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  1. Build is dope as hell I was looking at the burn marks when u lost cone #1 and I bet mine look similar under I set mine on fire twice lol. I love the more torched effect on the box and the larger surround on your New cone.
  2. I ran 2 scv6k at .25 each on 4 zv4 for almost 2 year with no problem
  3. Ok that's kinda my struggle I'm trying to fix my build logs but individual photos are to big I'm trying Flickr now
  4. How are yal posting pics photo bucket is telling me I need a $400 account ?
  5. I tried blue my first time at my birthday dinner in march it was 65$ for a shot at shullas steak house I was extremely impressed
  6. Agreed everyone n my areab(Alabama) ditched their xs lithiums for limitless for a reason
  7. A 15k won't be enough I ran 2 sundown 6ks with a 15k, 4 g31s,2 underhood batts and 4 Alts and barely stayed at 12 at full tilt at idle now driving was a different story
  8. The spl xs batt isn't meant to be mixed with agms like the 15k and 30k
  9. So he's running a xs 15k on 2 sundown 6ks... I just found out my amps were at .25 each and not .5 my dmm was broke the day I bought my zv4s...since then I changed my amps to taramp 8ks and all my old agms to northstar and my voltage has gotten much better
  10. I had got the zv5s they sound almost identical to zv4s and seem to be more efficient
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