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  1. How big do the 45 degree cuts need to be? Specifically the two at the back of the port. I don't want to make them the wrong size and throw off the tuning.
  2. I'm wanting to build a ported box for my 2 alpine type r 12. I would like to tune to around 29 hz or lower, because I want a flatter response. Not looking for SPL at all, I've just heard these subs perform better in ported enclosures. I don't know how to use the tuning calculator. Every once in a while, I will listen to a chopped and screwed song, which is another reason why I want to tune so low. but I also listen to metal and electronic music, so I sometimes think sealed might be better for me. Any advice or designs are appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the cutsheet. I've got 39" wide, 24" deep, and 16" high to work with. So I could fit this box in the trunk. I have an 05 Altima. Are those 45 degree cuts for stability, or "sound funneling" or both? thanks
  4. I'll probably tune to 35 or higher. Thanks for the advice. anyone know if those plans in the link are any good?
  5. Ah I see. That makes sense. I will probably tune it around 32 then, unless this is still low.
  6. why would the 20's be too low? not being a smart-ass, just curious. does much music have notes that low?
  7. I've got 2 12" Alpine R's. I prefer SQ, but these aren't really SQ subs, and everyone has recommended porting them. I would like to put them in a ported box, or two separate boxes if this is better. I listen to lots of metal, house, and dubstep, so lots of fast beats and some rapidly oscillating bass lines. I want to hear each note and want it to be clean, rather than pure SPL. I'm thinking of using a small volume and low tuning (in the high 20's). This will be in the trunk of an 05 altima. This link is to box plans for this sub. Can anyone verify if these plans are for 1242D type R's? Are the plans any good? any suggestions or plans are appreciated. here is the link: www.caraudio.com/forums/enclosure-design-construction-help/137804-free-box-plans.html
  8. I just bought this battery off a friend for $60. He sold his system and has no use for the battery now. http://www.amazon.com/Optima-Batteries-8042-218-YellowTop-Purpose/dp/B00075OSDS Is this a decent battery? Would I need to replace my stock battery with this one, or use them both. I think using them both would be hard on the alternator, from what I've read.
  9. So do you think I would need to get a different battery?
  10. My main concern is how draining this will be on my battery and electrical system. Some have said the BRZ is a very power-hungry amp.
  11. I'm just getting one of the amps. I may have worded that sentence wrong. Thanks
  12. I would just like to experiment with one. I have seen lots of sealed and ported and bandpass, but not one of these. I thought it would be interesting to hear the difference.
  13. I'm not actually sure, the car is in the repair shop now. But I think I have that much room.
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