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  1. That may change once I go to .5ohms on those JP23. I think when Willson Audio did his benchmark on them they were getting up in the 3500 rms range. And with 4 of them at close to 14k, I wanna make sure I have the power to sorta keep up. At least for the time being till I can save more cash.
  2. Yeah I reached out to Mechman and they basically said that the 400 is comparable to the 370 but doesn't have the powder coated housing and what not. And yeah this alt will strictly be used on my stereo side. I'll order it tomorrow for sure.
  3. Alternator question time Mechman E series 370 vs 400 which way should I go? This will be a secondary alt for my 2007 Suburban that I'm already running dual factory 150a alts on. I have the sub amps ((4) JP23.1 @2ohm) on a pair of Dekka Intimidator group 31 batteries. On full tilt my voltage goes from 14.5 to about 13.8. I now want to run the amps at .5ohm since my subs are dual 1ohm. I'll eventually move away from the AGM batteries to Lithium, but I think for now my smart money move is towards a beefier H.O. Alt would seem more appropriate vs more batteries. Is there a difference between the 400 vs the 370? This truck is still a driver and I listen to music so it's not a burp build. It's a cruise around town beating down the block, that I will occasionally compete with.
  4. Anyone here running the JP23.1 amp at .5 ohm load? If so what are you seeing on current draw?
  5. I'm liking them for sure. They are breaking in now and yeah. Compare to what they've replaced I'm indeed impressed by them for sure. My HU sends clipping signals at volume 38 and up. That's where I would go volume wise when I competed last spring with the Tropo's. The best score I got was a 143. With these breaking in still, I can barely get them up to 32 volume wise, before the pressure starts to hurt a bit. And they still sound clean too. I would recommend them right now for sure. But ask me again in a month or so. I'm betting once they've been broken in and the suspension has loosen up a bit they'll be even better. I want to get numbers on them while at a 2ohm configuration before I decide if I want to play them at .5ohm load.
  6. Here's a video I did today with them all finally playing. https://youtu.be/sI2JLKjeyeM
  7. Thanks all for the input. One of my two RCA distribution block came in yesterday and I got it working now. I still need to set the gains but its playing and its loud. Gains on all 4amps are at the center position for now till I use my DD1 on them. I have a few videos of them playing on my YouTube channel. Harmony Audio Monolith 18's in 2007 Suburban
  8. Thanks. Yeah I ordered an RCA block. I wished I would have ordered it a few ago, cause it would be here already. Now I've gotta wait again.
  9. Has anyone ran more than two of these without the need of an RCA distribution block. Not strapping them either. I want one amp per sub and I guess master/slave doesn't work when you go beyond 2 amplifiers.
  10. The links in my post takes you to all my pics posted up on Instagram
  11. Got them into the box and back inside the truck. Now I just need to install and gain set the amplifiers. Harmony Audio Monoliths
  12. I got them in today. These are heavier than I thought. At 50.2lbs per a lot more weight than the 20lbs Tropos. But my box was built to handle DC XL size subs. One day I'll get those DC's but for now its the Harmony and the JP23's. Harmony Audio Monolith
  13. I'll eventually get around to ordering the records from DC and doing it. For now though I wanted to try something a little different and fairly cheaper.
  14. So I did pull the trigger and order the Monoliths and instead of 2 JP23's I'm running 4 JP23's. So an amp per subwoofer.
  15. I still have them. One has a coil rub and the other one is fine. I might build a single ported box and stick one in it for my daily driver. But I have no plans on doing DC this year. Maybe next year if I can not owe the IRS like $3k. Also this was the other reason why I couldn't run DC this year. My DC money went towards paying off Uncle Sam this year.
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