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Found 35 results

  1. I have 2 12inch DB drive wdx 2k subs that I want to make a box for now the specs say per sub 2.0 cu ft for sealed and 2.7 cu ft for ported. Now if I build it ported does that mean each sub needs 2.7 cu ft or can the whole box be 2.7 cu ft????
  2. So i need some advice on deciding a new setup for my 2010 gmc sierra crew cab. As of now, i have a bad setup with 2 rf p1 12's under the backseat sealed. I wanted to do a ported box like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMqdmKnwjL0 however, i talked to a local audio store owner and he said i could never get a good sounding ported box under my seats, any thoughts? He said i should just do 2 JL 10 inch w1's sealed because thats the best setup he's heard in a truck like mine.
  3. Hi guy's , just bought a Brand new JVC DRVN 12inch (Black cone) , going to run at 4ohm as is a single voice coil , off a 250 rms jvc amp . Please help me design a box !!! Medium size , Good for music but also hitting low for some shake (Y) maybe 34hz or 36 what you reckon ?? Want a basic rectangular port Please can someone advise me on box dimensions . Either inches or mm for each piece , send me a link to a good box , and help me figure a good HZ tune . Thanks guys Ollie(16) from New Zealand Subwoofer - http://www.jvc.co.nz/CS-G1200.html Subwoofer spec's - http://www.jvc.co.nz/assets/pdf-manual/CS-GD1200.pdf
  4. Hey guys Ill be honest I dont know a whole lot about sub enclosures i know nothing actually other than I know the one sub thats running right now is being suffocated the sealed box is way to small. Ive had the second sub for almost a year and have never had the funds to buy an amp to power them both(its been killing me having two and only having one hooked up). but the time has come #taxreturn boo yah lol. I would love to make a ported box for my two 15" but know thats a tall order for a neon trunk the only way it would work and this may be a stupid question, is if you can have the subs on one end( the end that would be facing the trunk) and have the ports facing the cab on the opposite end? i have no idea how to build it tuned for the subs or how to space the ports im clueless. if thats not possible I have no problem settling for a sealed enclosure. if sealed is the case i would need help build the enclosure to the air space the subs need if thats the right term? having it built in store isnt an option they wouldnt build it in the trunk which is necessary because its so large. they want to have it built somewhere else and shipped here which is not an option(outrageous* audio portland OR) plus the cost is outrageous*
  5. hey, im running a fairly basic low powered setup: audioline azx800m mono(800 peak, 400rms @ 2ohms) 2 x kenwood kfcw3013(400rms @ 4ohms) in paralell here is the datasheet for the subs: http://images.kenwood.eu/files/prod/2093/5/KFC-W3013_2513.pdf anyway my question is, should i continue to run a ported box.. which is just about exploding from the pressure and i have had to reinforce or to port it, however i have looked into it and the resonant frequency is 25hz & the Qes=.91 making for an ebp of around 27 meaning that it is recommended that i remain sealed, however pioneer gives specifications for both ported and sealed boxes. By the way im more of a loud bass guy than a quality guy, anyway id appreciate to hear your input guys!
  6. Was wondering if someone can look at my box measurements and make sure I didn’t screw things up. I am going with a sealed enclosure due to space limitations. I will be running 2 Rockford Fosgate 12” P3D4’s wired to 1 ohm. They will be powered by a CT Sounds T-1000.1D @ 1,000W RMS, 2,000W Max The box I have measured out will be as follows: .75” MDF W32” x H15” x L12 It will have one solid brace/baffle in the middle to keep the chambers separate. If need be I can extend the length up to 14” but would like to keep it as small as possible without sacrificing sound quality. Thanks for any help this awesome community can provide.
