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Hey guys so when I turned 18 my sister bought me a tattoo and well it ended up turning out like shit so about 3playing months ago I had my new artist start working on covering it up for me .....


that's after the first sitting


the second...


during the second


and the last...what you all think?

Johns.jpgSuburban Coming Soon

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What was it before? That guy did some great work covering it up.

wtf is lolcats?

I'd def get a fat hooker if i had to resort to that kinda thing. I feel like they'd be grateful and work harder. Also its more bang for my buck, more real estate for my dollar if you catch my drift. its like the Costco of streetwalkers.

I was hoping for 150 :(.

I was hoping she would let me put it in her butt

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I really like this. I'm about get a Lion tattoo done hopefully this upcoming weekend. I hope mines comes out just as good as yours did.

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Soon to come:


body kit

flow master pipes

Confuscious say "he who say it can't be done shouldn't be bothering man busy doing it"

Now feel free to go crawl back under that rock and leave this to the professionals....

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