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  1. is it possible to still get a lvl 3 coil? for the added price
  2. The phrase "very clean" should be, its "undistorted." And there is no different between an amp being more "undistorted" as another. Its either is distorted or not. Im no expert with gains by any means but the few times I've asked for DD1 help It was made very clear that The gain on the amplifier is designed to only match the voltage coming from the RCA outputs of your head unit. saying your amp is undistorted on max gain is irrelevant. that only has to do with the output voltage of the head unit. If it is in fact undistorted VIA DD1 at max gain and your HU is at its highest clean volume, something could be wrong with your head unit not putting out the voltage it should be. I know this is not about how you set your gains but maybe double check your EQ's were all flat and you amp frequencies crossovers were open all the way during the DD1 Process. Also, if an amplifier is given an optimal electrical system to support it's full power potential, it doesn't mean your gain can be turned up higher, it simply means the amp will produce more power ( in theory ) Sorry for the rant but my .02 cents. Again I am not by any means saying I'm completely right so by any means people correct me!
  3. The only other section I see fit would be junk drawer because its a wierd scenario or head unit in which I think after market, no factory integration things hence why I stuck it in the general.. Ill try my luck in the HU section then
  4. Same thing just happened to me, must have gotten deleted from the general audio section where I posted it. Also wasn't sure what section to put it in. This is the link " I think " can I get it in the right section or anything? Thanks!
  5. So just to clarify. Outta the little boxes that turn white, when there is one blank box it's distorting, and two blanks boxes its clean? Of that makes sense lol and how did you do it anyways?
  6. So I'm guessing it can be done but how can you check what volume your mp3 plays distort at? In my case my friend uses an iPhone 4s and wanted to check what it distorted at ( was going to use the side click buttons not the slide volume ) so when I go through his stock radio then to a hi low conveter and wanted to start with a nice clean signal!
  7. i ws putting in some damp by Knukoncepts and its was roughly the same temp, all i did was take a hairdryer and heated up the metal for a bit, minute or two. stuck it on and did it again and then rolled down good....use heat lol
  8. We got a T3 Van up here in NE doing 165s burp and i think like 59s on music, 9 15s on lik 30000-40000 and that think is ballz nuts. hairtrick with both doors open....i wish meade was up here because this astro will simply kick ass, i can only compare to the T3 as this will probably be as said, more FUN...and hell everything meade does is clean and gorgeous
  9. Holy S**t!! I don't have a kid. but the fact that he would do some thing like that!! " Let me show you what happens..." WTF! And only 3 days without pay. ...
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