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  1. I have a ces 40ah lto lithium battery and I'm trying to find the best charger for it.Does it have to be a lto charger or will any of the lithium chargers work?
  2. ok so here is what i came up with 5.5cf of air space + 1.8cf of port disp + woofer disp 0.09 + bracing .25 = 7.64 cubes. external dimensions are 16 h 40.5 w 25 d. port is 14.5 x 5.5 x 33.25 which is right at 80 sq inches tuned to 30hz. and it will be sub up port back on drivers side
  3. i will do. i'll get it figured out in the morning, i'm about to call it a night thanks again man
  4. 2000 tahoe man i really do appreciate all your help i'm really excited to see how this turns out
  5. i think i'll try the 5.5 cube box that still saves me some room and sounds like what i'm looking for.you da man thanks for your time
  6. i dont want to screw up the port length and end up with the wrong tune
  7. also i'm using the port calculator on the 12volt web site, is it accurate or do you know anything about it?
  8. what kind of bandwidth would i end up with? i plan on building it tomorrow and i dident mean opinion i ment what you recommend
  9. so you think the 5.5 cube box would be the end all be all for this set up i'm open to your opinions
  10. ok i'll give it a try. thanks again
  11. i had the pair in 8 cubes with 90 si of port and really liked it but i just wanted to know if i could do something different to get the most out of the single
  12. i don't compete or anything but i want it as loud as possible while maintaining as much sq as possible,thats why i went with the q ,its a great sounding sub
  13. i do have a pair but i,m down sizing. i need a little more room for a while since school started kids stuff
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