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Found 16 results

  1. So I just got a FI BL 18 and I need some advise/designs for a box. I have a 2003 explorer sport and have a decent amount of space in the back. The max I wanna go with outer dimensions is 41" x 20" x 25" (width x height x depth). I was thinking sub on top on passenger side and the port facing the back hatch on the driver side, uned to 30 hz. Let me know if you think otherwise. I'm all ears! One more thing...if anyone has designs for a box please feel free share!
  2. Looking for a match for an early to mid 2000's RE XXX 15 dual 2 woofer Will accept a good condition woofer or even a blown one. I believe FI has a recone for these? If I cant find a match for that, I would be interested in a pair of 15's that can handle 2000 RMS and more on burps. Probably going to be powering these off 2 old Orion 2500D (non strappable) so dual 2 preferred but let me know what you have. Thanks!!
  3. Exactly as title says. I want to buy a FI Q 12 D1. The newer model that is 1500 RMS. Cooling and other options are not needed, but I may be interested.
  4. Alright so the rebuild of my truck from the ground up basically. Thanks to all who have helped so far, I really appreciate it . I started putting this together last year, hence the rebuild.My wiring was shit, a total rats nest. Box leaked,not square etc..None the less i did a real shit job The Truck
  5. Hello all! Been a while since I have been on the forums so I am coming back with a treat for everyone! This is going to be my demo machine. Big shout out to Trevor D, Mike Martinez, and Frank Dogg, couldn't build it without you guys. Thanks goes out to #TeamBassdrop The build consists of: Vehicle: 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Enclosure: 3:1 ratio 4th. 11 sealed 33 ported Subs: Custom FI Car Audio BL 15's (6) Mids and Highs: Ampere Audio Dream Series ( Four 6.5", Four 1" tweeters) per door. Sub Amp: Ampere Audio 8.0 TFE Mids and Highs amps: Ampere 150.4 Wire: Sky High, Hand Build RCA's Head Unit: Pioneer 80 PRS Dedicated Sub Amp Electrical: 2 Mechman 370 6 phase hairpin alts, 36 3000f Blue Maxwell Caps, MLA controlling the 2 mechmans. 1 Northstar NSB31 and stock alt running the car and mids/highs amp
  6. So I'm not building anything crazy...yet...but I thought I'd start a build log anyways. I've got a 2003 Explorer Sport and have done some stuff here and there to it. 20% tint, PlastiDipped the stock wheels, 3" lift shackles, 6000k HIDs all around, RF speakers all around, Pioneer h/u Back in high school I had a RF 15" P3 and a 1000w crunch amp. It was a decent start and sounded really nice for my first system. Had to buy a grill for it because I was constantly throwing crap in the back THE UPCOMING SETUP: FI BL18 SoundQubed Q1-2200D All new wiring 7 cube Ported Box @ 33hz 50 sq/ft of FatMat Big 3
  7. Hello, I finally got the chance to build my system. In all it's a hifonics colossus 6.5k dual mono amp with 2 FI Q 15 subwoofers that are 2 ohm dual voice coil. After everything was set up and ready to go I had the subs wired down to 1 ohm each and put into each of the two channels. At a low power everything works fine but as soon as I start to really put some real power to them the amp cuts and goes into protection mode. On the amp, the diagnostics led indicates a short. As far as power I'm running 0 awg from a battery in the back of my car. That is finding a ground off a fuse block under my back seat. As far as the subs, they are 12 awg. As I believe to be the best of the best car audio guys, does anyone know what I can do or recommend any ideas? Thanks!
  8. I just installed my new system and it is REALLY not working right. Ok I have stock battery (Napa the legend 75) under the hood with a Denso 200amp alt. (was there when i bought the truck), big 3 1/0 guage under the hood, Kinetik hc1200 back by amp, Crossfire XP1400d, Fi Q12 dual 2 wired @1 ohm, 1/0 power lead between batteries and 200amp fuses next to each battery, 1/0 ground to the frame from both batts, 4awg wire from Kinetik to Crossfire amp with a 100amp fuse (wires are under 2ft. each), pioneer premier headunit. The problem: I have tried 2 amps out both rated to do 1,400 rms at 1 ohm and when i try to get the gain adjusted i just get clipping. I have a oscilloscope and a dmm. I am getting a clean signal from the rca's coming in (according to oscilloscope) and i have a solid 13.9 volts at the amp and under load it NEVER goes below 13.6...i have tried two GOOD amps and i get clipping WHY??? I put headunit 75% up, eq to flat, 50hz test tone (downloaded from youtube), and turn it up till i get the 1,400watts...even with the speaker unhooked the amp clips! I thought maybe i had a bad ground so i moved the amps ground directly to the Kinetik and moved the Kinetik's ground to the frame...cleaned metal nice and used the right hardware...it's strange both good amps clip at pretty much any headunit volume and/or gain...i have set-up many systems so i know how to do it but this has everybody around here stumped...what's wrong?????????? I thought i had a bad amp so i got this new crossfire amp and same thing...just clipping...ughhhh please help i am having NO luck! Thanks in advance...one CONFUSED basshead.
