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  1. You know if you're going to go with 1 OM-1 you have to go two of them due to mids and highs needing one with the one for the bass.
  2. Mine are Bose that came with the vehicle. Even has the hardware to install them.
  3. Usually unless you communicate with the editor and hear him say clip free it's not going to be clip free. I've played around with audacity and the thing is some of the features to it like "clip fix" on there will not solve much. Keep in mind Audacity is open software so users can modify/add methods to make tracks better. Someone made clip fix and the publisher decided to include it with the software from then on. I've talked to decaf about using audacity and he's used it but doesn't like it and uses something different. I have gone away from using audacity almost completely. Audacity for me is using its plot spectrum for it's a lil easier for me to navigate then what software I am using now. Also with bass boost you're increasing the level on bass and you can only do so much till you start clipping and distorting the wave. That's why most people I know turn their bass boost on their knob all the way down. Picture if you will the gain knob on your amp. You can only go so far before you start seeing distortion. Same way with bass boost.
  4. Got some new shoes for her and fixed her ass from saggin'. She's now perky and rides so smooth. Oh yea, and she looks sexy also!!! New Wheels on!!! Before sag problems got addressed: After sag problems got addressed:
  5. If you want though I have the 6.5s from my escalade I'd ship to you. I'd only ask for money to cover shipping and fees.
  6. Me too, so and so brand sucks because they screwed me on the amp saying warranty doesn't cover blah blah blah. If you did something improper even wiring it up wrong and didn't know it. That's absolutely your fault. Everytime I go to wire a amp up I double and triple check that I wired everything correctly. Does it take a ton of time? Yeah, but it's worth it in the end.
  7. Part of that risk being you void the warranty in most cases. If it blows and or frys it's on you now that you have wired it below safe standards. Some companies do warranty below .5 ohm but best to double check with the amp manufacturer.
  8. This is why readings off a AMM-1 for me make more sense then a AD-1. I'm not a shop owner and therefore don't need to justify the AD-1 for my personal needs. The AMM-1 is justifiable because it will detect the power in my buddies or my own systems. If you're doing or close to rms while in a system you're doing good. If you're measuring off someone else's tests even with the same hardware as yours in their vehicle or the bench tests off the AD-1. You're seeing potential ratings, not what yours is doing specifically because every amp can be different in numbers slightly. Two models of the same amp and even from the same batch can have two different sets of peak numbers due to a few factors.
  9. I think you've just made every single key point in this statement that you need to know what you'd be looking for.
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