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  1. i work for a tire shop and its always "our" fault their shit is swollen SMH they like to complain and say we are just trying to sell them stuff they dont need. who do you work for? i work at discount tire in northern Indiana
  2. hell yeah, integras like to get loud. wish i still had mine, 2 18s walled off the alternator is PITA to get in and out, for me it was easier to get it out from the bottom. mine was a 98
  3. Derrick from ohio, had the white intregra with 3 DC 18's got1lungz (not sure the spelling) was the guy who built his wall or helped build it
  4. Good to see this thread still going, i havent stopped by in a while
  5. late to this but.. maybe she found his special "folder" and he's trying to ignore her by paying video games
  6. I can only be considered racist to Asians and Arabs. That's the rule, lol. so basically... hahaha
  7. buying an air compressor for the garage, problem is i live in an apartment complex. any ideas to keep the re fill noise down?

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    2. scooter99


      So here's what you do, ready. Go to an office supply store. Buy a nice big piece of poster board, probably the foam kind is fine. Needs to be large though. Then get a sharpie and write on said board the following "if you don't like it buy a fucking house!" Go about your business! Really unless you're doing shit late at night, it shouldn't matter much.

    3. SnowDrifter


      Belt driven oil lubricated. IBlake muffler, deaden the outside of the tank, build a box for it with some ports, line with acoustic foam and put fans in the ports to keep it cool

    4. BeatBox


      hahaha scooter as i read that i was holy shit this may work, audiofanaticz thats porb the one im gonna go with they arent too cheap but def worth it for the quietness. Snowdrifetr thats plan B make something around it. thanks for the replies everyone

  8. love me some blizzak tires, i get set for free every winter :thumbsup: per Discount Tire perks of the job.
  9. finally sol dmy jimmy after having it for 7years got something to go along with my bug eye 2002 Subaru Forester S...slammed :shurgs: a new decal to go on the back
  10. I want a subie wagon my self, looks sweet :thumbsup: i have a 02 bug eye with an ej207 sti swap, sti 6speed and drive train i think im gonna get a forester they seem to be cheap just a matter of finding the right one How much did u get it for?
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