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1000$ budget for high SQ/SPL for Civic '01!

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Aagh...apparently if I want to go over 1k watts(Which I plan on) I'll have to upgrade my alternator, battery, and wiring?

How many damn costs are there to this building systems crap?

Yeah, it isn't cheap like you would think huh. $1,000 on a woofer, $800 more on an amp for that sub, then $300 for wires maybe, $200 for woot or more depending on what you are doing. $500 for an alternator, and maybe $600 give or take on batteries.

edit: And that is just for bass.

Then throw another $500 at a 4-chan and moderate speakers.

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Hahahaha alright guys, I'm out for like a year then! I'm just a senior in high school who owes his parents 2 grand for his car.

I wanna get rid of that first, hobby comes later...

(I will be spending money on the slightly less expensive hobby of buying lots of cologne! ;))

I'll stick with my logitech z-2300. When I want to get a system my thoughts are go hard or go home. So I will be back in a year probably! Thanks for the heads up on how much this will REALLY cost.

Although you guys can help me give ideas to my parents of why I may want to get rid of all trunk space and possibly rear seats for a speaker system :P. Not joking either. They said they'll never let me put in a system even if I buy it.

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