spoke with never mentioned that I may need it. Ima call on Monday when they open just to check. I havent started on building my battery bank yet This is just finializeing my under the hood upgrades. Need a damn charger that, thought I could cut a corner on that for now and just upgrade later, but nope...!
  13. Finally shelled out the bucks for my Mechman and XS D6500, come to find out most local cheaper line battery chargers change @ 15-15.5V Ontop of that, it seems my Jeeps PCM limited the charging voltage or something to like 13.8(highest meter reading I got w/ full load / no load / after big useage @ idle and 2k+ RPM) Extra Sad panda I have to watch the super sexy battery collect dust for awhile till I can afford a proper charger from XS... Just a vocal tear...
  14. I did some of that checking on the actuall wave form itself you guys mentioned, and alot of them are not even squared, they just seem to peak off the Audacity meter. Like the peak point occurs off the viewable scale and it considers that clipped... Intersting... Maybe everything wasnt as bad as it seemed!
  15. Without watching that vid, it looks like one that was posted a while back, as far as i know Decaf made a couple posts and stated you couldn't remove clipping, because it just quiets down the clipping, leaving the waveform (?) unaffected. I wish I could find those threads, a lot of useful info in them. Well that video actually tells you to adjust the waveform in the equalizer setting, something about it will rebuild and reshape it to remove the square wave. Im just trying to learn how I can fix and mix up all of my music to my liking without ever having to worry about a "bad" signal right from the source ya know... Anybody who has musical experience, experience doing this type of thing to music mind chiming in and maybe linking a guide or "how to" ??
  16. I been using this to "fix" my music tonight, not sure if it will make the sound worse/quieter/not hit as hard, find out in the am tom. Hopefully this guide is right... Really not taking me as long as I thought, after 40 tracks, im wizing right through them... lol
  17. Ok, yea... Once I forced the super clip, I could see it plain as day. Ill just chauck this up as part of the hobby while saving money for new equips to unclip my songs, found some really good turtorials on youtube.
  18. I may be wrong, but Im pretty sure you need to have the title notorized with a bill of sale or something. Dont remember all the details, but I sold one of my old cars to a co-worker, kept my tags, and did pretty much the same thing you did, except he payed in cash. I even wrote out a generic bill of sale which we both signed... Long story short, 2 weeks later, I got a call from a detective with the Pittsburgh Police telling me my car had been impounded and he was arrested for a DUI (real winner) and I was responsiable for the the car still because the buyer had not transfered the tags and title or something into his name yet. Had be killed somebody, I woulda been held liable. Luckly the cop didnt cite me, I bailed the car out, and went to a notery with the bill of sale and thank god she signed off on the title that it was no longer mine. That could have turned out MUCH MUCH worse, from what I thought was a harmless, good looking out sale to somebody who was in need... Just food for thought... OP
  19. Ok. I also use the WMP setting to look for those flat spots you mentioned, its very hard, even on the slowest setting to find those flat peaks. All my gains n X over n such were set via the USB w/ the DD-1 and the CC-1 from a fellow forums member, just kinda frustraiting knowing music I payed for *can* possiably ruin my equipment. Maybe Im just over thinking all of this...
  20. So, since I joined the fourms, I have learned lots about car audio do's and dont's. One thing that is said time and time again, is dont clip your equipment.... So I started to read and learn about music clipping... Now, I just have the free Audacity to check it out, however, ALL my music is clipped, and I dont understand why?? Doesnt seem to matter weither I buy a CD from the store, digitial download, free mixed tapes... Even "digitaly mastered" music that was not altered at all... all of it contains the "red lines of death".... Honestly, the only music I have that doesnt contain the red lines of death is the stuff Decaf mixed up.... Is this something that I should worry about? I love to full tilt my system every chance I get.... I have around 90gigs +-5 of music I have collected over many years, I realllllly dont want to go through each song and try to figure out how to remove every clip... I really feel kinda... ripped off paying for music all these years that is clipped to shit...
  21. Please make sure to align them properly after install. 55W 5000K not aligned proply will 100% blind other drivers, and cause massive road rage (ask me how I know ) Agreed, DDM tuning is a great place to get kits and the install was a breeze.
  22. Cant wait for his new album. Thank for the preview OP!
  23. Just another Jeep grand Cherokee install, not so much a "build".... All I got for now, no vids yet, live in an apartment, soon though. Believe me, she fking slams. Anyhow, pics! (Box pics from Mobile enclosures.. 3.5-6ft3 @33-35, built on the smaller side in anticipation of more power) Next up: Mechman, XS, 2500D) Big thanks to everybody's help on questions I had while installing!
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