  7. heres some pics of my system done by Thespeakershoppe (Woody) in FL. my system includes: 2 DC LVL 2 M2 15s Dual 2 ohm those are being run by a Skar audio SK1500.1. also 4 crescendo audio PWX 6.5s, 2 8s and 2 FT1 super tweets; and all those are being powered by 2 skar audio 85.4s. other equipment includes 1 kinetik KHC1400 and 1 Kinetik KHC1800, 1 mechman 270 amp HO alt and Audiotechnix wire FTW! this is my first system since im only 15. other info the box is sealed and 1000 RMS total and doing a 142.8 on music. 2007 Chevy Suburban with some GM aftermarket performance parts.
  8. After looking around and finding lots of great information I would like to ask a question. I have 2 18 inch OA v1s (gottem for next to nothing!) which I would like to make a box for. My max dimensions are H17 x W39 x L36. which would be about 10.8 Cu. Ft. I'm having a little trouble figuring out the slot port dimensions to be in the 28-30 Hz range for ported. Even with the slot port the box would be at least 10 Cu. Ft. (I hope!) which is acceptable according to the OA website the ported volume should be about 4.5 to 6 Cu. Ft. each. I'm currently using Torres Box Calculator. I'm also wanting Sub up/Port up so I can build it as big as I can and that's where I get confused. According to the OA site one 18 needs from 28.3 in^2 to 50.24^2 of port area. If I stay between those two numbers I should be fine? I would double the area of course since there are two subs (56.6 to 100.48). Is there enough room to port them properly? Or should I just seal it? I will only be putting recommended wattage to them ...600 if that matters any. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here are the specs if anyone is interested in lending a hand. Obsidian 18" v2 D2 Re: 3.97 Ohm Fs: 25 Hz Qms: 4.48 Qes: 0.840 Qts: 0.707 Vas: 156 Le: 3.72 mH BL: 19.12 SPL: 86.88 dB Sd: 1217.34 cm^2 Mms: 479 g Xmax: 20mm Peak-to-peak: 62mm (2.45") Power Handling: 600 watts RMS Recommended enclosure info: Sealed ~ 3.5 to 5 ft^3 Ported ~ 4.5 to 6 ft^3 @ 28 to 32 Hz Cutout: 16.7" OD: 18.5" Mounting depth: 9.5" Mounting flange to top of surround: 1.5" Displacement: 0.25 ft^3 EDIT: I believe I'm going sealed...The previous owner had them in a ported box ...I believe 11 cubes with a cheaper Planet Audio amp and they sounded Amazing! There is no way I'm getting it 11 cubes and ported ....hell I was messing around with the Torres box calc. and can barely get 9 cu ft with port displacement...so sealed it is for now unless someone has any other options? I would love to try ported first...never had a ported sub..... help a mofo out!!!! EDIT EDIT: Been doing more measuring and it looks like I will be able to build a ported box at about 11- 12 cu. ft. Not sure on the exact dimensions of the box but it will be bigger on top. Not a slanted box but ...sort of a box in top of a box if that made any sense....anyways buying mdf tomorrow. Still trying to figure out the Port Thanks!
  9. So I'm wondering what would be best for a dodge ram ex cab. I think I'm going to put the enclosure on my rear seats... Should I have subs up port front? And have the port going in the middle between the seats? Ofr Subs up port back? Side? Please help. Thanks.
  10. For my 03 350z I would like to build a box for an SA 8v2 that can be sealed or ported. I have seen a couple people try this and now I would like to try it. I want to built the box so that I could just slide out the port when I really want the lows and slide it in for tight bass. Wondering if anyone has box designs I could work from?
  11. basically as the title says. i was planning on a .75 ft^3 box for a single 8, but have been reconsidering that option since most people have been saying that the box has to be huge because of the port. I wanted the ported vs the sealed cause i didn't want to lose out on the low stuff 30 Hz and below.
