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  1. Is there any way to get my build log out of archive? has been a while since ive been on but got some new content id like to put on it if possible


  2. Black Friday sales need to hurry up and get here! Want to buy so many things and work on my build, just gotta wait for the sales!

    1. Ahmed Johnson
    2. Bump4life


      if you need an alternators US Alternators has 20% off some units. Thats the best I have seen for alts

    3. CJ18


      Tell me about it. I am on both sides of it, chomping at the bit to launch sales and have a few things I want to get.

  3. So I'm officially Hooked on car audio shows. Drove 2.5 hours one way last weekend, and now driving 2 hours tomorrow for another one. Love it!

  4. On my way to my first audio show! Only an hour and a half more to drive!

    1. cthedinger
    2. Kyblack76


      Have fun. I'd got to a audio show ever weekend if I was able.

    3. Mr DeeBeez

      Mr DeeBeez

      Oh I'm having A blast! Lenny is here with his dirty hoe. 6 smd 18s. Oh god this will be good. I'll post vids later.

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