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    Extreme build audio system, Engine swapping, customs fibgerglassing, drifting, automotive painting, contruction and etc...

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  1. Depend on what you truck used for.. Daily driver, weather condition, daily music banger, and $$$
  2. YOu have 2 kicker warhorse.. YOu need alots of powre to run that big juicy amp.. Alots of battery and 4 alternator or more.. Not sure what car you have..
  3. Could be alternator not charging properly. Have you done anything under the bay?? Not sure if those stinger voltage stuff are underrated..
  4. I have alternator for that civic 2002 and made by Accessive Amperage but not sure if working or not. I still have it but you could contact nate and see if he could get it running right..
  5. You probably have alots of resistance somwhere. It too much to write on my hands.. The nore amps you put into your car the more electrical draws. The real solutions to it, to install h/o alternator because that's where all the juice power come from not the battery..
  6. The big 3 doesn't increase volt but It help keep the voltage up. You should upgrade it because volt drop are bad for you entre electrical in your car.
  7. I got reebok cap for sales and it's szie 8.. If anyone interested and brand new never been abuse or used often..
  8. I might be interested trading for rolling shell car project swaps
  9. I'm selling all the cap for the price listed there. I'm not parting it out. I'm accepting offer right and see what interest me..
  10. Clean looking vehicle.. Car like that don't come rust free when it's that old..
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