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  1. I had a slim. Modded it sold it. And my dad has the ps3 and I'm going off to college so ill have ps4 when it comes out!
  2. Is it possible to get the blue LEDs on the vm changed from blue to red? My colors are red and black so blue will throw me off. So is it possible to get a custom one?
  3. Ypu shouldnt go advanced setting unless you EVERY single detail about your modem and all. Go to advanced. Scroll all the way right and restore to factory defaults and go back and search for your wifi. Click it and retry again. If still doesn't work then follow the troubleshooting they give you
  4. Steve your such a tease lol jk cant wait to see what's next
  5. That would be a hell of a deal but I need money. I'm out of a job for about 5 months
  6. So later on I'm going to upgrade. Im going to need a new battery and alt. my question is what battery do I need for my setup? I'm going to be running 1 hifonics zeus 1500.1 at 1000 watts rms and a hifonics Zeus 600.4 (75 watts rms each) for a total of about 1500 watts rms. with the fans for amp rack and some LEDs. (I know they won't be that much amps but I'm rounding up to make it easy) so I need a battery for that and my car is a 1999 dodge durango 5.9l with a stock 117 amp alternator. What battery will be best and what size alternator(probably mechman) will be best?
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