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  1. Okay, I'll see what others say and then choose. I'm not in a rush to build the box cause I have to get some other stuff to the car done. I appreciate the input!
  2. Heres a design I came up with in Torres, how does it look? Here it is in WinISD
  3. I see.. I'm on stock battery lol.. Going to be getting a D1200 up front and a xp2000 in back when I actually start redoing my setup. I plan on sealing off eventually. And I'm trying to get louder on lows rather.. It plays 40-50 fairly loud, well loud enough for me at least. I'll be shooting for a GOOD amount of port area too. I'm going to eventually get a 80PRS and fit it in my pocket under the factory radio, so that would help everything sound much cleaner too.
  4. Thanks for the input man! And my bad for not specifying the car. Its going into the trunk of my 2013 Accord Sedan Sport!I got 30"~ of depth and 29" width and 17.5" height. I don't need a box design but I'm trying to figure out what's a good NET volume for this sub. It takes my CT 1400.1 easily too.. I'd also like to have killer lows too.
  5. So I'm still wondering what type of box I should build for my X-15. I currently have a 3.45ft^3 tuned to 28hz via 6" aero port.. I want to get more output of the sub (I know I can) while retaining SQ. This is for a musical setup. I mainly listen to decaf, rap, pop and rock. I'd like to be able to move some more air also My choices: 4.2ft^3ish tuned to 28hz with a big L port. OR a 6th order with like 3.8ft^3 tuned to 28hz and second chamber 1.5ft^3 tuned to 70ish. What do you guys think? EDIT: Forgot to mention that its being ran off of a CT Sounds AT1400.1
  6. The E12v1 is a great sub for the most money! Ive built a box for my buddy for one of them on 500rms and it sounds awesome. You can't go wrong with the E's. You get more cone area with 2 10s too, so I would just go buy the 10s and build a nice ported box and you'll be surprised.
  7. Audio technix 400.1 would do the trick or the CT 500.1 Great amps for the money!
  8. My bad, wasn't really paying attention.. I don't see anything wrong with that box.. What kind of amp? I saw the title and thought it said 6th order, lmao fail.
  9. Someone on youtube did a dual e8v3 6th order.. id say go for it haha. I ran my e8v3 in a t-line tuned to 32hz that I messed up (the line ended up being tappered, no expierence on tappered t lines and this was my first tline) and it sounded awesome. Great freq response, and got down low, loud ans clean. It was on a soundstream tx1300.1d @ 4ohms, says "550" rms. Probably around 450-500 plus rise so go figure.If in a regular ported box id say run 400-500 rms on it. Theyll take it no problem as long as you know what your doing. Id say go for the 6th for the hell of it.
  10. Hey Jocob, I have X-15, interesting in doing a 6th order? Would this sub work well in one? Suggestions would be great! If you could pm that would be awesome, thanks!

  11. I have my X15 on a CT Sounds AT1400.1 but the box is only 3.4ft^3 net, tuned to 28hz via 6" areo, a lil short on port area.. I drop to 12v until I get my new batts but im sure it could take 2 of them strapped. Either more power or a bigger box around 4ft^3 should be good Oh and the sub barely moves.. maybe moves and inch lol.. its got so much more potential.
  12. i dont exactly know lol... I had downloaded it a long time ago too.. I think I just searched online and found a site to download it from haha
  13. So I measured my trunk again, and because the rear deck comes down near the seat more, the box will have to be behind that (unless sub faces up inside the box, ported on bottom and top) but my dimmensions are 17.75"H x 30.5"W x 30"D. I came up with a design that works (but dont know if its actually good). Chamber 1 is 3.7ft^3 tuned to 28hz.(15.37^2 inches per foot) Chamber 2 is 1.39ft^3 tuned to 74hz.(58.45^2 inches per foot) This is with the low pass set at 80hz and forgot to add the SSF. The sub will be facing one side of the box and ported on each side firing into the cabin, sealed off from the trunk.
  14. Okay thanks for the info. I forgot to mention that for the new box, I would be sealing it off. What kind of port per cubic feet would you recommend for the high tuning chamber?] For the low, I would do a slot port and I know id have more than my current setup
  15. I wouldnt try to tune a 4th low o.O. but im trying to achieve a good response from 25-60 pretty much.. Im willing to pretty much spare my whole trunk for a 6th. If I can design one thatll fit, im doing it. Prob do interchangeable ports if I can. Im gonna change where my ports are and trying to see if I can port each side on each side of the box (left and right) or my rear deck is gonna get in the way. I'll measure my max height tomorrow. Can anyone recommend tuning for each chamber
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