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  1. I used a D925 under the hood and it did fine for many years. I just had too much current going through it. If you're worried about the heat, get some of the insulation that is made for batteries
  2. reverse polarity means that the negative and positive post are on the opposite sides then normal. if that's what the guide says then go with it. honestly, for power and ground no matter how small the system i never use less than 4 gauge and i don't even like using that. I always like to use 0 gauge and then use reducers if needed. over kill on electrical is always worth it in the long run.
  3. .5 ohms is NEVER efficient! I don't understand why people want to run .5ohm daily. Just save up and buy the amp that can do the power you want at 1ohm!
  4. has to be cca for that price I was 99% sure it was. shit if it was OFC I'd buy 300ft haha
  5. Yea the ease of the build compared to the 6th was the second reason i was leaning towards tthe 4th order, not to mention bigger subs. But after hearing yuyangs im confident that ill be able to test, test, and test enough to get the 6th just right. Im welding a cage together for it to. So flex will not be an issue lol
  6. Ill say decent skills to low ball myself. I havent really pushed myself yet in anyway while doing a system. I did s small 4th already and it was pretty nice got down and up high very well. Ill be welding a frame together for this as well
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