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Found 21 results

  1. Greetings, I have 2 Kenwood 12" 4ohm DVC performance series woofers (KFC-W12DVC) rated for 250watts/1000max. I can wire them for either 4ohm or 1ohm. I'm shopping for a good amp to power the pair and my question is; should I be looking for an amp to push 500 watts at 4ohm or 1ohm? Does it make a difference as long as it delivers 500w RMS at the correct impedance for how I wire the drivers? Also where the max power for the woofers is 1000, does that stay there, or can I get an amp that will push 1500 to 2000 max? Someone also mentioned getting a 2 channel amp and running it with each woofer at 2ohms but I don't know about that because aren't 2 channel amplifiers full frequency? I'm looking for Class D monoblock subwoofer amps because that's all it will be for and they stick within subwoofer frequency range. Any input is greatly helpful and appreciated. Just in case anyone is wondering, because I have been asked a couple of times, the reason I have 2 dual voice coil 4ohm subwoofers is because I didn't know the difference when I bought the first one, I just thought 2 voice coils would be better than one and that 4ohms was very stable. That driver is awesome, it's taken all the poundings I have thrown at it for well over 2 years. I listen to a wide variety of bass heavy music genres from speed metal to downtempo coffee house trance and anything and everything between. If it's got bass, bpm, and soul, it's on. The little 250.1 DX series Kicker has overheated a few times trying to push it so I'm in the process of a budget conscious upgrade and I wanted a second driver to match my current hammer for cost savings and because of the performance I've seen from it. I've had it in a sealed enclosure that housed a 12" Kenwood SVC originally, but the little Kicker ended that one's life almost immediately. I did buy it used and I think it was a sub par woofer because upon inspection, the speaker just looked cheaply made. Small magnet, small diameter motor/voice coil and a paper cone, but it did say Kenwood on it. The amp I bought new but it's having a hard time with the one I have so I am amp shopping and have become slightly overwhelmed and that's why I'm turning to experts for help. I have a dual enclosure that a buddy gave me for nothing but it's ported and the chambers are way too big for what my drivers call for so I'm going to modify it and am going to be eliminating the ports. I like the performance I have seen with the sealed box that I have now and I don't think I'm interested in changing to a ported box. I've done some homework on box construction and I'm pretty confident that I'll be ok there, I'm only throwing that into the mix because if I understand correctly, it does have an affect on amplifier/driver performance and needs/recommendations.
  2. Alright so I have the opportunity to trade my 4 kicker comp 15's for a zv4 12 from sundown. I don't know if it would be worth it. I'm running the four 15's with a 1000w Memphis amp at 1ohm since the kickers rms are 250w each. In a Tahoe if that matters.
  3. Have a Rockford R1000.1D amp that does 1k rms at 2ohms and wanted to upgrade woofers to get the best SPL and SQ for it and possibly for the price. I know Level 2s are rated at 600rms and 3s at 900rms but ive heard that DC subs are underrated and was curious what would be best? Ive been told to get a Level 2 by a few people already....
  4. There is a local show coming up for me on June 30th in PA...12v thunder hosted by 12v Dave... I had a box built a while back for two DAD bd 12's (fs of 28hz) (I wanted an enclosure that complimented the low end)..The enclosure ended up being 5.0 cubic feet after displacements tuned to 26hz (confirmed with an IM-SG1). The original build was this enclosure with the two DAD bd 12's on their own Skar audio 1500's at 1 ohm...It played VERY flat with a peak of 145.5 db at 31-33hz with the mic on the dash and driver side door open (termlab) and also a 137.7db at 17hz....I also clamped 1800 watts coming from the pair of 1500's... I had purchased four powerbass XTA 6000D's just for the hell of it and out of curiousity put one on the two DAD bd 12's at 0.5 ohms....Sounded to me like a 150+ at around 30hz...although the drivers didn't last long on that power (DAD bd's have two spiders total and are spaced apart...Here is a video of what it did on the 6k though... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUHmK_1ZTXQ A few months back I picked up a pair of Pierce Audio 1k 12's (fs of 37hz) for a client who wanted a build....I tossed em in this enclosure on a rockford 1500 bcp at 1 ohm just to break them in and did a 144.8 at 31-33hz on music (mic was in the same confirguarion as last time). The Pierces sounded good in this enclosure but definitely lacked the low end performance that the DAD's had....I wanted to demonstrate what two 12's can do at 20-30hz in the proper enclosure at this upcoming show, but the current subs wern't gonna cut it.. So I did a little bit of digging and ended up talking to Bryan Chamberlein from Sundown and told me had a pair of sundown X 12's that were there chilling at Sundown HQ and had some coil rub from testing. He agreed that he would recone them both for me with production soft parts and a deal was made. I am the proud owner of a pair of Sundown X 12's, he told me I will have em' before the show so now I just need to play the waiting game... The enclosure was temporarily sold in between set ups and was butched by the temporary owner and I bought it back from him at a reduced price...The enclosure is going to get a makeover and some threaded rod to add some support because I am going to invert the subs which will put quite a bit of weight on the front baffle (front baffle is a doubled up with 3/4" mdf too). The set up will be the pair of x 12's (dual 2 ohm coils) each wired to their own rf 1500 bdcp at 1 ohm. I am very excited to see this enclosure sounds with a pair of subs that are made for low end extension. Sorry about the rant, will upload pics and vids as stuff comes along. The enlcosure needs quite a bit of work done on it so posting this will give me some motivation to get work done (;
  5. alright guys i am currently running 2 rockford p3s. i got them last summer and since all my friends have gotten rockford so this summer i want to get something different. also my cousin is a really spoiled kid and when he found out my truck was louder than his he went and got t1s so he could be louder and ever since then he hasnt shut up about how much louder he is. So to fix this problem iv been looking at getting 2 dc level 4 12s. Would they be louder than t2s? i say t2s because once im louder the next week his dad will buy him t2s (yeah thats how it goes with him). Also does anyone know the forsure price of a level 4 12? what would be a good amp too run these in a ported box? thanks for the help in advance guys! i didnt mean to have a actual "versus" i just wanted to know which is louder.
