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  1. Why cant you have the two e 12s ported? I made a box for a friend with 2 e 12s on a 1000 watt rockford amp and i was extremely impressed with how they sounded. they were very punchy, and a lot louder than i was expecting.
  2. My daily. My girlfriends car is a pos so I'm just gonna have her use my car and I'll have the blazer.
  3. I dont have anything for the car. Its a bitch to get the sp4 box in my car, and i dont have the xs batteries in the car anymore so it wouldnt have the electrical for the 3500. Ill just be patient till i can drive the blazer. And as for the rebuild, Im not exactly sure what im gonna be doing. But really tempted to build my first wall! We will have to see when the time comes
  4. I'm so tempted to do a bunch of work to it, but god forbid something happens that I can't register it, I would be pissed about doing a bunch of work for nothing. Called dmv today, and it will still be at least a week till they process my application. The wait continues. I swear a tear comes to my eyes every morning I pull out of my driveway in my bass less car, and my blazer is just staring at me....
  5. Thanks man! I'm just waiting to see what happens with my title situation, then I'm gonna be doing a lot of work to it. I can't wait! Should find out soon what's happening
  6. Yup. Im just glad its not stolen. No clue why the dude would do that. Maybe lost it and didnt wanna pay for a new one. Idk,
  7. In Wisconsin you cant register or get plates for a vehicle without the genuine title. Bill of sale will not work. And cant even get temporary plates. So i had to apply for a Title Bond, which will allow me to register it and get plates. Huge pain in the ass. Just talked to the DMV the other day and she said it could be up to 6 weeks for them to process the application.
  8. 3k. Has only 96,000 miles, no rust, and the aftermarket 18" rims and tires. But it had a couple issues. -Hood latch was funky (he had the cable for the release ran through the headlight assembly. lol. re ran it and it works) -infinity reference 6.5's but the $20 shitty dual headunit didnt work so there was no music (took out the spider web of wires and it worked) And obviously the whole title situation was pretty shitty, but overall its a great suv. Just cant wait to actually drive it. lol. Was only able to drive it for about 4 days of having system in it before I was told about the bad title.
  9. I hope so too! It should all work out, just a waiting game on the dmv to process the paperwork. Gonna be at least a month before I can drive it, and hundreds of dollars. As long as I can drive it I'll be happy.
  10. Thanks! I had this setup in my car before and it was so much easier working with an suv. Love this blazer!
  11. Thanks man! I just kinda threw what I had in there for now just for some bump. Once I can actually register it and drive it I'll be making everything look a lot better. Want to do a c-pillar wall in the future. But for now it's pretty damn loud. Same setup as I had in my ford five hundred and it is so much louder in the blazer! A lot punchier and a lot louder. And I will man. Thanks again
  12. Doesnt look the best right now, but will make it look better, or upgrade once I figure out whats going on with the title.
  13. Recently purchased a 2001 Blazer with only 96,xxx miles on it. Turned out that the title I recieved was not the genuine copy, so it is sitting in my driveway and cant be driven till its all sorted out, but before I found that out, I Put some of my equipment in. Here's what it looks like now. Equipment: Headunit- Kenwood ddx371 Sub- FI SP4 15 Amp- SoundQubed 3500.1 Batteries- XS d3400 up front and XS xp3000 in back Speakers- Infinity reference 6.5 All sky high wire Stock alt for now (once title situation is figured out I'll actually start spending money. Just put what I had in for now.) Dropped in an XS Power d3400 Did big 3 and grounded to frame. First time using a thread tap. Worked amazingly! Used some self etching rust stop primer to keep from rusting Had to modify my dash to fit a double din. Made some room behind it, then made some brackets and epoxied them to the mounting hardware. Took out the seats to run 4 Sky High 0 gauge runs. Ran through the firewall with grommets and ran under the seats.
  14. Download and extract on your computer, then put the files in iTunes. Then put them on your iphone.
  15. At the bottom of the page there's a download link. http://damore-engineering.myshopify.com/products/dd-1
  16. Yeah. I would build your own too. If you have a saw and can make straight cuts, then it's not that bad. Cutting the wood is the hardest part.
  17. Depends on how good the person is that's making it. I would say anywhere from $150-$200 and up. I would expect to pay at least 200
  18. Or another option if you don't have money to have one made for you, if you have face book find a page for car audio near you. There's normally a page for each state. Someone might be selling a box that will be a lot better than prefab, and would probably cost about the same as a prefab.
  19. Are you able to make your own? I wouldn't really recommend any prefab
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