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  1. we got about 3 inches here in BAMA,but its melting away....
  2. wow....fella's!!this thread is going the wrong way!! i really can't say anything bad about both.both are good products...i will say that Memphis does love power. but if thats not an issue,than i would go with them.you've already had Kicker.just try something different. hope this helps.
  3. i think ROCKWOOD will out do both of them.....lol j/k
  4. i'm not taking up for RF,i think fair is fair.i have thought about using Sundown myself.i have heard alot of good stuff about them.
  5. if his amps do 1500 watts,thats fine.i had one that did 1562 at 1ohm.
  6. i know the sundown is more eff,but give the rf its power and make sure its rated at least 1500 watts. thats all i'm saying,if sundown beats it, then i will say sundown is the better amp.
  7. i know the average output is 1480's,but i have seen them as low as 1200 watts.
  8. i like your post...and i know RF isn't the most godly amp as you call it...and i really don't care if you like my responses either.you and everyone else are entitled your own opinions.
  9. whats the birthsheets say on the amps you tested.post pics please.
  10. i hope all of the people in that area are doing well. our hopes and prayers are with you.
  11. i just wanna see 1500 compared to 1500 to make it fair. and i'm not saying RF is any better than Sundown.but your comparing an amp that is suposed to do a 1000 watts to an amp that is suposed to do 1500 and can reach lower ohm loads.compare the TK3 to the Sundown 3000D,they would be even better compared.
  12. the equipment looks good so far.....post up them pics.
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