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  1. Name: Nathan Products interested in: Level 3 12" Shipping Zipcode: 65807 How you heard about this sale: SMD email Is this a Christmas Gift: Yes
  2. 1ohm will get you more than 2ohm . but 2 ohm is 10-20% more efficient
  3. iTunes Bass Mechanix or however you spell the name has like 15 second clips of pure tones . edti: Bass Mekanik on iTunes , there is a Tone Pak for $6 . 12 second clips of 2hz all the way to 99hz
  4. you guys talk like putting the port through the deck is going to help , that's just going to bring port noise and Im sure he doesn't wanna hear that LOL .
  5. I bought 20sq ft for my trunk of the regular damplifier . Works amazing . Had enough to cover my trunk lid and the rear deck TWICE . Amazing results . Buy the wooden roller it will come in handy
  6. other than slowing , I don't think there is a way to change what note the song has once it's been produced . Is that what you're looking for ? Taking say 40hz completely out and swapping it for 30hz ?
  7. French Montana sucks , he's not even with 1017 anymore
  8. Don't get domestic with that budget , cuz you'll have to double that budget for repairs/maintenance if you go American
  9. TheRealSharr

    2 blown alpine type r maybe a box

    the only way to be stupid about overpowering a sub is overpowering the wrong sub