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  1. wamba

    crescendo amps

    what happend to crescendo audio?thay were everywhere for a while but now not so much.just wondering if there's a reason why?
  2. wamba

    orion xtr 4000.1

    thank you sir for your reply now i know
  3. is there a problem with this amp? everyone says the new xtr amps are great except the 4000.1,what up with that?
  4. hello everyone I recently bought two massive hippo xl 64's.I have a old 99 gmc c1500 pickup and was thinking of doing a center console box for them , but instead of building the normal ported box, I was thinking of using a passive radiator,or radiators.I don't know if this is a good woofer for this app,I havent checked the woofers qts or t/s specs at all yet.Just thought i would run it by you guys and see what everyone thought.Opinions or pros and cons welcome.Thanks
  5. thats what i was thinking with the stiff suspension thay would be accurate but a little harsher than the w7
  6. no the 8w7 is in 1cube ported tuned to 30hz it just dosent seem to wamt anymore power as is
  7. so the sa sounds as good as it looks,thats good to know. thanks for the replies
  8. i currently have a jl audio 8w7 and i love the quality of sound,very smooth, clean and low response but would like a little more output.i've considered the ovvious, a second 8w7 or going to a 10w7 but would like some other opinions. i am very interested in the sa-8 v2 and am sure there would be more output but courious about the sound quality. basically i am looking for the low frequency response of a large diameter sub, a 15 or 18 without that much volume,i just don't want it that loud. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  9. don't know if this applys to your sub but i had a pair of subs with dual spiders and the lower of the two had came unglued from the basket.the subs still worked perfectly but the loose splder made a lot of noise,similar to clipping sound
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