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The Big Oki

Project 2012: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Mark II Long Wheel Base from 1959

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As said, stay tuned and please dont expect 20 pics a day.

This is a long time project with a 50 year old car.

Not a booming machine and bc of the Oldtimer Status

we will build a 100% removable, minimal invasive Installation.

Even if it will not look like this :)

EDIT: The main Fotogallery can be found here:

I guess we will need a few galleries until this thing is finished...

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Oh man, I planned not to reply too often.

we are just about to start.

But not with the system (that is nearly a side project)

but with the car itself.

Mainly its a mutual project with a very good friend of mine

and ZAPCO dealer Sven, owner of BANZAI Car Audio.


(Sorry, all german)

we need to work together and I am proud to call him my partner.

I formyself would not be able to do that job. Not in the time

we cannot promise :) I would need 2 or 3 times longer

of an undefined time period...

A customer and Car "Fanatic" from Kasakhstan (south of Russia)

"found" me and asked me for an installation. But I found

out very quick that this is something special.

Cannot be treated like an every day install, what I, honestly,

dont do anyways for any customers, just for big projects with

huge partners like with my TÜRANN or even the SONY car.

But together with a skilled friend what is halfway as same

as "critical" and close to the detail like me, just not involved

in the SPL competition stuff, I thougt: Why not.

but honestly, we find more and more challenges every day.

The car is almost rotten to the ground an need a complete overhaul.

We (my friend Sven more than I) have some experience with cars and

modifying them, but of course were "noobs" in the Oldtimer arena.

I really dont know when this thing is done or when we even start

because we have to work together with a lot of people what do their job

(paint, leather and so on). Every part is something special and needs time.

And sure, we dont want to ruin the car substance with an install.

But for some real oldtimer fans it will be "blasphemy" what we do.

I already mentioned the install will be removeable. And there will be no

unneccessary cutting in the car.

There is already something what was cut an we use that holes LOL

Ok, way too much words.

Please be veeeeeeeeeery patient.

Since 2 weeks I am involved with my friend and the most time

we didnt spend with the Audio System (with Video too).

I made some 3D drawings for ideas, some of you may found them already.

Will post them here when I find more time.

So far, thanks for the interest guys :)

I am glad that I finally can show something, even if its with sloooow process.

Maybe you find some pics from Svens installs. He really has skills!

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Tbh, I can only speak for myself but, I wouldnt mind if theres a system or not in it :rofl:

Just seeing the work you do keeps me tuned :popcorn:

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Ok, you animated me to post at least some starter pics :)

These are the 2 maniacs what took over the job.


Left: Sven "BANZAI" Plettl, the Rolls in the Middle, and myself, Oki san LOL

Well, BANZAI and Oki san are quite the right names for such a kamikaze like project...

From a far point, the ride looks ok...



Here some first ideas.

Now, finally, my 3D doings are helpful.

I have some more up my sleeve about that, but you will see later on...

Leather will have a more brown color tone. Dont know about the loght color, if there will be light and not just sound...




Ok, that is really everything for now.

I will update pics on my facebook album from time to time.

Maybe you look here:

I hope you see the pics here?

Will use this forum to explain in english words.

If thats ok with Steve and all of you.

The rst I will do on Facebook on German language.

But of course if you ask there in english, we will reply :)

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Forgot to mention the main equipment setup:

Its 3 ZAPCO DC Amps all in all.

DC 200.2 (Rear Deck, just at lowest levels) , DC1000.4 (Font and Front, Mid/High), DC1100.1 (Sub)

Mid/Highrange Speakers will all be from the German Hi End "Andrian Audio" brand.

Subwoofer is planned with an older model of the EMPHASER NEO 12", 2 pieces

in a bandpass enclosure. There is another possibility of different woofers.

But we will see what works while we build and test.

The decisions about the Multi Media Head Unit and further Equipment

is not final yet. There will be a motorized 19" monitor for the

rear passengers.

The whole install will not really be visible. But of course, the trunk will be full :)

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