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Found 103 results

  1. Hi guy's , just bought a Brand new JVC DRVN 12inch (Black cone) , going to run at 4ohm as is a single voice coil , off a 250 rms jvc amp . Please help me design a box !!! Medium size , Good for music but also hitting low for some shake (Y) maybe 34hz or 36 what you reckon ?? Want a basic rectangular port Please can someone advise me on box dimensions . Either inches or mm for each piece , send me a link to a good box , and help me figure a good HZ tune . Thanks guys Ollie(16) from New Zealand Subwoofer - http://www.jvc.co.nz/CS-G1200.html Subwoofer spec's - http://www.jvc.co.nz/assets/pdf-manual/CS-GD1200.pdf
  2. All of this is going into my s10 Speakers Dash: Polk Audio MM series 4x6 Doors: Some crappy 6 inch kickers that i got for free and they are better then stock (hardly) so i put them in Subwoofers Two 12 inch DC Audio Level 3s both are dual 2 Amp DB Drive a31500.1D at .5 ohm Head Unit Jensen Phase Linear UV9 (not good but traded some old JBLs for it) Wire Audio Technix 4 gauge ofc amp kit
  3. Okay so I had an old rockford fosgate power mono amp that was rated at 500w at 2ohms and i had two kicker comps SVC 4ohm subs wired to 2 ohms. Now i have a Hifonics Bxi2010d and two kicker cvr's DVC 4 ohm subs wired to 1 ohm and there is really no difference in sound i have also done the big 3 since i hooked up this amplifier up and my voltage drops from about 14.2 down to 13.5 or so. So my question is why is there no difference with atleast tripple the power i have read the the hifonics amp has been clamped around 1800w, I am still using the same box as before but with less impedance and more power shouldnt there be a noticeable difference?
  4. Hey guys I had a question about car audio builds and I figured what a better place to ask it then a forum dedicated to car audio and all that fun stuff. I just got rid of 2 12" Pioneers because I wanted to upgrade my system. I am looking for something within the $250-$400 price range as a whole. I drive a 1999 Lincoln Town Car, so the trunk has adequate space for a big set of speakers. I have a couple ideas of maybe what I want but i'm not sure which one would sound the loudest for the price. I was looking and I found a couple different setups I like, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links or not but for my sake I will not unless notified I can. I want to get a 15" DVC Sub and A monoblock amp. Any suggestions? If I'm allowed to post links please let me know so I can show you what setups I was going to look into buying.
  5. Title says it all. Just looking to upgrade and get a new amp to replace my current Hifonics BRZ1200.1. The sub is a dual 1.5ohm custom 12 that needs 1500RMS. Any help is appreciated thanks in advance.
  6. OK so I bought a used DD 12" sub from a pawn shop (I know, I know... smh) I've never owned anything DD before so please excuse my ignorance if this is a dumb question for you experienced DD gurus out there... (I'm a newb here) All I know is that this sub is 12", has dual 4 ohm voice coils (Checked with a fluke meter), solid 10 ga. leads, the DD cheaper looking style basket (500, 1000, 1500, 2500 series), The bottom of the magnet is silver with a single vent hole in the center, and all there is, is a "made in the USA" sticker on it. There are no other identifiers on this sub and I do not know which series it is... I was leaning towards the bottom of the barrel (500 series) but When I ran roughly 150w RMS @ 2 ohm from my smallest amp (Orion Cobalt CO3002 - Yes, I DO realize this is NOT recommended as the manual states it's only good for 4 ohm bridged, however I've owned this amp for over a year and I've ran it @ 1 ohm into my 12" pioneer 2 ohm dvc for weeks on end at full tilt and it has yet to clip or cut out on me yet...) and this amp barely moved the sub at all turned all the way up. Next I hooked it up to my Orion HCCA 1200D Mono Block running 400 watts into it @ 2 ohm, and this gets her going, but it still seems like it has more room to go, so now my 500 series initial thought has me wondering... Not really a big deal I suppose, but it would be nice to know what the heck I have here. Also - This same sub is currently in the wrong box (too small) and I think it sounds like ass : 1.65 cu ft. Labyrinth Slot Ported Obcon Pre-Fab... It's all that I have that's ported for right now so I just threw it in there, but It really sounds horrible to me. I had a cheapo - pioneer champion series (not the champ-pro either) 2 ohm dvc 400w rms sub wired up @ 1 ohm getting fed 600 from my HCCA 1200D & it sounded wayyyyyy better :-( I do realize that this is the wrong box and all, but this is far from DD's flagship subwoofer, and on their site it says min ported enclosure can be as small as 1.75 cu ft. for a single 12, so I was just hoping to get at least a taste of what I could expect out of it... The sub seems to be stiff, and there is no visible damage anywhere on it at all, but it sounds almost to a point - distorted and like almost "High pitched" at all levels no matter what the settings on any amps I have, so could I have gotten a blown sub? Any help or input on what series sub I have, and the crappy sound output I'm getting from it will be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance
  7. Ok, I have super limited space in my RX7, I have probably about 2 1/2 to 3 cu ft of useable space in the hatch of my 1994 Mazda RX7. Right now I have 2 - Kicker L7 Truck Boxes in it (model 08TS10L72), and they barely fit. They aren't not loud, but I'm looking for as loud as I can fit in there. I used to have 4 - 12's in my Ford Probe, and that was LOUD, I just don't have the same space available in here to fit much. If you had 2 - 3 cu ft of space to use... what would you choose?
