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Found 25 results

  1. Hi guy's , just bought a Brand new JVC DRVN 12inch (Black cone) , going to run at 4ohm as is a single voice coil , off a 250 rms jvc amp . Please help me design a box !!! Medium size , Good for music but also hitting low for some shake (Y) maybe 34hz or 36 what you reckon ?? Want a basic rectangular port Please can someone advise me on box dimensions . Either inches or mm for each piece , send me a link to a good box , and help me figure a good HZ tune . Thanks guys Ollie(16) from New Zealand Subwoofer - http://www.jvc.co.nz/CS-G1200.html Subwoofer spec's - http://www.jvc.co.nz/assets/pdf-manual/CS-GD1200.pdf
  2. All of this is going into my s10 Speakers Dash: Polk Audio MM series 4x6 Doors: Some crappy 6 inch kickers that i got for free and they are better then stock (hardly) so i put them in Subwoofers Two 12 inch DC Audio Level 3s both are dual 2 Amp DB Drive a31500.1D at .5 ohm Head Unit Jensen Phase Linear UV9 (not good but traded some old JBLs for it) Wire Audio Technix 4 gauge ofc amp kit
  3. Exactly as title says. I want to buy a FI Q 12 D1. The newer model that is 1500 RMS. Cooling and other options are not needed, but I may be interested.
  4. hey guys just gonna be designing a box pretty soon and was wondering what you're guy's recommendations are for amount of air space and port area is should be generally shooting for for 2 t1d212 subs in a ported box. they'll be ran of a T1500.1 and im thinking of a tuning around 32hz or so here's the subs specs http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/product_details.aspx?itemid=112877 any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I have a 2000 Chevy Impala 2 12 Memphis M3 Alpine MRX M100 Ported Box - 38hz 35in x 15.25in x 14.25in I've tuned it many different ways and I am not really sure the best way of tuning it now with my ported box, I would love some help. Looking for as loud as possible, kind of the reason why I am posting in the SPL. Thanks for the help
  6. wtb a dc audio level 4 in decent condition for 225 prefer a 12 or 15 inch mostly 12 very serious buyer zip 77505
  7. help does anybody have any experience with this sub: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_68763_Precision-Power-PH-12.html and if they're worth buying. i was thinking 2 of these in a ported box in a suburban on a aq 1200.1 advice and suggestions please (not with box)
  8. Hi Everyone, I recently bought a new car and of course the factory subs weren't enough. I had a couple of old pioneer 12"s laying around i decided to install. I want a good sounding system that does the job for as low power as they are. I already have the sealed box built... (custom fiberglass coated in Herculiner) ... but i dont know exactly how to make the ported box on the other side. (This is the slot it will go in) I am trying to make it as small as i can (not take up too much trunk room) and still make it look nice. I already have 3/4" MDF from previous builds and i will coat it in Herculiner to make it match the other one. Any help is appreciated and i can get measurements later on. Its an 07' Mustang Gt if that helps any. Thanks!
  9. so whats the recommended box on this ab xlf 12's? seem like a solid sub for the price!
  10. Looking for Level 4 M1 motors or blown subs. Any size is fine if basket and sub are attached. Looking to pay about 100iish each and I will cover shipping. Please send me a pm if you have any for sale. Thanks. Looking for 2. Must be M1 model. ( single hole in motor )
  11. I got 2 12 Rockford Fosgate P3 subs this type http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rockford-Fosgate-Punch-P3D412-1-Way-12-Car-Subwoofer-/271209489945?pt=Car_Subwoofers_Enclosures&hash=item3f25586619 and wondering whats the best prefab box for this, are Probox suberbass a bad idea? I know custom box best but dont really know anyone that cna build one and also i dont know how plz can u help
  12. Hi all , on our profiles it says members title for example my'n says 120db How does this increase to 125 , 130 etc etc Thanks
  13. First off, wrong section. Secondly, we have rules to be able to sell here. You might want to go take a look at them in the FOR SALE SECTION...
  14. So a buddy of mine has a couple L5 12's that he blew a while back that he promised to me for a little project I'm wanting to work on. I am going to use the motors from them to build some custom round 12's. Should be a pretty interesting and fun build. I don't have the woofers yet but I will keep everyone updated as the project makes way.
  15. I have a dual 8 single 12 box tuned to around 32-35hz about 2.2 cu ft. shared space. with dividers that go about 1/2 way back. was wondering if, after i get rid of the jbls, the sundown sa 8v2s would work well with my cerwin vega vmax or fi x12 in this box.
  16. I'm going to be building a box for my RF t1 this next week and i wanted to get some opinions from you guys and if i should make some changes. my box dimensions will be Width- 30" Height- 17" Depth- 12" It will have a port opening of 2" and the length is about 19" going down the center tuned around 36-37hz The Cubic feet im pretty sure is 2.68ft Its going to be rear firing both the sub and the port If you guys have any opinions on this box let me know... the box i have right now is way to small, thats why im building this one.
  17. Hello everyone, I am buying a Fi Q12 and need a matching amp. My current choices are CT sounds 1400.1 or SAZ 1500 , both do around 1500-1700 rms which is perfect for the Q. I don't live in the US so prices here are a bit higher, I have found a new saz1500 for around 400$ and to import the ctsounds 1400 will cost me around 400$ too. Which one would be better for the Fi? Thank you.
