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  1. Decided to just run the stronger 15k by itself it jams but for some reason it’s remote randomly cuts on 4 channels when vehicle is off weaker 15k didn’t do that
  2. Gained on meter and way more musical isn’t 0 strait to full tilt amp has much more volume control overall better in every aspect especially sq
  3. Ok one amp is loosing output I ordered a soundigital 20k
  4. I have grown to be way more picky of who I trust myself
  5. Ungain matchdd amps Set both amps via clip light and newer amp moved its pair of subs considerably more. thank god I ordered soundigital 20k and fixed all ground issues. I will never deal with original shop again every time I think I find the end of their bs it’s like wait there’s more lol.
  6. Haven’t considered that I wanna do some more testing
  7. Oh it’s been had a ground falling off the post hidden behind a beauty panel
  8. Something is not right doing a 154.7 with both amps in when it used to do a 155.5 with both
  9. When I first metered my 2 15k I did a 155.5. One amp got popped due to turning on with no load. So we hooked up just one and did a 154.7 I noticed a few shows later it dropped and did a 153.5. When we got second amp back from repair and to install it the older amp clipped out much earlier when setting it and all it did was get me back to a 154.7. I also left out the fact the older amp has a melted ground and blown volt meter from a bad ground job n past install. Is it possible some of the internal components fried n old amp making it not blow but just do less power? I’m running amps at 2 ohm each and they are powered by 6 northstar batts,3 singer alts and 8 power runs in a 09 tahoe on 4 zv5 15s.
  10. I ran 2 scv6k at .25 each on 4 zv4 for almost 2 year with no problem
  11. Got more UN and switched to ds18 tweets best sounding pro audio I ever had