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  1. Why are you surprised? I'd welcome that upgrade now simply for the extra displacement and torque, but the engines are nearly indistinguishable while driving and the slight, but necessary modifications to make an M62 work well weren't worth my time and money during the swap. I've been driving the car daily since about November '16 and have been loving it. Really considering selling it in search of a 6 cylinder BMW to slap a big turbo on instead. V8's are awesome, but the DOHC BMW V8's are an expensive and PITA engine to do much work on. They sound like no other engine though ? It's all done! Just spent about 11 hours detailing it the other night in preparation for the Leavenworth Drive up here in WA state.
  2. Almost a year later and I've logged back in to SMD LOL. Yea, I've been balls deep in a lot of BMW's from like 88-2003 haha and obviously forums are a gold mine of info that really helps. The black one got t-boned by an elderly lady who ran a stop sign around 35 MPH. My goals were to have a 540/6 speed wagon. BMW never brought the E34 wagon to the US with the 4.0L V8, or with a manual, so any E34 Touring in the states that is manual trans is swapped! The 540/6 speed is a highly sought after vehicle in itself because BMW only brought ~1500 of them to North America in the first place. E34 wagons are not necessarily a common specimen, so the combination of the epicness of the 540/6 speed and the un-common wagon made this swap rather unique, and about as fast as the M5 of the era. It doesn't suit everyone's taste, but I'm a fool for wagons, and this V8 sounds like nothing you've ever heard. Super throaty, smooth, and exotic unlike your typical American V8. The old engine from the wagon is still sitting on my creeper in the corner of my garage. Considering taking the heads off and selling them, then making a wine bottle holder out of the block. Or a table, I guess.
  3. That was a QUICK overview of the projects last two-ish months. Left a lot out, but if you want to read my long story of a thread, it's titled E34 540iT/6 Swap Thread in the E34 section of Bimmerforums. Anyway, this swap is super easy and super sick. Gives you an extra 100hp, and you get the opportunity to do lots of "while you're in there" upgrades that are convenient and you can make the best of them, like upgrading the clutch and flywheel, etc. I've always dreamed of having a 6 speed, so I can't wait to drive it!
  4. B40 and 6 speed going in the wagon: Engine in and bolting in motor/trans mounts. Check out these epic Revshift poly trans mounts: Pulled the whole rear subframe assembly out of the 540. You get the large case diff, bigger axles, vented rear brakes, and don't need to make a custom driveline. Neat!: Went to start it, and the alternator poofed...got that put out and these are the final pics I have of the car since. Life got busy and haven't had a chance to work on it for about two weeks (lol) but I will be digging back into it tomorrow! I'll try post more as/if I remember about this forum.. Give me some reasons to post, looks like there is decent interest.
  5. Painted my valvecovers in wrinkle black. Who doesn't love wrinkle black?: Covers on: Small garage and lot's of engines:
  6. Injector cleaning station haha: New TTV Racing lightweight flywheel in with new bolts and pilot bearing: M5 Clutch on: Intake on.. ( I think lol):
  7. Resealing etc: No oil pump bolts in the oil pan...yay! Pulled 'em out and re-loctited them anyway:
  8. Goodies include full engine reseal, poly bushings/mounts, E39 M5 clutch, and a one-piece aluminum lightweight flywheel (and more..!) : Random ass shot:
  9. Wagon interior: Front end off of the 540 donor: Motor and trans retrieved: Trans off of the motor to look at the clutch etc:
  10. 404 ECU with DUDMD chip! Transplant recipient -- '94 530iT w/ 111k
  11. I forgot I ever posted this! Sorry guys, I'm at work so I'll go plug in my laptop to get some pics for ya!
  12. Headed to California for the weekend! Woo!

    1. diegoclass2010


      nice!.... what part?

    2. Second Skin

      Second Skin

      Nice, just spent the past 9 days there, Sac Town to Bay Area to Hollywood/LA...even hit up that long Pacific Coast Highway!!! Enjoy your trip.

  13. Posting here because I'd consider it a performance car and just felt like sharing. Hopefully this sub-forum is okay. A while back, I slowly fell out of the big build audio stuff as I wanted to do more "go fast" things. Used to own Jeep's and trucks when I had a larger sound system, but got into DSM's which opened up my mind to the world of turbos and tuning. Fast forward to now, I've owned several BMW's and am officially a BMW junkie for life. Cutting to the chase, I picked up a totaled '95 540i 6 speed (only ~1500 brought to North America!) and a '94 530iT wagon that had been sitting for 6 years. The plan was to swap the M60B40 (4.0L V8) from the 540i to the 530iT to replace the crappy 200hp M60B30 (3.0L V8, same block as the B40 with minor differences aside from displacement). I have a Rockford T0D212 or something in a ported box I got for free, along with a Prime 1000.1D (which was also free) that I will be going sub up port back with or maybe a 4th order if I decide to make it more of a daily cruiser. Haven't been on SMD in a few months, but I'll try to post back here if anyone is ever interested. Anyways, I've been working on this project for maybe 3ish months and it's almost done. Last night I had a small electrical fire which needs to be sorted, but other than that things are looking great and I should have it wrapped up, lowered, tinted, and woofered in the next month. I will post pictures when I get home to my computer, but I do have a build thread over on another BMW forum you can check out if you're interested.
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