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  1. shout out to my boy auston owens for the killer box
  2. Yes sonic it does actually lolololol terribly with previous alt setup haven’t put these thru paces that will Be next weekend
  3. Updated headunits firmware first time ever today due to random crashes during applecarplay since I need it for my maps to display hopefully it works because it’s been crashing a lot lately. I plan to test it out a little more tomorrow to see how well it worked.
  4. Recommendation for a new sub?

    Sundown sa12
  5. Idk why this came up n recent post but now I kinda wanna c a pic
  6. Best SSD for Gaming.

    I’m running this game with no lag on a computer from 2009..but I did recently upgrade to a nvidia950 and a 1tb Samsung ssd. And the gaming did improve slightly I mean this game has like 0 requirements the only thing that really matters is good internet
  7. Ok I got Flickr and I'm uploading my pics what do I do now I'm trying to fix my build log
  8. Ok that's kinda my struggle I'm trying to fix my build logs but individual photos are to big I'm trying Flickr now
  9. Build is about to change tremendously stay tuned****