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  1. ask Robin Butler he is on facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/iamamp3pimp?fref=ts
  2. which one is louder, 4 st200 per channel @120w 2ohm or just 2 st200 per channel @80w 4ohm
  3. since the st200 is 70w rms per speaker if I put 4 of these on 1 channel at 120w @2ohm, will this be louder than doing just 2 st200 at 80w @4ohm?
  4. Hello question I have a 4 channel amp 80w per channel at 4 ohm 120w per channel at 2 ohm pls dont ask what amp, its nto up to discussion, just trying to keep the topic on issue at hand i have 2 tweeters at 75w @4ohm which will take up 2 channels on the other 2 channels im thinking of using selenium t200 which are 8 ohm can i use 2 t200 per channel wired to 4 ohm? or can i do 4 t200 per channel wired to 2ohm?
  5. I doubt it will be very audible if any
  6. look at the americna bass xfl for $200 each i would go for the aq2200 or the crescendo 2000 for amp if you can wait for the threatcon 4 this is a behemoth for $199 each *** This is a Pre-Sale and orders are expected to ship in 8-10 weeks. *** http://www.carstereogiant.com/product-p/threatcon-4-12.htm
  7. Here's the link to the test of Pure audio, not 3k amp http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/testing-scientific-data-discussion/156961-my-test-pure-audio-pa-3000-1d-quick-dirty.html
  8. car audio is already cheap, the overpricing is the killer
  9. blast from the past, but i still do run the brz1700.1d and still going strong
  10. 2 12's i wont run JL you can get loud for a lot less money, let us know if your open to other brands other than JL
  11. look at PSI, you might have enough for platform 2
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