  8. Hey guys, so I have a friend who blew his subs and he got new ones so he gave me the blown ones. They are db Drive K5 12's and I am looking for a recone kit for them but have had no luck so far. Does anyone know where I can find one? Or if any other company sells a recone kit that will fit that would work too. Thanks in advance!
  9. 02 Honda Accord. Box will be built facing in and sealed off. I am getting a SQ2200d and a hdc312, but I’m not sure if I should run two off that amp. Wired at 1ohm.
  10. Got a Skar DDX 12 dual 2 ohm sub 1000w RMS. Christmas gift. Will be going in my 2005 F150 supercrew. I currently have 2 Alpine SWS 10d4 in a sealed Fox Box under the seat with an MB QUART amp, amp come free with the purchase of the 2 subs so it wasnt a bad deal IMO. That system will be going in my wifes Camry, building slot ported box now for it. Anyways im looking for a louder setup, but also musical as well. I am capable of building my own enclosure, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I was thinking somewhere around 2.25 to 2.75 cu ft after displacements tuned around 35 hz with a 6" aero port but am open to other designs. I have never had an aero port design, always slot ports and was curious to try it out. i have yet to purchase an amp for the sub and was looking into the Skar RP 1500 wired to 1 ohm but am also aware of box rise...so may save a little more for a bit larger amp. Also would like to add that i will be setting the box on the floor in place of where the smaller portion of the rear seat will fold up, for now anyways. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey guys, just got an RE audio xxx 12 dual 2 ohm 2012 model. I'm gonna be powering it on a dd m4a. Gonna be going in a extended cab mini truck and was thinking to do an enclosure with sub up port facing driver side and wanted to tune around 28 to 30 hz. I looked up the recommended specs that re says and I know there's no way a sub that big can sound good with only 2.2 cubes. I was thinking about going up to 3.5 cubes and not sure how much port area they like. Thanks for the help
  12. Tossing up a single 15'' Sundown Zv4 or two 12'' XCON's tuned for lows. I know the Sundown was built specifically for this but would it be able to offer the same amount of throw that 24'' of cone area the two twelves would give me is what I would like to know.
  13. Im looking for a subwoofer either 8,10, or 12 inches with a low fs under 30. A qts between 5 and 5.6, also a decent xmax to support music down to 20 hz. I ask these requirements because i had 2 rockford p3 10s which i would buy again in a heartbeat if it werent for the fact that it can only go as low as 28 hz accord to sonicelectronix. i can vouch that it doesnt hit low notes without a loud sharp sound which i thought was coil hitting magnet. So the sub must also play down to 20 hz full power and be at or under 250$. I have also used a morel primo 12 which was a decent replacement but needs more xmax and a bit higher qts but it does hit 20 hz. I am considering buying a cadence s1 w8 but want some feedback from everyone here to see if they have any helpful experiences with similar taste in subwoofers.
