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  1. Just now got around to it but purchased a ..... Amp and some 10s off of him ..... Went completely out of his way above and beyond ..... Would deal again in a heartbeat good peeps for sure
  2. Dammit John why didn't you tell me this was going in woulda have hopped back on the forums a long long time ago man ill text you tomorow got tons a questions lol
  3. pm me price. and roughly on foot print?
  4. dont have to be new, im not looking to get for cheaper (i would prefer of course) but they do have to be show worthy meaning no really big blemishes dents or scratches know someone here can help me out
  5. Need 2 sa8 v2s an amp.to push em and a highs amp looking.for.smaller highs amp with smaller footprint preferably 50.4 maybe 125.4 and a 1200 for bass in good condition
  6. guilty as chaged i have been ordering off jon too lol as they all say he responds within minutes ive done so many transactons i dont feel like going through my paypal to dig them up but will if i have to lol good dude fast shipping would buy again in a hearbeat
  7. wow that is some air i do want to learn more about this clamshell design 4th orders and 6th orders i seem t almost be able to check off in my book but like this design alot specially beng a lexus owner and knowing the shit is hard to get loud
  8. lol. nice i want to do this for my rebuild 2 10s in a rear deck firng and ported through it
  9. watcha doen with the sa-10s? and that 1500?
  10. if this works would it be louder than just a ported box? or you just shooting for something different? i just want to familiarize with this type of enclosure i know it may be too much to ask but if you could pm me some info that would be amazing sorry for the thread jack bro amazing craftsmanship though awesome car awesome subs just all out awesome
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