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  1. wamba

    orion xtr 4000.1

    thank you sir for your reply now i know
  2. is there a problem with this amp? everyone says the new xtr amps are great except the 4000.1,what up with that?
  3. hello everyone I recently bought two massive hippo xl 64's.I have a old 99 gmc c1500 pickup and was thinking of doing a center console box for them , but instead of building the normal ported box, I was thinking of using a passive radiator,or radiators.I don't know if this is a good woofer for this app,I havent checked the woofers qts or t/s specs at all yet.Just thought i would run it by you guys and see what everyone thought.Opinions or pros and cons welcome.Thanks
  4. looks like re sub that's been reconed to me
  5. what he said ^ I was ready to pull the trigger on two fi ssd 12s,but the hdx specs look pretty damn good
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