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  1. Machete was the initial sub setup it was a supersport12 on 2k it and amp blew n under a cd. I got both repaired but it sat for months and I ran a taramps bass3k on a sundown u12. The u12 lost a tinsel after 6 months of double rms shorting and killing the amp. I put machete back in and a spider screw backed out and put hole in cone as well after 3 days of use amp started protecting like crazy even tho amp is ohming out. Now wife has a x12 on a sfb 3k which does a inbetween number to 1 st two setups. First doing right under a 140 second doing right over a 142 and current doing a 141.5. Next moves will be to run a bass4k and to upgrade alt.
  2. Sundown sfb3k sundown sax 100.4 a/b sundown x12 d2 pioneer mvh1400nex 2 set of hannibal components northstar 80 lots of gp 1/0
  3. Nope staying with the 6 speed should be back right in a few days. I may do a gear change and something new tho.
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