  6. New to the forum and hope this post isn't breaking any rules, I've been searching for an answer about what frequency the Rockford Punch 2X12 Enclosure is tuned to but no avail. I know the box dimensions but don't know the port measurements so I can't get an estimate with a calculator. Anyone know what frequency this enclosure is tuned to with 2 P2 12's in it? Thanks, toothraptor
  7. Hey everyone, I just thought I'd put up a couple videos of some previous SKAR Audio systems. Nothing too outrageous substage-wise, but very fun builds anyway. Make sure to watch in at least 720p! Not sure how to embed youtube vids, sorry!
  8. So I was browsing youtube as usual, and I found this guy who had a 12" HX2 on 400W in a 4.1 cuft box tuned to 26Hz. At first I thought this was pretty crazy, until I started thinking about home audio... Say with the Dayton RSS315HF-4, some people put that (12 inch sub) in a 6 cube box, with great results. So, that helped me understand how this was working. I'm thinking of doing an experiment and putting my 2011 Punch P2 12" in a 3.5 cuft box at 28Hz just to see what happens haha. I have plenty of power to play with (when it comes to this sub particularly). I have a Prime 500-1. Prob going to keep the crossover at 80Hz. Feel free to share your opinions and ideas.
  9. Hi I'm planning on building my own box for a ROCKFORD FOSGATE T2. I was wondering if someone could help me with a diagram with the dimensions, because I'm not sure how to incorporate a port into the box and where to put it for the best sound. I wanted it ported and it has to be small enough to fit in a sedans trunk. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. lookin to see if anyone has any box ideas for a single cab f150 `63 inches long 9 inches at the bottom 4-5 inches at the top 25-30 inches tall about 60 inches long at the top of the box got 2 kicker compvx 12 dual 2 ohm 750 rms 1500 peak got a concept cd-2410 amp to power them it can fit 0 gauge wire into the power ports and what not, was wondering if any of yall had a box idea or somethin or if yall could deisign somethin it would be greatly appreiciated more then you know, ill help out and supply as much information as yall need whatever yall need.
  11. I recently screwed myself out of a deal and need a new amp. I've been looking around and came across the Sundown SAZ-2500D. (I have an Orion HCCA 12). I just wanted to know what the forum thought about this amp on this sub. I bought a nice sub and I don't want a cheap amp that's why I choose Sundown for an amp, I plan to do this the right way.
  12. I am wanting to find someone or two people who has one or two extra magnet boots for the 2009 model Memphis Mojos they would be willing to sell. I just bought two mojos off someone today and he didnt have the magnet boots for them, to me I personally think they look better with the boots. They are the mojos pictured in the Memphis 2009 catalog. Even if you have one magnet boot that would be good. I looked all over the internet and found nothing.
  13. I am currently running two JL 12W3's and am looking to upgrade to a single, better sub. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two in the title. Please help. I listen to a lot of metal and rap. So i need quality and great response time for double bass and whopping bass for 808's and rap.
  14. Hello everyone, I am planning on building my own single 12 SEALED box for my sub. The sub recommendations for the box volume is 1.37 cubic feet. I'm new to this stuff so can anyone just give me measurements of wood i need so i can go cut it and put it together? I'm going to use 3/4 MDF wood. Just give me the height X width of each side i need. please and thank you very much.
  15. Just arrived. Skar has some fast service. Total time from when I ordered it to when it arrived at my door was 3 days. This thing looks and feels like a little beast. On with the pics. Box arrive in one piece with no holes or rips Here it is in the clam shell it arrives in. It's not cheap thin foam either. Out of the box. This thing just looks sexy and I love the full dish cone Pic of the terminals and the motor. Dat ass Size comparison with a can of dew Boot off Tiny crack in the motor I ordered this from the end of year/refurbished sale that Skar has going on. I think I was lucky enough to get a reconed one as I can still smell the ca glue. It is stiff but moves like it should. The only thing that concerns me is the crack in the magnet pictured above. It shouldnt hurt it I dont think. Overall I'm happy with my purchase. Skar gets an A+ in my book for their fast service. Cant wait to get this hooked up and slamming. Thanks again Kevin
  16. Hey so i'm sure there are many other threads about this somewhere but i cant seem to find one. All im looking for is maybe a link to a previous thread, or some quick dimensions thrown out there that i can run through the box tuning calculator, as i want to do my next system on an Sundown SA-12... Thanks!
  18. i have an 03 volkswagen gti. for the longest time ive been chasing for speed and power. ive come to the point where i cant be happy with that, so now i am stepping up and getting serious with sound. i currently have 2 12" cvx's off of a eclipse da7232 in custom aeroport box. i built the box myself . im currently hitting 143.2 with the amp cut 3/4 up on music . my mission is to pass 155db. im planning on walling my car off with 12 12" cvx's and 2 kicker warhorses. i just recently started buying goodies , so firgured i would start now!!
  19. 1 12 re xxx box Well i just read a review Once again saying ported could sound better then sealed. If so can some help me with a ported box.I wanted to put my sub behind my seat on top and the port facing the trunk or should i face it in the cabin were my sub will be.
  20. Thanks to Kevin and the guys at Skar Audio. I'm really happy with my new setup
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