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  1. the way i do it is,bondo where needed,lot of sanding,2 coats of primer and little more sanding. then your color.
  2. i think it would be a better match....i also heard on the news,that Pete Carroll may be heading to the Atlanta Falcons.
  3. they don't have but just a few things listed....anyone know whats going on??? http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZhighdesertaudio
  4. i'm a BAMA fan,but i was a LSU fan tonight....GO LSU!!!!38-24
  5. well i quit cold turkey on the first....so far,so good.i smoked 3 packs a day. where i live,they are $4.00 a pack.
  6. x2..i'm also an electrician/HVAC...braingetter told you right.i just seen this thread.let us know if you need any help GP.
  7. usually 1400 to 1500.i have seen them go as high as 1700(T1000.bd).and yes,2 ohm's is usually more eff for the electrical.depends on the amps specs.
  8. you would be lucky if you get 500 watts out of that amp. also ,it says 4 ohms bridged..its not 1 ohm stable.
  9. from what everyone said,he's a crook....i think he ripped off alot of people. i doubt you see him on here anymore...
  10. i just got home and did'nt even drink a drop.but the ol'lady got toasted...lol anyway ...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
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