  14. Hi forums I'm building a box for my 2013 Nissan Cube putting in a 12" subwoofer My total dimensions are 10" height, 35" width, and 16" depth, using 3/4" mdf, Box calculator says 2.38 cubes Looking for an L shaped port My sub takes up .1 cubes Port displacement .14 Slot port 3.5" by 40" gives me tuning around 29-30 hz I believe Should net 2.14 cubes Want to have subwoofer looking up at roof and port firing towards licensed plate Can someone help me with a cut sheet please. I tried drawing it on paper but I'm having difficulties. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. I'm looking for suggestions for a 12" sub-woofer with the following specs: 500-1000 watt RMS, I have a ported box tuned to 32 hz, listen to 20-70 hz music range, dubstep, rap music daily, NOT for competitions, but with SPL still as important a factor as SQ, $200-$300 range per sub. I've looked really hard at Sundown SA12, DC Audio Level 3, Soundqubed HDC3, American Bass HD. Almost everytime I think I've made my decision, I find a "spec" that is better on another brand. I fear I am over thinking it now, and feel more lost than I was when I began my search! I'm not looking to build a 10k watt system, so I feel, at the price range I'm looking for, I should be getting a pretty "high end" sub. Not top of the line maybe, but VERY far from a starter sub. Any other brands I should look into? Or suggestions that narrow the ones I've already listed? With SPL, SQ, build quality, and customer service all being very important factors. Thanks guys, and gals if applicable.
  16. i just sold my 2 AQ HDC3 12inch subs and im ready to upgrade just don't know what subwoofers to get to many options has to be 2k rms + im running 2 strapped aq 2200 at 0ne ohm my voltage drops to high 13s low 14s im guessing i have 5k rms available my box is gross internal volume is 5.15 cuft port is 8" diameter and 15" long 36.8Hz, 50.24 square inches of port area. i thought about team ifs or sp4 12s but it doesn't have to be fi. that's just what im most impressed with right now this is my log http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/194077-04-gmc-reg-cab/#entry2907502
  17. Can anyone tell me the freq. that the SA-12 single box design...http://www.sundownaudio.com/index.php/products/subwoofers/item/sa-series.html is? According to my calculations, it is around 27hz, but I'm using a port calc, and I'm not even close to being a port expert. Thanks in advance!
  18. Exactly as title says. I want to buy a FI Q 12 D1. The newer model that is 1500 RMS. Cooling and other options are not needed, but I may be interested.
  19. i need someone to give me a ported box design for 2 kicker cvr 12 dual 2 ohm im kind of a noob and iv looked all over for a program that gave me specs and measurement but not eactly what i want i would like a box tuned to about 35hz with seperate chambers and the ports in the center of the box im limited to 13 high by 42 wide
  20. This is my first ever custom designed and cut box. it's nothing spectacular, but I definitely think it's a good start and I am sure there's PLENTY of room for improvement. The box is holding a single Crossfire XS 12" driver. The box is going to be carpeted and put in. A YouTube video will soon follow. Volume: 2.57 Cubic Feet Tuning Freq: Approx. 30Hz (after displacement) Dimensions: 26"W x 14"H x 16"D Port: 12.5"H x 2"W x 33"L
  21. hey guys just gonna be designing a box pretty soon and was wondering what you're guy's recommendations are for amount of air space and port area is should be generally shooting for for 2 t1d212 subs in a ported box. they'll be ran of a T1500.1 and im thinking of a tuning around 32hz or so here's the subs specs http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/product_details.aspx?itemid=112877 any help would be greatly appreciated!
  22. What's up everyone, I've been brainstorming around for a little bit and I would love some advice and guidelines about a project I've been thinking about undertaking!! Check this out: I've been needing a system for the home, and threw together a rather "ghetto" set-up to power an extra amplifier, with the signal coming from a soundbar, hopefully explained by the photo haha. Anyways, just today I received two 14" x 8' sheets of 1/2" plexiglass, and i totally want to construct an enclosure for my clarion 12", out of pure plexiglass. To anyone who has dealt with acrylic extensively: I could really use advice over the cutting, bonding, and finishing!!
  23. I have started a project. I bought an Ampere AA3800.1 amp, so I have 3800 rms available at 1 ohm and Ive heard the amp has some potential below 1 ohm. I would like to hear advice and opinion on some DC Audio Subs. I have been shopping, looked at Sundown Zv.4's and Soundqubed.. Im going to go DC on my build. I thought that 2 XL 12's would be a pretty nice for my application. I also had interest in the Lvl 5 15 and Lvl 6 18. I would want my box tuned between 32 and 35 hz going in the back of an 01 Seville. So some of my question are what kinda difference in sound quality would I get with 12's vs. 15 vs. 18? This is my daily driver, Im not very interested in competition DB but hard hitting deep bass. I listen mostly to rap, r&b, some dubstep when Im driving or the Frozen soundtrack when the kids are in the car... lol. Im going to go with a Mechman 320 amp alternator, and I would like to run dual with my 140 amp factory alternator for the car - 4 channel amp with XS batteries. So please offer gereral input, opinions, advice...
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