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  1. Box has been rewrapped, batteries and amps have been moved, and now I have back seats!!!
  2. %5BURL=
  3. You'll want double that
  4. Man I have a tan 09 Tahoe I had a flat box but now switching to c pillar wall. After removing my rims in December due to constantly blowing tires I have never been happy with my factories you have inspired me to dip mine black also I did mine on my last car and they looked nice but now I'm positive I will do it on this vehicle also.
  5. Let me know how those lithiums do I own a xs15kspl and I honestly wasn't impressed at all
  6. The new style of forum is confusing I figured it out a few weeks back and instantly forgot
  7. It was zip tied under then there were holes around where my battery tray was with fat rubber washers between the cuts and the wire...I'm actually redoing some things look forward to pics n the next week and a half