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  1. Do you have to brace aero ports inside the box .
  2. Thanks to all you guys for the input , I really appreciate it, ima try and increase my battery bank plus connections.
  3. One thing I wanna do is put two kinetik hc 800s upfront instead of the optima and maybe one more hc 2400 in the back in another two more runs of 0 guage.
  4. Hey wats up,,, two sundown strapped @2 ohms.. Crazy thing is I plan on strapping @1 soon, and that even more power.
  5. Voltage dropping to 12.8 at full tilt with 330 amp alt, four kinetik batts, four runs 0 guage , one optima up front. I don't understand , but it only does it when I'm just sitting at idle. When I ride and play it it's fine, .voltage drop no less than 13.3V. Wat do I need to do???? I'm confused do I need more batteries , more runs of 0 guage ????
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