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  1. You know if you're going to go with 1 OM-1 you have to go two of them due to mids and highs needing one with the one for the bass.
  2. That trailer to me looks way to tight for that Polaris. Although depending on how good the deal was and the fact that you have a trailer at all is better than nothing.
  3. rzr800 wasn't good enough....someone said 900 and got it. you said Polaris. That can mean a jet ski, that can mean a snow mobile....so no double win. Sorry! I'd agree with Steve on that one.
  4. Looks similar to one I saw with a upgraded stereo system in it @ CES in Janurary. Cool looking IMO
  5. I haven't gotten it awhile but I have had my web developer open on the main page ever since I first noticed it wasn't right and the number of errors keep growing. Started keeping track two hours ago at 17: Then about an hour ago 50: And just a few min or so it said 73: I can provide more screenshots on my end if requested with more details on the errors.
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