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  1. I'm running Spotify on phone over Bluetooth I don't use car play, According to dd1 it's telling me my max clean volume is 37/38 with my factory head unit.. does this make sense ? I'm using a Rockford fosgate dsr1
  2. Think you can hit me up on Facebook and help me through this ? I seem to be having a hard time.
  3. Thank you brother ! I will use the Spotify one then... Then I guess just keep it connected and switch to say siruius and test max volume with that til it distorts? Only two things I listen to really. Stock hu with dsr1
  4. Hey guys I get my dd1 today or tomorrow and I'm wondering how I can set gains using Spotify? As I use it mostly for my listening, if it's not that I use Sirius on my HU. I notice there's a dd1 playlist, would I just use that ? Thanks
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