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  1. What you guys think?

    Craig Butler has broken records with his old banda setup and continues to use Brazilian amps, heck his original Banda 10 or 20k cant remember which is still in working order today. Seems pretty cheap to me to keep an amp around for so many years.
  2. What you guys think?

    maxxonics = audiopipe = american bass = power bass = dc = crescendo = sundown = sonido mask = etc with plus or minus a few caps here and there or something
  3. What you guys think?

    you dont need to be at 2 ohms with a 1 ohm version or 3 or 4 with the 2 ohm versions its more of a mater of just dont have it at a solid 1 ohm I.E. dont wire to .5 and end up with rise only going to .8 or .9 or something granted people with alot of box rise still do. wire at 1 and your box rise will keep the amp more then happy.
  4. What you guys think?

    Hey people are weird, you know like wiring below nominal then getting upset when things go poof.
  5. What you guys think?

    which banda amp do you run to know all this? I have a Banda Ice-3500 1 ohm version, will be getting a 2nd before slam.
  6. What you guys think?

    Here is a comment left elsewhere in regards to someone who knows more about it then I: Brazilian amps dont like recommended resistance . If it says 1 ohm there saying to stay above that because there looking for your box rise . There tricky . If you give the amp 15v and you have a 1 ohm after rise your amp will pop. But if the input voltage is around 12-13 the amp last a little bit longer but still have the chance of popping . The amps look for 2-3-4 ohms . Brazilian amps work off your voltage/wattage not as much as amperage. So the "high voltage " is whats coming out of the amp . Brazilian 5k amp may give you 130 volt output at 40 [email protected] 5,200 watts compared to a korean 5k may give you 87 volts at 60 [email protected] 5,220 watts. <---- ohms law v×I=p where v is voltage I is amperage and p is powere . And too find you rise v÷I=r r is resistance. Post this on that page . I hope this dumbs it down for him .
  7. What you guys think?

    That is of course unless hes talking about the 110 volts output of the 1 ohm amps and 220 volt output of the 2 ohm versions.
  8. What you guys think?

    Idk what he means by high voltage. There are a few simple rules to running Brazilian: dont go higher then 15 volts, dont go lower then 11, dont wire below nominal impedance. 3 easy steps to follow the same way you wouldnt buy a gas powered car fill the tank with water then complain its junk most people do the opposite of the 3 rules then complain. And no actually you dont need to spend a ton on electrical to keep them going they are far more efficient then korean amps so for example my banda 3500 will pull just as much if not less then your 1500 watt korean whatever amp. The killer part is the unparalleled sound quality of the Banda id easily compare to the JL slash series.
  9. I'm working on my new build and all i have is the factory alarm that panic button crap that isnt actually an alarm but still has the blinking red light. I know Viper works and is even pretty cheap. The thing is i live about 20 miles from the Detroit city lines (your shit will get stolen and stipped in the time it takes you to run and take a piss) I was wondering if its anything that has an option for like a key fob that tells me like hey your car is locked you didnt press unlock on me yet your door is open. or that has an alarm thats ear splitting loud. Like if someone tries to break into my car I want all of my neighbors to know im being robbed. My cousin told me its some brand that has a camera and sends a picture to your key fob of every person that walks too close to your car, does this ring a bell to anyone? You guys got any links or info to stuff that will keep my upcoming investments safe? thanks in advance.
  10. Crescendo Horror Stories

    Personally I think it looks stupid when people mount amps on boxes especially since people who don't know any better usually mount capacitors right next to them. Although I have seen someone build a elevated amp rack to an enclosure so it kinda served as a buffer but still. I wouldn't do that.
  11. Crescendo Horror Stories

    I was thinking the previous owner had it mounted to a box or upside down or something when he said why he was only selling it for $750 it's probably been damaged beyond repair so I'm going to just buy one new.
  12. Crescendo Horror Stories

    So I'm looking to get a BC 5500 possibly for two Orion HCCAs but a local dealer near me (not a crescendo dealer) has two used crescendo amps a BC 5500 which has been sent back for vibration damage 3 different times he has another one that's not listed on the crescendo site I don't think because it's older it's gone back once for the same issue. My question is are they prone to this issue? I've never seen one in person other then in his display case to determine how often this occurs but I really want this amp. HELP!
  13. Audiopipe apk3500

    President if my car club got the APK 3000 for $280 from a local dealer you payed more then double for less then half of what he got and I know Audiopipes blow when wired to 1 ohm NOT accounting for box rise you want to run it at .5? Go buy a fire extinguisher and drive around with a giant tub of water strapped to your trunk.
  14. 2 XS Power Batteries on 90 amp alt?

    Yeah thats the best bet, i made the mstake of just getting a 2nd bad in my old car running off the factory alt with a freaking HCCA of all subs. AGM battery is still good as its made meant to be charged and depleted. The stock battery under the hood being charged of a 90A stock alt is dead i still have that battery for shits and giggles. If i would have just got an alt id have an extra battery worth selling.
  15. I was wondering this same thing but with running one 0(+) along the passenger side of my 03 Grand Marquis which is what i have now and just adding another strand of 0(+) on the driver side. I dont want to have engine noise from my rca wires touching my power wire and as i live in Michigan and we have pot holes and what not the size of small cars id rather not run my wires outside the car.