  12. This is my friend Zach's car, I'm posting on his behalf. It's a 2002 WRX with STI turbo and intercooler swap from a 2006 STI. Clean title, manual five speed, with 87k on the odometer. Equipment goes as follows: Pioneer AVH 3000 double din Rockford Fosgate R600.4 (mids-highs Rockford Fosgate R1200.1 (sub) Rockford Fosgate T2 components in the front doors Rockford Fosgate T1 coaxles in the rear doors Rockford Fosgate P3 15" NVX sound dampening Rockford Fosgate OFC 4 gauge We drove all the way out to a scenic place for you guy's so enjoy. On to the pictures: Engine: The stereo: Under the driver seat: R600-4 In the trunk False floor: Underhood support: Because we are american's
  13. Hey forum! I got my first car recently (01 540i) and Im ready to do something with the sound system. My plans are 4 Kenwood W3012 woofers in the trunk. I know these arent the best in game but I dont wanna purchase other woofers yet as I already own these and Im doing a budget setup as a proof of concept to myself and friends. Ill do some JBL components in the stock BMW 3 way location. Only issues I came up with is the lack of space to build a ported box for the 4 woofers. The box has to be sealed at around 4.1-4.3 ft^3. My question is is better to keep the 4 woofers sealed or drop two of them and build a good ported box for 2 of them? Im holding back from the porting only two as seeing as these woofers arent really designed to hit some low notes around 33 hertz. My needs for the sound output of this box is mostly Hip Hop, Dubstep with sometimes the need for rock/metal. I want the box to be loud for what it is and not in much need for SQ. As for power, the woofers require 400 watts each and Ill be running a Belva BB5000D at around 2500-3000 watts RMS @ 1 ohms. I know this is overkill for the woofers but Im keeping the gain down and I want this amp now to be ready for when i decide to upgrade to something of high quality. Keep in mind Im a freshly entered college student so all the equipment is mostly budget equipment for the time being. If you guys could give me your thoughts and recommendations on how to make this the best it can be that'd be great. Ill post some car picks to show you what Im working with. I've heard great advice from this forum. Thanks in advance!
  14. I have 2 SA 8 v.2's in a sealed box with about 2.4 ft^3 of net volume. Just to clarify, they are sharing the same chamber; they do NOT have separate chambers. They are also being powered off the same amp, Pioneer GM-D86 (but I just put in a new amp yesterday: Hifonics BRX1600.1D). During some songs and some frequencies and tones, they seem to look like they may be out of phase with each other. My friend noticed it and said he thinks my subs are out of phase with each other, but I can barely see what he was pointing out. Is it even possible for 2 subs to be out of phase with each other when they are in the same sealed box and are being powered by the same amp?
  15. I'm putting a list together of what I hope to be getting within the next year to put in my car. Right now I have a BL15 on a SQ2.2k but want to upgrade bad. Here is the list of what I plan on getting: Sub: Fi SP4 15 (both cooling and spider spacers) Amp: Cresendo BC3500 Battery: XS Power D6500 Alt: H/O alt by Singer Wire: Sky High Audio 0 gauge Box: Around 4 cuft tuned to about 34Hz and sealed off Any suggestions or changes you guys would make or anything I left out?
  16. ok, to start i want to reiterate that is for an SQL build, i have a car for SPL already. i have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a stock set up besides the HU so its time to upgrade now that its getting nice outside. the "PLANNED" set up as i have no bought anything yet.... FRONT set up: (per door) 6" dayton RS150-4 http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-rs150-4-6-reference-woofer-4-ohm--295-372 Air Motion Tweeter http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-amt-mini-8-air-motion-transformer-tweeter-8-ohm--275-095 3500hz 2way passive cross http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-xo2w-35k-2-way-speaker-crossover-3500-hz--260-146 Sub stage: SINGLE 12" sub http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-um12-22-12-ultimax-dvc-subwoofer-2-ohms-per-coil--295-512 AMPS.... either 1xAlpine PDX-F4 100rmsx4 http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/pdx-f4/ 1xAlpine PDX-M6 600rmsx1 http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/pdx-f6 OR a single 5 channel amp 1x Alpine PDX-V9 500rmsx1, 100rmsx4 http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/pdx-v9 im concerned that with a 5 channel amp the SQL and power will suffer when bass hits. but that 5ch from alpine is perfect specs the box im looking for is a box that is probably a T-Line with a flatter response. i have 44" wide and upto 30" deep, would like to keep the box 14" tall or under. port and sub both facing back Im VERY open to changes or modifications. i have a stock alt (95A) and batt, but i will be swapping the hood batt for the largest xs power that will fit to make sure i have 0 voltage drop
  17. I have recently just purchased a Rockford Fosgate P3 12" inch sub. I want to build a box but not really sure if it's best to stay within the manufactures recommended dimensions of .75 to 1.25 for a sealed box. And then the subject of what provides better sound, from a box thats taller than long, or longer than tall. Then the subject of facing the sub towards the back seat or out into the trunk. Can some one help me out? I'm very knowledgeable to car audio, just not at going beyond manufacturers recommended volume and trunks.
