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  1. one side says omega? it's still unclear what the coils were reading. i see one was around 2 ohms, what was the other?
  2. so what was wrong with the sub exactly? totally blown? or did he ship you some bricks?
  3. The new battery probably has a lower internal resistance, maybe that has something to do with a marginally higher cold voltage. just a thought
  4. I love me some Morel. I'm always impressed with the quality i see from their drivers and crossovers.
  5. he said in OP that he had the battery tested at autozone and that it is bad are you suggesting he does this with a bad battery? not necessarily, i mean if he gets a new battery he should do that test. Or attempt to charge his current battery before running the car with it in, and then do the test. I just have a sneaking suspicion that his alt is bad. He could even remove the alt and have it tested, but that's probably a bit more work.
  6. Check to make sure your alternator is charging properly, such as having all your accessories on and the voltage is at 13.2volts or higher.
  7. when i first read the title, i thought it was going to be some fake steve meade super-fan that writes letters and creeps on the real steve meade... in the eminem fan type of fashion.
  8. For my age, I should be in the CD class, but I definitely cannot forget my first experiences with analog vinyl sound. There's nothing like it.
  9. Punctuation helps. Just saying. I smell user error, not the fault of the DD-1. That's like saying a DMM triggered a circuit breaker on your house wiring.
  10. those are also not good because they're usually covered in loctite from the factory. loctite is a good electrical insulator. did you check the resistance between the amp ground and the battery low post with everything hooked up?
  11. mine are great, but the black has faded to a copper color from sun exposure.
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