  18. I'm wanting to build a ported box for my 2 alpine type r 12. I would like to tune to around 29 hz or lower, because I want a flatter response. Not looking for SPL at all, I've just heard these subs perform better in ported enclosures. I don't know how to use the tuning calculator. Every once in a while, I will listen to a chopped and screwed song, which is another reason why I want to tune so low. but I also listen to metal and electronic music, so I sometimes think sealed might be better for me. Any advice or designs are appreciated. Thanks
  19. Well... Finished building a slot ported, 4.2cf enclosure tuned to 29hz for a single Kicker CVR 15. Couple days later the CVR is done for, so I'm looking to do something new. So I'm looking for a few opinions on my thoughts for my next build. My amplifier is 1 OHM stable, putting out around 1,600 to 1,800 rms. I liked the way the single sub setup sounded, but I've always liked seeing multiple subs banging together. So I was figuring for my next setup, I would like to go with 6 12's. Love seeing 4 or more woofers working in unison. With the power I got to play with, the space I got and the budget I'm trying to stick to, I was thinking of going with the RE Audio rex12d4. About 60 bucks a piece, 175 Watt rms. So it won't kill my budget. Would be going with the dvc 4 ohm, 6 drivers to see a 1 ohm load. So they would be getting about 300 rms each. Was thinking going with a sealed enclosure. 2 enclosures (to ensure getting them in my.trunk opening) each one housing 3 woofers, shared chamber, 2.25cf after displacement and adequate bracing. Fitting with the recommended size of .75cf per driver. So the 6 in a total of 4.5cf sealed, all firing upwards in the trunk of a 2005 Bonneville. I know these are low power woofers, but can I really go wrong with roughly 670 inches of cone area? Would like a few opinions. Am I wrong in thinking this would provide some SQ while still being able to get decently loud? Would I be overpowering to much? Would the such low power drivers be a let down output wise even with all that cone area? I listen to rap/dubstep mostly, with some rock thrown in. Any input would be appreciated!
  20. Hey all, I need some opinions on some subwoofers for my system. I am looking at getting a 12" woofer and I would would prefer it to be at least 1500 watt capable. Also, preferably with 1ohm. I am currently looking at the Sundown Audio VZ4 12" and the Fi Audio BL 12". If anyone has any other suggestions, throw them at me, any and all are appreciated. Oh and one more thing, well, two more actually. First thing, the highest I can go on price is around $650. Second thing, in the future I am planning on getting the SP Audio 12" 8000 watt subwoofer, does anyone have any experience with this sub, of know much about it?
  21. On the hunt for A 12" Fi BTL N2 2OHMS
  22. Buddy is looking to do a wall and wants some sundown SA subs to do it with. 12s or 10s Hasnt decided which yet. Have some for sale, let me know!
  23. There is a local show coming up for me on June 30th in PA...12v thunder hosted by 12v Dave... I had a box built a while back for two DAD bd 12's (fs of 28hz) (I wanted an enclosure that complimented the low end)..The enclosure ended up being 5.0 cubic feet after displacements tuned to 26hz (confirmed with an IM-SG1). The original build was this enclosure with the two DAD bd 12's on their own Skar audio 1500's at 1 ohm...It played VERY flat with a peak of 145.5 db at 31-33hz with the mic on the dash and driver side door open (termlab) and also a 137.7db at 17hz....I also clamped 1800 watts coming from the pair of 1500's... I had purchased four powerbass XTA 6000D's just for the hell of it and out of curiousity put one on the two DAD bd 12's at 0.5 ohms....Sounded to me like a 150+ at around 30hz...although the drivers didn't last long on that power (DAD bd's have two spiders total and are spaced apart...Here is a video of what it did on the 6k though... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUHmK_1ZTXQ A few months back I picked up a pair of Pierce Audio 1k 12's (fs of 37hz) for a client who wanted a build....I tossed em in this enclosure on a rockford 1500 bcp at 1 ohm just to break them in and did a 144.8 at 31-33hz on music (mic was in the same confirguarion as last time). The Pierces sounded good in this enclosure but definitely lacked the low end performance that the DAD's had....I wanted to demonstrate what two 12's can do at 20-30hz in the proper enclosure at this upcoming show, but the current subs wern't gonna cut it.. So I did a little bit of digging and ended up talking to Bryan Chamberlein from Sundown and told me had a pair of sundown X 12's that were there chilling at Sundown HQ and had some coil rub from testing. He agreed that he would recone them both for me with production soft parts and a deal was made. I am the proud owner of a pair of Sundown X 12's, he told me I will have em' before the show so now I just need to play the waiting game... The enclosure was temporarily sold in between set ups and was butched by the temporary owner and I bought it back from him at a reduced price...The enclosure is going to get a makeover and some threaded rod to add some support because I am going to invert the subs which will put quite a bit of weight on the front baffle (front baffle is a doubled up with 3/4" mdf too). The set up will be the pair of x 12's (dual 2 ohm coils) each wired to their own rf 1500 bdcp at 1 ohm. I am very excited to see this enclosure sounds with a pair of subs that are made for low end extension. Sorry about the rant, will upload pics and vids as stuff comes along. The enlcosure needs quite a bit of work done on it so posting this will give me some motivation to get work done (;
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