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  1. finnaly did my first 157 ever today hanging with them b pillars boy
  2. im finnaly about to graduate with my first degree Yal! I’m sure a car forum isn’t place for this but I will look back on this one day as the glory days.
  3. But it’s black suede over it..a few other things I did I never mentioned was new motor at 135k tuned out afm and dod..new spark plugs and wiring at 185k. Finnaly did transmission fluid and rear differential.. transmission is fine but rear differential looks bad. Finally cleaned k and n. Also did a ton of body work getting rid of dents and dings..got rid of fogged headlight housings n got new clear ones. I want to paint truck black and do orange accents maybe after I pay off my last credit card..idk if I mentioned it but I’m no longer on rims anymore I went back factory but I would like to do a minor exhaust upgrade maybe when I sell some of my old audio.
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