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    Extreme build audio system, Engine swapping, customs fibgerglassing, drifting, automotive painting, contruction and etc...
  1. Get some SUNDOWN Amp power... That's cool car stereos system for starter.. .. Try to be real loud isn't always going to be cheap just like having very fast car..
  2. Gotloud555

    Dremel or Router?

    Router Vs dremel... .. Dremel not even close to buidling boxes.. I think the thread should be Jigsaw vs router... Yeah..
  3. Here's some my stuff and i got more tools around...
  4. I really wants the kicker amp.. I wouldn't be eazy to win..
  5. WHere's the birth certificate sheet for the amP?
  6. 8 15" wall on honda civic.. Not sure how that gonna work..
  7. Gotloud555

    DC Amps are in!!

    Photo of the amp