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  1. Do u wanna change because you aren't happy with the tens or because your a basshead like me and like trying different shit
  2. I love the build I had 2 m3bs for a good minute myself powering 2 sp4 18s and like you I had to have a big batt bank to keep up but those amps were bullet proof
  3. So how did the lithium do alone ?
  4. Agreed everyone n my areab(Alabama) ditched their xs lithiums for limitless for a reason
  5. A 15k won't be enough I ran 2 sundown 6ks with a 15k, 4 g31s,2 underhood batts and 4 Alts and barely stayed at 12 at full tilt at idle now driving was a different story
  6. The spl xs batt isn't meant to be mixed with agms like the 15k and 30k
  7. Very I miss the hell out of that car I had it doing mid 150s towards the end what are u running again?
  8. My sonata had gotten total. Hey man how u been?