  9. Hi all, new here on SMD. Recently bought two dual 2 Ohm FI BL's fully loaded. I need help with building a new box for my 07 Jeep Grand Cherokee. FI recommends 1.5-2.5 cu ft per sub and I'm wanting to basically do a 5 cu ft vented Box. Upward firing woofer, rear facing vent with common chamber would be nice. Wiring the subs to 2 Ohm for my 3000 watt amp. Anyone have a good cut sheet or design I could use? Dimensions to work with would be 38"L 18"H and 16" W . Trying to save room on the sides for my XS Power D 2700. and a little bit of room in the rear. Have a little play with the height and width but would like to keep the length to at least 38". Will be upgrading my alt to a Mechman from the 160 amp stock alt and doing a big 3 in the near future. Any help is very much appreciated.
  10. I got a fi sp4 18 and i was hoping for some box design help, The space i have to work with is 20(w)x31(h)x60(l). I would like to do a 6th order because i would like to get the most out of the sp4.
  11. Here for sale is my fully loaded 15" Team FI Subwoofer. Its new in perfect condition; not a mark, scratch, or piece of dust on this woofer. It has not left the plastic yet. If you were to buy this brand new direct from FI today it would be around ~$780 shipped to your door. So I'm asking $680 shipped. Save a $100 bill for brand new woofer. The dust cap is pink btw. I know what you're thinking, why would this crazy mofo sell such an awesome woofer? Well, I literally just got this woofer last year in December (call it a Christmas present to myself) right before they started using the FOAD leads. I don't actually want to sell it. I just finally got back into audio after a couple years of strict financial recovery and some much needed traveling. I planned on running this out of the trunk of my car, but then I happened upon 4 SSA ZCONS (two of which are pictured below). I had the choice of either 4 ZCONS in a wall or one Team FI out of the trunk. You can see my dilemma and now you know what I chose. I'm still in love with this woofer and I would scoop up three more if I could afford it. There are several builds running around with these drivers in the daily 60's club. You will love it. Here you can see it makes even the ZCONs look small, and ZCONs are not small woofers.
  12. Hello bass addicts, my preview project was stopped, I'm working on a new one, it will simply be: 2 SP4 18" in a kind of 6th order wall 1 DC 9.0k connected @0.35 4 PC4000 batteries (4000A 5s discharge, 115Ah..) Pioneer 80prs headunit And for the doors well see later, maybe some APS spanish products (quality hard hitting showcar components) And the car, a VW Passat break born in 1985 Pictures are being uploaded, I'll post them later Hope you will enjoy the build !
  13. Doing a temporary setup in a '98 Jeep Cherokee Sport using an 18" FI BTL (UFO motor). The music I listen to varies quite often but usually rap, hip-hop etc. Basically anything with bass and I love the lows. I have a feeling my net is a little on the low side and my port area per foot also seems like it may be on the small side. Not really sure where abouts I should tune for this. Keep in mind, not competing, not demoing I just want a daily setup for now I have been bassless for over a month now as I aquire pieces for the final build (2 18" n2's either on a nendo 5500 or AQ 3500 in which I already have the 3500 and the n2's..still needing alt, batt bank, 1/0 and possibly a new HU) Oh and I fail with images, bare with me please lol.
  14. Want a BTL motor, and a DD-1
  15. Looking to put together a 2 15" trunk system and need to compile a list of subs to pick between. I am looking for around 2000 RMS handling, 3-4 K burps, and some good X-max (30mm ish+). It will be used for music, bass boxing, and SPL with the emphasis on being able to play below 40 Hz at high volumes for extended periods. Not looking for a sub vs thread, just wanting some suggestions that would fall into the group below that I have not yet though of. Price is not a major concern but I believe all the ones I have found so far are in the same range so lets stick with that. I would be interested in used ones if you have anything similar. Thanks!! Short List To Consider Ascendant Audio Mayhem 15 Sound Solutions Audio ZCON 15 FI Audio SP4 15 DC Audio XLm2 15 PSI Platform 3 15 Audioque SoundQubed HDC4 15 Slightly smaller budget and power handling group. American Bass HD 15
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