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  1. you should body drop it, juice it, and throw some gold daytons on it. go old school man......throw some old school RF gear in there
  2. Thanks sundownz, I just found SSA sells your stuff, are they an authorized dealer?
  3. I am looking at getting the Sundown Audio SA-8v.2, and was wondering if you sell direct? Also, how would you say it measures up to the DD 2508-D4?
  4. I want to buy this sub from u, but only have 13 posts. What gives you some cred? Ebay name.... Anything For 150 shipped I am on focusfanantics.com, i shot you a pm
  5. Read the rules on posting for sale threads please
  6. please read the for sale section rules instead of just scrolling past them all
  7. I just recently picked up a MX-1 from audiosavings.com, which I must say are great ppl to deal with, to use with with factory HU. Is there anyway you could do a how-to using one of these? Thanks in advance!
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