  18. Hi All. This is the first post ive written on this site. Im new. I need some help. I have a sealed box (individual chambers) for 3 - 12" Lanzar Opti1232D Subs. It has 3.3 CuFt of airspace empty. The subs call for .8 CuFt of airspace each- so that's 2.4 CuFt required. SO- technically my box is .9 CuFt too big. My question is, should, or can I use POLYFILL??? I have also heard it will lower the tuned frequency of the box a little, which id like to do. If this was your box, what would you do??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank You!!
  19. Hey guys right now I'm in the process of designing a new box but I'm not sure If I want my port on the drivers side, or in the center. Currently my box is firing forward sealed off with the port on the drivers side. It gets nasty low with both front windows down. Will having a center port change that? Im sure it will but I just dont know How or What its going to change.
  20. 2001 Saturn L200 Here is a brief rundown of whats in the car. Electrical: Singer 240A alt XS Power D3400 and D925 SHCA 0g Wire Big 3 with 0g 250sqft FatMat MegaMat Front Stage: Sony MEX-BT4100P (4) Crescendo PWX6.5 Crescendo S800.4 Sub Stage: Fi BL15 sealed off Crescendo BC2000 Here's a little video of the car: https://youtu.be/0EAOQWnStGQ Alright now for the pictures:
  21. so im planning a build in my 96 honda accord. i plan on running a single american bass tnt 15 and sealing it off at the back seats with both sub and port facing forward. my car has the fold up seats in it already and i plan on putting the face of my box a few inches off the back of the seat when its up. my question is will i see any kind of problems with my seats up while playing my bass? like damage to my subwoofer? ive never done a build like this before so any help or insight is appreciated thanks.
  22. Happy Birthday darling, I love you very very very very, very much. 18" Fi Q sub in a 8.5cu ft sealed enclosure - powered by a Mmats d200hc. 4x Crescendo CTS-1 silk tweeters, 2x 8" Selenium mids, and 2x 6.5" Selenium mids - powered by a Rockford Fosgate 800a4. Knukoncepts wiring throughout, 0ga front to back, 0ga direct plug in to both amps from a tiny stinger battery under the back seat. Enjoy. www.mobileaudiophiles.com -Evan
  23. So in my car I had two RF P315's running off of a Crunch 2400.4 amp and was pretty content until my friend Brandonbkd decided he was going to upgrade his RF 15'' to a Fi Audio 18'' and somehow talked me into getting the Fi 15 (because there was no way we were fitting a box for a 18 in my trunk). First things first, i had to sell my system to gain funds for the new system. As soon as I sold the subs i bought the Fi 15, and then the wait began. So, while waiting a month for the sub to come in I started in on the box.
  24. Do you guys like sealed or ported boxes more? And which type you choose explain why you like that kind of box more than the other.
  25. I recently got a hold of an old L5 and was wondering if anyone had any experience with building a box for them because in the manual it gives a fairly wide range for enclosure sizes, so if anyone has any idea what a good size box would be to start with that would be great. Also haven't decided if i wanna go with a sealed or ported box yet so might build one of each and try them out. Just let me know what has worked for you or what u have heard works and ill go from there, and will someone send me the link for the torres box calculator i got a new computer and haven't downloaded it yet. Thanks for the help
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