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  1. I ran 2 scv6k at .25 each on 4 zv4 for almost 2 year with no problem
  2. Got more UN and switched to ds18 tweets best sounding pro audio I ever had
  3. got second place in no wall 154.8 in kick on one amp
  4. Uaf redid my vinyl and swapped out my pwx for un hopefully they keep up better on same power
  5. Pioneer 5200nex issues

    Ok I was eyeballing the mvh1400nex it’s like a straight up CarPlay deck
  6. Pioneer 5200nex issues

    Yeah I did try the firmware update it’s worked fine past two days but the problems always happen randomly. Which pioneer car play deck do u recommend?
  7. Deck has been skipping when on Bluetooth..randomly restarts...connects and disconnects from car play mode and it freaked the hell out on me tonigjt and colors got all scrambled like I clicked on a payperview channel I didn’t order. My truck has been a 150-155db truck past two years is it possible I beat the deck to death?
  8. Great I been on Dj rusticals past few days..can’t find djsnt or decaf threw google anymore but I still have plenty of it backed up.
  9. Who has the latest n greatest rebassed music last I got was djsnt pack 9 and decaf pack30ish is anything new out..I just got system back playing and want some heat
  10. kick and outlaw scores btw I dropped down to 3 alts and things are running much better. Scores with 1 amp vs 2 are only a few tenths apart so I’ll only be running one amp to preserve voltage
  11. shout out to my boy auston owens for the killer box